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Anyone else enjoy spying on people through ip cams?


Someone needs to explain to me how lainons want to be extremely pro privacy while spying on people through IP cams.


>Lainchan is one person.
I think the last week has made it quite apparent that we aren't.


Even if lainchan was a hivemind, wanting personal privacy does not imply you don't want to invade other people's privacy.

You might enjoy inflicting pain in others while not enjoying receiving pain, as an example.


>>The entire media industry is spying on people through IP cams.


File: 1492977695240.png (7.15 MB, 200x150, Krautchan - Thank God for Surveillance Cameras.avi.webm)

This guy looks very much like Dany Devitos unsuccessful brother. But open cams can be very much fun. Webm related.


>Lainchan is one person

There weren't many me's, I just existed in many people.


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the first two are cool, the last might be a trap (port 81) or one of you trolling?


IP cams are soykafs and giggles.
If you don't have a sense of humor I can see why you'd take this mundane stance.

Take this example.
Some guy has setup his android to stream a live feed in a dimmed light store front.
>you figure out the phones light can be set to flash @ set duration's from a given data field.
>you write a one liner to emit flashes in morse code with "the internet of soykaf is here".
>customers start walking up to counter and pointing at the phone.
>guy move towards phone in attempt to stop the flashing.
>you stop.
>guy sits down.
>you start over again.


I never understood the fun behind ip cams
did it a couple of times, but never really had any fun of it
seen naked people, blasted some racist music through the sound system to see their reaction...
never really was THAT entertaining to go back to it really imho