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Smashing The Stack For Fun And Profit - http://www.phrack.org/archives/issues/49/14.txt
From 0x90 to 0x4c454554, A journey into exploitation - http://pastebin.com/3Qtw6JQw


Phineas Phisher Gamma - http://pastebin.com/raw/cRYvK4jb
Phineas Phisher HackingTeam - http://pastebin.com/raw/0SNSvyjJ
AnonSec OpNasaDrones - http://pastebin.com/pm1WLXQj

Mossos Police Hack - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdiSUiHruWM
HackInTheBox Opsec - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XaYdCdwiWU
Defcon Don't fuarrrk It Up! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1q4Ir2J8P8
Large Collection - http://www.securitytube.net/



maybe put all the suggested materials in a pastabin



someone can post source of
>red team field manual
>blue team field manual



Anyone who finds the blue team handbook, post here!


the red is pretty easy to find

but the blue is the one of interest!


fuarrrk it, I might buy it and just photocopy it to the Internet, it's only $13



im waiting


http://hackerw6dcplg3ej.onion/ [ magazines and Books ]


patience lain


I've scanned the previous hacking general threads and also just done some general research. There's lots of people that are entirely new to programming and computer science that are asking how to get into hacking and/or security. But does anyone have any advice for someone who is already a software developer and has been programming for some time that is looking to explore security, reverse engineering, and hacking? I'm thinking about just diving into some books like the Art of Exploitation and the Web Application Hacker's Handbook and trying to learn as much as possible.


With some programming experience you should be able to begin to find out what you're looking for yourself. And it's unlikely that anyone else can help you unless you can present a specific problem anyway.
Learn assembly if you need to, functionality provided by your operating system and any common libraries on your target platform, and make sure you're comfortable with any necessary ABIs.
Reading books and papers, besides for recreation isn't likely to move you very far forwards.
The most important thing I can suggest is to take a lot of notes while you work. You will forget things. Keeping a comprehensive library of things of interest throughout a project is key, even things that you aren't currently certain of. Don't be fuarrrking lazy about this and you'll do fine.


Well, what do you want to "hack"?
You already have the skill for looking up information and the basic knowledge of how all things computer work. Now you need a subject.
For example, you can start writing malware, or you could look for vulnerabilities in projects likely to have them (like systemd), you can reverse-engineer malware, or you can learn to break into networks or UNIX systems (or .NET servers), you can also reverse-engineer proprietary software and develop cracks for it. You can crack webapps, or learn how to collect all sorts of data on an organization or individual. You can try and hax mobile devices, or you can harden your OS and try to reduce as much as possible your footprint on the internet (through tor and other policies).
Pick a topic, and then just look for the likely source of information on the subject.


Has anyone played around with open source ransomware


Just poke around at misc disk encryption protocols and browse pouet for some examples of fun graphic overlays...
There's not much else to it exact whatever manner of credential communication you decide on.


I know hidden tear is a open source ransomware that I've been wanting to mess around with for a long time.


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Hey lainon,
i am trying to search a vulnerability on a site, and when i start `sqlmap or nikto` it stop after 25 or 30 request i thoght that it was the problem with the cookies but no! the problem was the server that block my ip after many request, so i wonder if there is way to bypass it.
and i did think of a solution it using tor and change the ip address when request is 25 but i don't know how to start.


first of all, if your scanning on someone else's server nikto and sqlmap are both vary loud tools, I.E. it is vary obvious of what your doing,

1. do manual testing that isn't as loud via proxy or vpn
2. funnel x tool traffic through vpn / tor, ( most sites block exit nodes by default these days)

i'm assuming it's a web app correct?
if it is, I would look and see if it was based on something open source, then findout the version number and search for vulns via duckduckgo or other search engine.


>Reading books and papers, besides for recreation isn't likely to move you very far forwards.
I've learned A LOT from books, I think this depends of the person.


It only works when you apply it


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but didn't work. i will work on the other idea


RTFM on proxychains and masscan yourself more than a few dozen. Your scans will finish then.

Or learn the tor-control-protocol and manually rotate circuits via script.


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Here's a helpful book I found on the derp web. It's probably a little low-level for some Lains, but I figured it'll help someone out


thanks for the book lain


This is a book on building web crawlers, not botnets.


If you can't exploit it without fumbling your way through it, you shouldn't do it for your own sake.


I noted a good few of the recommended models of wifi adapters with good aircrack compatibility were out of stock on most retailers. Could anyone recommend a USB one, preferably with a standard removable antenna and Linux compatibility?


More than that, I don't really see what this has to do with security.

I'm also not really sure who is using PHP to write webcrawlers (vs. other languages that are faster [C] or more sane [Python]), nor who publishes a book in 2013 about using PHP to write webcrawlers.


I'm looking for one of these too. From what I've found so far, these look like they could be good considering reviews and chipset type:


I haven't found a lot of info yet on the second (nano) one, but the first is a standard device for aircrack-ng compatibility.

Post if you find anything better.


Can anyone provide a mirror or upload the PDF for the Mobile Hackers Handbook current link is not working.


I posted the source dump in the /sec/ part of the lainchanwiki



I bought the first one a while back it works pretty well


Whoever edited the wiki, thanks


I'm currently reading "the web application hacker's handbook". My goal for this whole year is to gain at least $1 in bug bounties, not necessarily for the money, but for the challenge/hobbie.

Is there any material any of you would recommend me? I'm currently using this link as a generic guide: https://forum.bugcrowd.com/t/researcher-resources-bounty-bug-write-ups/1137


Well, it's more of a symbolic value than anything. As for learning resources, is there anything you would recommend besides the book i mentioned? I plan on reading "Penetration testing: a hand's on guide". Which is pretty short, in a month or two i should be done with these books and go on practice, they seem to complement each other very well.


What communities are you a part of, lain?
Now that evilzone is oficially dead, https://intosec.org/ is the only infosec related forum i go to. It's very new and very small, but it's from a few members from the old evilzone, so at least i know some people there.

But more often than not, infosec (and computer science) forums are full of skiddies asking for simple, googlable information, and skiddies with a high post count being pretentious and trying to get their e-penis scratched. Whic is quite irritating.

Are there any respectable communities you are a part of, similar to what evilzone was? Do share.


>do share
Why would I? What is it in for me?
See, this is reason why Internet went to soykaf post-facebook era. Everything is made easily accessible and stupidly easy for a few dumbos to be milked out of their cash. So, since we are in this new era of internet where everything is about cash and personal empowerment instead of free sharing of information like it was before I will ask again. What is there for me if I give you that information?

Truth is...
Todays highly valued communities are on private IRCs of selected people with same interests.
So, start by going to lainchan IRC and many other IRCs with small fringe computer connected communities, and start searching for people with similar goals and make your crew. Of course,there comes a problem of how can an autist hold a crowd of 5 autists together without it becoming stale or crumbling down without form.
Thats up to you.


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>Why would I? What is it in for me? *pedantism*
This is not facebook, nor 4chan, use your common sense and decide if you want to share or not. You gain nothing by trying to enlarge your online-penis on an anonymous forum.
This is an infosec area and this post asks you to share online communities, you are under no obligation to obey that request. Being pedantic isn't helpful in any possible way, only enlarges your imaginary penis for a few seconds before you forget what you posted. The deplorable behavior here isn't not sharing, it's being pedantic about it and giving yourself little pats on your own back.

On another note, here are a few forums i personally use:

The rest is mainly IRC channels or UTOX contacts, which i'd rather not share since they are less public.



Heyo, you're an evilzone vet too? What a venerable old website.


Any blue team material you guys would recommend?


00x0sec.org is a new forum i've been checking out


what experience do you have?


Minimum, i know enough of red teaming to make a few bucks on bug bounty, but i've never been to a CTF so..


Any good cryptography resources for learning? It's kinda my weak part of figuring out stuff, but I'm trying to learn more by minoring in maths and taking classes related to cryptography mathematically.


Is the Norsecorp map really attacks being done? Why is Microsoft Corporation attacking people? Contracts?


Obviously the map is only representative, because it uses honeypots and not connection with ISPs to map out the attacks.
Furthermore, big companies are easiest to infect because they are slow to update their boxes.


i found this trik on the sqlmap wiki sqlmap .. --proxy-file=file so it appear to work but take to much time





I don't know what love is but I do love you.


i've been building a website for my software engineering class since january with 7 other kids. 6 of them are seniors graduating this semester, so it's super half-assed. should i give you guys a link when it goes live so you can see what you can do to it?


If you want, you can play around with it with w3af auditing software if the website has any functionality.