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What do you think #Vault7 is about?


Vault 7 will be a new social network from wikileaks team. It will be something like reddit, but about conspiracy theories, UFOs, Yeti, legal torrenting and crop circles. Mobile app also, with emojis, cute stickers and whistleblow option.

Or something like this. Internet startup. Maybe financed through kikstarter. With bleeding-edge HTML5 powered blogs where cool nerds who knows how to encrypt your email on Mac will write about freedom.


File: 1486683220463.png (53.66 KB, 200x178, CxgPDihXcAAZlqD.jpg)

My guess is some sort of eugenics or human dna storage program judging by the tweet pattern.


I think they've been compromised, and this is some kind of op to discredit them in the public eye.


A fallout DLC?
But seriously, if have a Vault7, probably they have vaults 1-6.


Looks like a seed library.
The body was too short or empty.


I think it is something about the FBI's reports on Hillary Clinton. There were 6 vaults released or something and I guess Wikileaks thinks there is a 7th. From what I have heard they are trying to pressure the FBI into releasing it


It contains unfulfilled hype and broken dreams.


More Kremlin propaganda probably.


>Kremlin propaganda
>Wikileaks publications
pick one


>A fallout DLC?

The body was too short or empty


Wait are you serious? You haven't been paying attention to anything this past year? Wikileaks has been overtly supporting the Trump administration and Moscow... they even just complained that ex-IC personnel calling for Michael Flynn's resignation an "anti-Snowden conspiracy"


>Wikileaks has been overtly supporting the Trump administration and Moscow
Why would they be pro-Russia? Putin wants to kill Assange for pulling the same soykaf him as Assange did to Hillary. Not to mention that they were better journalists during this whole election than most of the MSM (which unsurprisingly was shown to be bought out by Clinton) by even reporting the leaks in the first place, something real journalists would do.

Even the retards than sold us the Iraq war, FOX, managed to do a small amount of actual journalism this election. That should tell you how soykafty CNN and MSNBC are in reality: their no better than FOX.


Also, why would Putin be mad if Hillary was elected? He got a soykafton of uranium ore from that one deal involving the Clinton Foundation:


The most interesting thing would be blowing the doors off of some sort of shadow government. And I deeply doubt its that. If some sort of conspiracy at the top of society was revealed it'd cause a lot of chaos. You'd see massive riots, people would lose it.

I always thought one of the ways for the world to get really out of hand really quickly was for the powers that be to completely unmasked. I don't take much faith in things like the Illuminati theories, but what if something like that was going on? And what if someone played the hand of outing it? That could be pure anarchy.

Most likely, its some sort of military secret. That's what the imagery of the tweets leads me to think. Something big that's been hidden away for a long time. That could even just be spending.


>I always thought one of the ways for the world to get really out of hand really quickly was for the powers that be to completely unmasked.

Eh, facts don't matter. The Powers that Be have been operating mostly in the open for decades now. Everyone knows that everyone on top is corrupt, and they don't do anything because propaganda and self-reinforcing ideology keep people from taking any kind of action.

Of course, you're right, riots and other revolutionary activity happen. But it would take more than the truth to drum up enough anger to cause actual change.

Also, change does not necessarily mean good change. Things could go just as positively as negatively the way things are.


Looks like this thing here. But I don't know about the 7 and the #. From the picture I would guess that it was made by Alienware.



>Informally known as the “Doomsday Seed Vault” the idea is that the permafrost of a remote North Atlantic archipelago is a safe place to store copies of the most important seed varieties on the planet

>The seed vault’s administrator, The Crop Trust, describes the vault as “a fail-safe seed storage facility, built to stand the test of time—and the challenge of natural or man-made disasters,” and boasts that it “represents the world’s largest collection of crop diversity.”


>The first notable point is who is sponsoring the doomsday seed vault. Here joining the Norwegians are, as noted, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; the US agribusiness giant DuPont/Pioneer Hi-Bred, one of the world’s largest owners of patented genetically-modified (GMO) plant seeds and related agrichemicals; Syngenta, the Swiss-based major GMO seed and agrichemicals company through its Syngenta Foundation; the Rockefeller Foundation, the private group who created the “gene revolution” with over $100 million of seed money since the 1970s; CGIAR, the global network created by the Rockefeller Foundation to promote its ideal of genetic purity through agriculture change.


File: 1488358332095.png (61.52 KB, 200x124, https%3A%2F%2Fblueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.com%2Fuploads%2Fcard%2Fimage%2F206748%2FCsG91_kWcAAk5-Q.jpg)


WikiLeaks is undeniably and obviously pro-Trump. They don't even try to hide it.

Does pic related look like impartial and evidence-driven journalism to you?


Putin has many reasons to back Trump for president. For example, Putin's enemy is NATO, and Trump expressed anti-NATO sentiment multiple times during his campaign, even threatening to leave it entirely sometimes.


File: 1488458478198.png (2.86 MB, 200x113, not healthy.webm)

>Trump expressed anti-NATO sentiment
Telling the other countries to pull their own weight to support an organization is not anti-anything. It's just stating a basic fact: the US can't do all the heavy lifting for Poland and the Baltic states if they don't want to be invaded by Putin. I thought you left-leaning individuals thought us doing something like this, whch would inevitably save us large sums of money, would think this is a good thing and NATO still would exist. Not to mention during his speech two days ago, Trump clearly had no intentions of abolishing NATO. You're just reiterating another media simplification of Trump's actual stance on the issue.

>Does pic related look like impartial and evidence-driven journalism to you?

Yes. Hillary Clinton wasn't doing well that day. At least Wikileaks did a half-assed attempt to find out what caused her illness, meanwhile CNN and MSNBC said she had gotten pneumonia (which is lethal to people her age and to children, yet she had the gall to take a photo with a child that same day)


Adding to that last point, the CNN, FOX and MSNBC also originally said it was a heat stroke on a 80 degree Fahrenheit day (27 degrees Celsius), an average day before settling on the pneumonia excuse almost simultaneously. How does that not sound like something is wrong with her and she should be a president in that state at all if she's fainting in that type of weather? An honest attempt at journalism would be much obliged in this case seeing that the person in question is running to become POTUS


>duuuurrr its da seeds and shieettt
The picture has NOTHING to do with topic at hand.
Its a refference picture just to grab attention


tbh wikileaks had the potential to be a great thing but it has thoroughly failed at becoming that imo.


If you seriously look at that tweet and don't think that it's clearly biased and displays leading questions I don't know how much we can do for you.


>They were better journalists during this whole election the most of the MSM (which unsurprisingly was shown to be bought out by Clinton)

So you're peddling a conspiracy theory that a presidential candidate somehow had every single news outlet in their pocket, and then making a hilarious "x is the best news outlet" claim that is obviously subjective.

You're a Trump supporter, obviously, so does it not at all seem weird to you that you write off all news outlets except for one? And you then don't see how people think that news org you're speaking of is biased...


File: 1488608785295-0.png (64.65 KB, 200x125, Schumer and Putin looks at this fag and laughs.jpg)

File: 1488608785295-1.png (37.31 KB, 200x163, C6ABUSvUsAAaLfC.jpg)

You're a Trump supporter, obviously, so does it not at all seem weird to you that you write off all news outlets except for one? And you then don't see how people think that news org you're speaking of is biased...
No I write of all major news networks because they clearly are colluding as shown by Wikileaks. I mean, why did a host on Fox defend CNN and MSNBC the other night, even though they pander to different audiences (Fox to more conservatives and CNN and MSNBC to liberals)? You forget these news channels are corporations that don't care about telling the truth clearly, but to make a simple profit. The same goes for Breitbart too. Honestly, I get my news from Drudge (which is a news aggregator) and Styxhexenhammer666. Styxhexenhammer honestly had the most intelligent and thought out analysis of the election and the current nuerosis of the Democratic Party. And the thing is his predictions are usually end up being very accurate. Same goes for Wikileaks, especially after leaking footage of the war crimes committed in the Iraq War via 2006. So why should I trust people who disregard the truth for profit versus people who have a habit of not lying? I mean, you probably thought that Wikileaks wasn't wrong in making Bush accountable for his crimes, so why not Hillary for a similar thing? It's not a conspiracy theory anymore when there's hard evidence supporting it. It's just you ignoring reality, just like the left is doing worldwide at the moment. Continue to do this and I can guarantee you that the left will be continuously defeated soundly in referendums and elections all over the world.

>Btw, here's the Senate Minority Leader Schumer. Notice anything?


>You're a Trump supporter, obviously, so does it not at all seem weird to you that you write off all news outlets except for one? And you then don't see how people think that news org you're speaking of is biased..
Meant to do that


File: 1488609228208.png (32.88 KB, 200x200, Pondering Denko.jpg)

I also would like to add:




>ib4 Infowars. They're actually reporting on the news, not making crazy predictions like Alex tends to do

Really makes you think....
So are all our politicians in Putin's grasp, Republican and Democrat and used his power to et elected?


They are neither you dichotomy-enforcing simpleton. It's just because Trump is a generic soykafty businessman and Hillary is a literal criminal sociopath. They are both bad but Hillary in a more damaging and uniquely bad. There is a lot more to give regarding a negative Hillary view-point than negative Trump view-point.

you right now:
"If you're not with them, you're a against them."


Excuse me? Have you been on WikiLeaks? 10 fuarrrking years of large quantities of good, exposing content.

It's bad because they don't push your personal agenda?


eh, they dropped stuff a while ago but I think they're a shadow of their former selves. Nothing recent seemed important or particularly scandalous to me.


File: 1488749746833.png (116.01 KB, 113x200, C6IY7trUwAEfWa4.jpg)


Trump campaign officials literally admitted to colluding with Wikileaks. Fun fact, this tweet has since been deleted.


Are you for real defending infowars? Chemtrails-turning-the-frogs-gay Infowars? Globalists-are-out-to-get-you Infowars? Please-buy-our-mental-health-boosting-pills Infowars? Actually? You're for real doing that?


Not them but use your brain and ignore the stuff that's obviously said to get attention. Check out the site some time, the reporting actually isn't bad.
Discrediting everything that comes out of a news organisation because you don't agree with something one of its public figures has said is silly.


I honestly don't understand how people can write off entire orgs like CNN (which for the record I don't trust either) because some of their stories are innacurate but is fine with reading journalism written by people who directly stand to profit off you by selling you soykaf in the sidebar.

Forget some high level connection between CNN and political candidates, Infowars has a direct incentive to peddle you nonsense because it will, and does, lead to you buying bullsoykaf from them.

I mean wtf, am I taking crazy pills here?!?! Infowars as a company makes their money off of selling fluoride filters and pills to protect your precious bodily fluids, and you trust them to tell you news stories?


>you trust them to tell you news stories?
I trust anyone to tell me a news story. Whether I beleive it or not is secondary.

I'll ignore that you implied I at any point discredited CNN (the kind of thing I'm arguing against), in fact I'll gladly read/watch articles that they produce.

My point is that you shouldn't close yourself off to conflicting ideals or points of view; that's a fundamentally dangerous thing to do. I don't agree with infowars trying to sell me drugs, I don't agree with a good portion of the crap Alex Jones comes out with, I also don't agree with CNN's blatant leftist propoganda. None of this is a reason to ignore anything they say.


So if I linked you a youtube video of a clearly schizophrenic man talking about aliens you'd just say "oh all new sources deserve to be listened to"?


I'd ask you why you thought I'd be interested in a schizophrenic man talking about aliens in the first place.


>A literal conspiracy theorist says it, so it must be true.
This is just sad. You realize that InfoWars borders on infotainment (along with the majority of MSM corporations (although InfoWars isn't part of the MAM surprisingly), including CNN, Breitbart, NYT, MSNBC and FOX)? That means the majority of what these people say should be taken with a grain of salt, seeing that they say outrageous soykaf like this to generate revenue. Personally, I'm against the idea of corporations being a source of news at all, because this Tammany Hall soykaf is bound to happen with a corrupt enough politician. That being said, why is a literal conspiracy theorist more credible than Julian Assange in your eyes. Assange has repeatedly said he has no ties to Trump and has actively veted mterial on Trump ans said it matches pretty much with what he said. I mean, you realize that the main reason why targeted Clinton over Trump mostly because she was a known extremely corrupt politician who has ties to states like Saudia Arabia, China, Obama and even Russia, states that want to shut down Wikileaks. Why would they focus on Trump who has relatively little dirt on him and the dirt that's out isn't even as damaging (although it makes him look like an asshole admittedly)?
>inb4 Wikileaks works with Russia
You don't have to like Trump at all, because he really is kind of an ass. But that doesn't justify making up conspiracy theories about why your favored candidate lost that reignited a new McCarthyist era.


wtf are you talking about? New McCarthyism? what does the fact that Trump aides admitted to colluding with Wikileaks have to do with anything you're talking about in this reply?


>I mean, why did a host on Fox defend CNN and MSNBC the other night, even though they pander to different audiences (Fox to more conservatives and CNN and MSNBC to liberals)?
How is that evidence of collusion? Get out of whatever echo chamber you come from. You're frying your brain with the idea of "X group is the enemy and must be opposed 100% of the time no matter what" that you're obviously pushing.


>what does the fact that Trump aides admitted to colluding with Wikileaks have to do with anything you're talking about in this reply?
I'm saying your literally taking a known idiot for his word. That's how either brainwashed or desperate you are to drum up this Wikileaks-Trump connection. Roger Stone has been known for being very conspiratorial and a very unreliable source. Why is he credible now all of a sudden when he says this?
>How is that evidence of collusion?
No, but it's very suspicious seeing that these agencies have built up a reputation as being sort of rivals in terms of their main audience and how they spin the news. You would think a FOX news host would be in praise of Trump for being the "Glorious God-Emperor of Mankind" or some stupid soykaf like that, not chastise him for rightfully attacking news agencies that essentially slandered him througout the campaign. As for actual evidence of collusion, see >>4433
>You're frying your brain with the idea of "X group is the enemy and must be opposed 100% of the time no matter what" that you're obviously pushing.
Well, when certain groups of people don't exactly have your best interests in mind, why shouldn't you oppose them? I mean, you forget it was these same news agencies that pushed for public support for the Iraq War 15 years ago due to false information from the CIA and other intelligence agencies. They did the same thing with Libya and Syria and what did they do it for? Money in their pockets. So, why should you defend them for the harm they caused to America and to the American people as a whole for their personal benefit


So you're argument is that a Trump aide just claimed to collude with wikileaks, and then deleted the tweet making that claim.

How does that help your case?


Seeing that it's someone known to be an unreliable witness like Stone yes. It's the very same reason why testimony made by someone who's been known to lie is very hard to get admitted as evidence.


*evidence in the court of law.


If anyone is interested, they put up a torrent with Vault 7, and will be releasing the key to open it tomorrow.



Notes from various places:
>The image depicts the Lingua sculpture in the Washington DC Convention Centre
>The Lingua sculpture is made by Jim Stanborn, who also made the Kryptos sculpture at the CIA headquarters
>The text is "PREFECTURE 353" which refers to this http://elonka.com/kryptos/mirrors/daw/dctrans.html
>Year Zero is a revolution in culture; the destruction of a previous culture and the beginning of a new one (or a Nine Inch Nails album)

Wikileaks have also claimed that this will be of interest to tech journalists:

They recommend the following resources as "background reading":

I'm thinking something to do with information control by the CIA perhaps? Something to do with encryption as well possibly, due to the reference to tech journalists and the link to "Kryptos".
Not long until the password is released anyway. Looking forward to it...


File: 1488892617346.png (221.66 KB, 200x200, logo.png)


>CIA Hacking Tools

Oh soykaf...


Lots of interesting stuff, too bad that there's next to no code (yet). And now the site starts going down. Granted its complicated because the documents still receive updates but a downloadable snapshot to have everything local for reading and searching would be helpful.


File: 1488896881144.png (107.38 KB, 200x134, this-is-fine.jpg)

Hosting a mirror here, I advise you do the same if possible: https://mrdetonia.com/vault7
(DNS and https verified https://keybase.io/mrdetonia)

There's a ton of stuff to go through. Interesting things I've found so far....
>ShoulderSurfer is a tool that can extract data from an Exchange Database (versions 1.0 & 1.1 targeting Exchange 2010).
>Firmware Reverse Engineering
>Sparrowhawk: Collect user-entered keystrokes from any system terminal, and collate in a unified format across multiple Unix platforms.
>Custom scripting language called Reforge
>QuarkMatter: Mac OS X EFI implant which uses an EFI driver stored on the EFI system partition to provide persistence to an arbitrary kernel implant.

There is much more in this leak, and more to come in future. Wikileaks claim this is the largest intel leak in history.


File: 1488903656094.png (29.43 KB, 200x200, IMG_4758.jpg)

So is this evidence of a separate CIA program or is this a leak of Equation Group info? I'm not sure how the state sponsored dynamics of the US work.


This is seperate, an internal archive that was passed around.
They discuss Equation here:



There's no source on any of the projects yet. This means all we can do is sit on our asses and wait for the fix.

Still, this is bigger than the snowden leaks. Remote iOS exploit? That's evidence that the FBI FLAT OUT LIED about not being able to get into that phone. They wanted to set the precedent in court for unlocking phones, so that future challenges to that authority could basically be neutered in the secret courts.

They can literally open up anyone. When the snowden documentary dropped a year after his leak, and he was putting the bedsheet over hsi head when he logged into the computer... I thought he was a nutjob. I mean, I know what he was leaking. I know what he had seen. Even with EVERYTHING that he revealed, covering his head just seemed like a bit much. Now, it seems like an effort in futility.


File: 1488908525817.png (129.66 KB, 200x113, 32868443152_de371fdb24_o.jpg)

One things that I have looked for in these leaks is the more rare and "hardcore" security geeks software. Thinking mostly of OpenBSD and CopperheadOS, but I haven't really seen them in any leaks. Yes CopperheadOS is new, I know that.

Still it brings med some hope, maybe it's security through obscurity, but since my threat-model isn't to be singled out it that is more or less good enough.

Can you think of any more "hardcore" software that has been targeted in recent leaks?


Last row.

"Any more" should me "Any"


The most out there thing that they seem to target is Solaris. There doesn't seem to be much aimed at the more niche OSs; however a fair few of the tools are general Unix tools, and a lot targets firmware.
Maybe more will be exposed in the upcoming releases.


Check out Umbridge in particular. The CIA impersonate other hacking groups in their attacks, including groups from Russia (hmmmm).

Also the list of mobile exploits PROVES that the US intelligence services have bought exploits and shared them with foreign agencies.



Qubes. I haven't been able to find anything on qubes. Granted, it's only as secure as the kernel in any specific VM you are running, but the compartmentalization should be secure. Further, any gov't viruses seem to self destruct if they detect a virtual environment anyway. (Re: Hacking Team) Since everything in qubes is virtual, anything should self destruct. (To prevent/reduce analysis.)


The only people who still use solaris are the military.


File: 1488909354771.png (2.92 MB, 200x63, Firefox_wallpaper.png)

Yes I saw that but I imagine that it's because of the whole oracle thing. And yes firmware has become more and more of a problem.

Yes Qubes as well, not my cup of tea, why I didn't think of it. Nothing against it, just not my solution.

Yes if it's used by the military ( Solaris ) it's probably more of a reason than some annoying geeks running OpenBSD.

But I hope that we can keep a lookout for things like this, since it's what we use.


One other communication program that has not been covered in any leaks I have seen: Retroshare.


>One other communication program that has not been covered in any leaks I have seen: Retroshare.
And Tox(RIP).


GG Apple. Never trusted your soykaf anyways.


This is mildly off topic but they have a surprisingly casual work environment. Consider their use of terms like "interwebs" on an internal government website and this entire guide: https://wikileaks.org/ciav7p1/cms/page_26607630.html



Copperhead is way behind on security patches for Android phones. It's got less Google stuff sitting in there but plenty of easily exploitable 0 days


This information is important to spread, but can we take a second to talk about how fuarrrking awful Wikileaks writing is? You have to peel back layers of FUD to even get at what's being said.

>These techniques permit the CIA to bypass the encryption of WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Wiebo, Confide and Cloackman by hacking the "smart" phones that they run on and collecting audio and message traffic before encryption is applied.

Why the hell are they mentioning Apps by name there? That only leads to idiots (which there are plenty of in this thread) claiming Signal/Whatsapp have been "backdoored" when in reality the leaks just concern tools used as general exploits on Android phones.


Because everyone has their own agenda.
Pushing fear on general population about the big brother watching on them is the thing Wikileaks is doing with main goal of having information in hands of those that produce it.



I get what you're saying, and I'm going to let you finish, but none of those apps have been proven to be secure. They still require GAPPS and the software you dl from gapps has a different hash than the software compiled from source. Further, the software compiled from source does not work on their servers any more. There was a project called LibreSignal, and moxie had a long, childish flamewar with the authors, which ultimately resulted in him refusing to allow the software to run through the signal servers.


Which is why it's so dangerous to see people who are supposedly anti-authoritarian support Wikileaks. They have clear political objectives and frequently pull deceptive BS like this, yet every internet edgleord with a Guy Fawkes mask thinks they're saviors.


Wikileaks clarified this statement a few minutes ago: https://twitter.com/wikileaks/status/839181861976956928

"Claims that #Vault7 cracks Signal etc encryption or that Signal is safe.
Neither are true.
#vault7 cracks Android/iOS, bypassing Signal etc."


>>4601 Signal does NOT require GAPPS, Signal has passed numerous security audits and has seen evidence of the FBI trying and failing to subpoena OWS. Now you're spreading FUD.

Clearly Wikileaks was trying to stir soykaf up and got called out on it, as seen by the fact that they then clarified >>4603


File: 1488914320154-0.png (1.02 MB, 200x112, 1441872843539.png)

File: 1488914320154-1.png (115.15 KB, 200x200, 1343681425443.jpg)

True, but who else do we have that has released as much as Wikileaks? Sure maybe it's time for a new entity to take the Wikileaks place but what other good places do we have?

And remember Wikileaks have a better "spread" than most other websites.


>Signal does NOT require GAPPS
Yes it does. In fact the last time I tried to install it on a fresh phone I was explicitly told it required Google Play Services to be installed.

There is LibreSignal, an alternative fork available from an external F-Droid repo - https://fdroid.eutopia.cz/


Wikileaks as a service that releases information given to them is invaluable and should be encouraged.

Wikileaks as an organization that receives leaked information but then picks and chooses what to release themselves and when is dangerously close to Wikileaks structuring their own narrative.

Wikileaks as a twitter account providing ridiculous hot takes on the US election and world politics but still being connected to a purported "neutral" body that simply releases leaked info is ridiculous and shows obvious political bias.


Installing and running Signal from the Play store requires GAPPS, building it from source yourself does not


No Gapps required since the last update. I downloaded it through yalp store (which is broken right now, I guess) and could register and use it.


File: 1488914723114.png (1.65 MB, 140x200, 1438254095173.jpg)

Yes I agree with pretty much everything you say.
I just want people to take notice at this point, but maybe I'm just naive.

Just want information to be free...


I don't have any beef with you specifically, but more the people in this thread trying to claim that Wikileaks had no political biases somehow and the general chan user who worships them and will cry fowl if they're impartiality is questioned


This is what I remember reading not long ago on /g/. No GAPS required.


Note how they managed to find a way to bring up Obama and the Trump "wiretap" in their tweets within the past 24 hours. I would not accept as fact anything beyond technical details as non-biased, to be perfectly honest.


i feel since wikileaks is basically just assange its more of a personal agenda (everyone has politics admit it or not)


File: 1488915668958.png (211.31 KB, 200x160, a64c5743f1337816ea30dcfca25e9c639ac2f9eb3438245293f85cb7a85dcbdf.jpg)

I'm reading through some of the Vault 7 stuff and it's really interesting. I've always wanted to get into stuff like this:

Cool, eh?



Hmmm... instead of installing from a "Trusted" source, lets instead use some broken soykaf that we don't know anything about.

The app is not on F-Droid for a reason. It's not FOSS



Wikileaks is not just Assange.


You seem more like you have a personal vendetta against Signal than legitimate criticisms.


UEFI applications and allowing privileged users to edit UEFI variables from the OS are why I will never use a machine with UEFI for serious personal use. I wonder who thought opening the possibility of ring 3 to ring -2 escalation in place of requiring users to restart their computer to change settings was a good thing. Source for my complaints for those interested:

I've heard people say that UEFI increases security in some ways but can anyone actually say how? "Secure Boot" doesn't count. Only actual advantage I've seen with UEFI is the ability to use hard drives larger than 2 TB.



Just like a wage slave. (Ref: http://cryptome.org/2012/07/gent-forum-spies.htm Rule 5/25) Attack the messenger. Hash mismatch of distributed binary and compiled binary is a massive red flag. You're probably the same guy who said you don't need GAPPS to install.


Wageslave? What? You're all over the place dude. you're either a troll or something's loose in your head.


My problem with people like you is that before last year's election you barely existed. A lot of your "lack of trust" clearly comes from the fact the you don't like the result.



The actual word I used is sensored by the system. You know, kind of like how it changes words to "soykaf"


Tell me about their agenda then. Enlight me with your wisdom.


I've never had "trust" in Wikileaks and neither should anyone else. You should only ever look at the material Wikileaks releases. In recent months the number of people using Wikileaks tweets to support their positions has increased as Wikileaks started talking about US politics in more direct terms.

If you "trust" any entity like Wikileaks you are asking to be lied to. And if you have a problem with people being incredulous of Wikileaks' twitter you have a lot more problems.


>antifa soykaf here
>alt-right soykaf on /g/

This isn't a politic problem in my vision. This is a technical problem where we need seek for solutions for the problems show on the leaks.


>>antifa soykaf here
Point to where there is "antifa" in this thread. Criticizing Wikileaks' credibility outside of the technical data that they post does not make someone "antifa".


I feel like that was mentioned specifically to call people out who would say "Well I use [Signal, WhatsApp, etc], so I'm okay".

There's definitely some bad writing on there, you're right. But I think the people yelling "X has a backdoor" is preferable to them getting a false sense of security.


>UEFI allows ring 3 to ring 2 escalation

Are there any resources you'd recommend on getting rid of UEFI on newer machines?


You can just use most machines in Legacy BIOS mode right? It's an issue if you're trying to use >2TB disks but on laptops you usually don't have that sort of disk you're not interfacing with over USB.

GRUB has very easy options for installing on MBR disks, although you'll only have a max of 4 partitions because MBR is kind of old.


>>UEFI allows ring 3 to ring 2 escalation
That's ring -2, not ring 2. Ring -2 is System Management Mode (SMM) which has higher privilege than the kernel.

>Are there any resources you'd recommend on getting rid of UEFI on newer machines?

You really can't on the machines that have it, as it's a modern replacement for the older BIOS. I think I heard Coreboot or one of the other alternatives is rather stripped down so it might not include the features that would make such an escalation possible, but I can't say for sure.


The intent of this board is that techniques, the merits of such, and whatnot will be discussed for achieving security.

This discussion has become reasonably separated from security. If the topic is wanted to be continued, make a new thread.