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Freedom Hosting 2, the successor to Freedom Hosting, was recently hacked by a unnamed person(s). Their database was held at hostage for 0.1 BTC, but the person(s) released it for free in a torrent: http://fhostingesps6bly.onion/fhosting.sql.gz.torrent

I haven't personally looked into the database, but I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of it was CP or scam accounts/services. They also released the system files (configs, private keys, etc.), which aren't that interesting but still something.


The supposed hacker claimed to Motherboard (Vice's tech site) that it was quite high volumes of CP.



link isnt working anymore

(The requested URL /fhosting.sql.gz.torrent was not found on this server.)


There's a torrent of it now on the tracker.


...which is stalled, apparently the creator doesn't know how torrents work and didn't seed it.


i am seeding it. bittorrent isnt magic, you have to be relatively close to the peer for it to actually transfer data. wait until someone else is close enough to you and me and then youll get the file.