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So I've been wondering for a while, what would actually need, like hardware wise, to hack a satellite?


what kind of satellite?

you'd need a strong transmitter that can use the frequency that the satellite uses.


also if it is not a geosynchronous satellite then you'll need something with which to aim your antenna.


It seems to be a concept others have dived into before, especially for free anonymous internet. I'll have to look into it some more.


There are some videos on youtube if you look em up.


Please say your joking,

that being said, if I had to guess, it would be needing to control the systems that control or remote into x satellite.

do some research and find out.


the easiest way is probably to crack whatever organization controls the satellite and use their infrastructure.

And by "easiest" I mean "probably very difficult"

anyway, there aren't many use cases of hacking a satellite that I can think of, unless you're a nation-state.


Even if you did turn around and hack a satalite you'll just end up in prison realistically. Which isn't really worth it.


On a completely unrelated note, does anyone know how to hack ATMs?
I tried googling and searching on youtube :how to hack ATMs" but nothing comes up, anyone want to help?


A phone.

(fuarrrk this minimum post length applememe pls)


I don't know. Watch_Dogs 2 style? (sneaking into the hanger and planting your own hardware in the satellite before it launches)

ATMs have multiple vulnerable platforms. Most common is not even hacking- installing a skimmer that records the magnetic strip/PIN. Then there's the old "default manufacture code" where you input some command with the keypad like "return 100 dollar bills instead of 1 dollar bills." And then there is physically hacking it which involves opening it up and plugging something into the USB port to install malware. There's more ways I'm sure. ATMs are pretty vulnerable.


Always thought the whole giving an atm a command by inputting some numbers into the pad was bull. Might be wrong. Just seems like a really obvious security vulnerability. Do modern ones even have this?

Could cause a real crime spree if someone could figure out the system that the numbers assigned by. It'd be better than bank robbery. You'd be getting completely unmarked bills in return for your hard work.


the milsats are fairly easy to receive and spanish truck drivers have no problem pirating onto the military uhf geo-sats and using it as their cb. You could hack one of the digital transponders and get free (but slow) internet and control drones or something? Its heavily encrypted tho... www.uhf-satcom.com/


oh and it would be highly illegal and you will go to prison, they can pin-point where these transmissions emanate easily.


Big antenna.

>Sir, the satellite has been compromised!

>fuarrrk, how will we ever track down the culprit!
>Oh wait, the giant kilowatt output installation broadcasting on the right frequency


I'd expect that it is bull too and any codes to do anything worth any money would require some physical lock to already be opened anyway, similar to the way that Coca Cola machines are with the 4 2 3 1 code.


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You're going to need:

* A dish for satellite internet. You can identify these becuase they have what look like 3 LNBs on the peg.

* A satmodem with unlocked firmware.

* A computer.

You're not going to really be hacking satellites though. They're basically switches in the sky. You're interacting with the computers on the other end. Further, if you're in the US, you run the risk of getting in trouble with the FCC. Instead of a big sat dish, consider doing inbound only instead. For that you only need a TV card. One neat thing you can do with that rig is spoof your IP as an IP that would be on the receiving end of that satellite. This will allow you to see the response of spoofed packets.


I remember when the Tamils were doing it a decade ago, people were saying it didn't take much more than overpowering the other incoming signals... that there weren't really internal protections art the time, just that you needed the right equipment for a strong uplink.


realistically, you don't need a kilowatt to talk to a satellite. i communicate on amateur radio satellites with 1.5-5watts and a handheld radio almost weekly.


>amateur radio satellites

how the fuarrrk did an ameteur get a satellite in orbit



Hacking it in what way? What do you want to do/gain?
If you wanna fuarrrk with people who use it, they would just use another one if that one isn't available. I guess you could simulate a working satellite, catching inbound traffic, maybe even respond to it, but to what purpose?


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Obvious, init? Lain wants to destabilize the satellites orbit, sending it colliding with an oncoming satellite and causing a huge space junk tsunami that will fall to earth killing all... unless his cash requirements are met by the governments of the world.


phones do not go directly to a satellite