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What are some realistic countermeasures to facial recogniton?

CVdazzle takes too long and makes you stand out, masks are illegal in many places.

The best I can think of is hat+sunglasses+surgical mask.


those glasses that block something like 99% of facial recog https://motherboard.vice.com/read/glasses-fool-facial-recognition?trk_source=recommended


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I've put quite a lot of thought into this topic
I think the key is accurate threat modelling
something like picrelated might work but it defeats the point since a human could recognize you easily
Say you're in a protest then face mask / balaclava + sunglasses is a good option, but may not be practical in other circumstances, for example you would stand out more for wearing sun glasses in the winter
I think low tech solutions are probably more reliable, maybe light makeup that subtly changes the shape of your eyes in conjunction with a surgical mask and hat or hoodie would be the best bet but I recon we're fighting a losing battle, especially since facial recognition is not the only thing used to track you, they have gate recognition, thermal imaging, super recognizers and old school forensic techniques the best course of action is to not give the powers that be a reason to be looking for you in the first place. Meaning don't get caught


>for example you would stand out more for wearing sun glasses in the winter

I guess it doesn't snow much where you live. Sunny days in winter are the only time I wish I had sunglasses. Snow blindness is a serious problem if you're outside in that light for too long.


Oh yes of course if that is something relevant to where you live then take that into account. Also maybe if you live somewhere where there are sandstorms then wearing something that covers your face in summer is gonna be less conspicuous.

I also found this https://www.urmesurveillance.com/urme-prosthetic/
it seems interesting but not practical, maybe we can take elements of the idea and makes something more useful from it? perhaps just a partial prosthesis that changes the shape of the face in some way or something along those lines.


i like you example but sunglasses in the winter are better than in the summer. light reflects off the sun and has bee know to give people sun burn, but that is only in extreme cases. In those previously mentioned cases you should wear goggles not shades since they block out more light