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Lainons, what are some free email services (besides yandex) that don't require a phone number for registration?







mail.com >> has more than 100 alternative free domains


There is literally nothing better


gmail only requires it if there's been signups from that IP recently. don't even bother with trying it over vpn or tor.


yandex started requesting a phone number after i logged into the account from other ip's, so beware


There's also riseup/autistici for the activists amongst you


>all activists emails on one server
How convenient.


riseup didn't update their warrant canary. Consider it to be compromised.


Just literally check search results for "top free email providers" and try them all. They're all mostly crappy with throttling and daily limits.

Much like others mentioned, consider every single one of them compromised from the start.


Centralising activist communications isn't optimal, but it's better than having email with a provider who will hand over information to the Government, which most of the ones above will do.


The most effective anti-surveillance tool is encryption. The majority of these don't keep logs, and some even encrypt all user data. If they don't encrypt user data, the simplest way to protect yourself is PGP. It doesn't require a lot to have secure email communication.


Chiming in with ProtonMail, I just signed up last week.


if you want throwaway mails, use byom.de

if you want maximum security, use sigaint
sigaint is webmail-only and its webmail is only reachable via .onion domain: http://sigaintevyh2rzvw.onion/


ah yeah, and security as in "non traceable" not as in "total encryption", but that should be obvious.

oh, and for normal mail, just use cockmail (probably with one of the less offensive domains if you use it with normal people)


never heard byom, so ty!
another good throwaway which has yet to be mentioned is ccc's anonbox.net.
for long term, https://espiv.net/ is a good call with hidden service support http://5sn2hxofsu6b55lo.onion/


what about bitmessage and i2pbote?


Sigaint is perfect for naughty tor activities



Cockmail is a worthless meme service run by an incompetent admin and associated with a terrible site. Do not use/10


>incompetent admin

now where the fuarrrk did you get that? Everything I know about vc tells me he knows his soykaf.


Free how? There are Libre and gratis hosting services out there.


Is it just me or is sigaint down?


Don't know what SIGAINT is but on BitMessage it was discussed what their servers was seized by some three letters.


Doesn't 1 result in all your mail going in people's spam?


How can you even recommend proton mail? There is no guarantee that they are actually encrypting your mail. The only way for true security is encrypting all of your important mail yourself, in which case the email provider doesn't matter because there is no way for them to ever see your mail.


He is also a filthy degenerate. Who doesn't want his mail hosted by someone who is tweeting pictures of himself fingering his arsehole?


well, their webmail offers manual end-to-end encryption, but afaik there's no advantage of their scheme over PGP.

wierdoes, that's who.


>tweeting pictures of himself fingering his arsehole?
This is irrelevant.

>run by an incompetent admin and associated
This is relevant.


No one said you can't use PGP over Protonmail. OP asked for free email services that do not require a phone number. They didn't ask for E2E encryption.


Protonmail is pretty great and has good mobile support if you're into that. It also decrypts all emails locally on your device, using two passwords. One to get access to the encrypted emails and download them when you login. The other to decrypt the emails on your device.

This is a pretty good system, especially when you provide you with 2048 (I think) bit encryption for free. Combine that with PGP encryption on the email contents itself and you're good to go selling nukes to Albanian Mafia heads.


I forgot to mention that they are also based in Switzerland which is outside US and EU jurisdiction and, to the best of my knowledge, has exceedingly generous privacy laws


If places make me use an email to sign up I like to create a Guerrilla Mail address. Handy, temporary, and quick.


Any word on this? A copy of the conversation by chance? Redact information as necessary, of course.


I'm using tutanota myself, so far I like it.
That being said, you can't use your own e-mail client, so if your looking for this kind of feature Cockmail is the best.


>cock with mutt is best


but if you enter fake one? does it send confirmation code or not?


>but if you enter fake one? does it send confirmation code or not?
If the email address isn't registered, the email with the confirm code would be discarded by the server as it holds no records of the address


I hear lavabit is making a comeback


Wait, y-you actually send emails and don't just use addresses to sign up for things?


this. if you upgrade to plus you get access to the closed beta of ProtonVPN (jp, is, hk, se, es, de). pretty good so far.



Oh, is the free PhotonMail account also encrypted? With the way they are presented it seemed that only the plus upgrade gives you encryption.
It should be a pretty okay free email to use then if you're just sticking with the free version, right?


What about Openmailbox? Why it is not being recommended here? I'm not aware of anything wrong with their service.


plus just gives you more inbox space, aliases and custom domains, your free version is still encrypted, go for it. i've used the free one and decided to upgrade it and use it as my default, never looked back.


I fear it might die soon. Their forum has been down for months.


Better yet: Free email services that you can use with a client.

Protonmail is pretty solid but it only has a webUI or app available last I checked. Smartphones are super easy to compromise and webmail is vulnerable to JS exploits.


Protonmail has stated they are working on IMAP/SMTP support.


Have they said anything regarding client-side encryption over IMAP/SMTP? That's one of their 'things', and I'm not sure how they'd do a generic implementation of that.


https://darkmail.info/ iirc.

It's basically a slightly different version of PGP.


if i where they, i would release a modified version of thunderbird including the client-side encryption or a plugin for the regular thunderbird.



I think the DIME client is called Volcano.


So does anyone have a good email service I can use for free that circumvents the whole needing a paid email service (some things require them). Just was wondering if there's a free one that shows up as a paid email at least typically.


>what is autistici.org
Haha nice government compliance service u have there



>kids first political idea
>Connectivity (per year)

>Latitanza > 1400 euro

>Espatrio > 600 euro
>Contumacia > 1600 euro
>Rivolta > 600 euro
>Sommossa > 600 euro
>Dissenso > 600 euro
>Arbitrio > 600 euro
>Evasione > 1100 euro
>Tunnel, vpn, other services > 1200

nice sh1lling of your pathetic overpriced services


>trusting anyone
you already failed

the first moment one of your fuarrrked up in head activist buddy goes out on terroristic attack he will rat out anyone he knows


numberproxy.com can let you bypass the phone number requirement on sites for $2 in bitcoin last i checked


Has anyone posted mail.com?

I doubt it's private and secure but you can send and receive and sign up without a number


i just use textnow.com and can get some phone calls and unlimited texts to a phone number in any area code in the usa i choose for free.. i use it to verify accounts all the time. idk what yuo guys are on about.. please fuarrrking duck duck go soykaf before you open your hole