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Well, i have a pretty basic ethical/hacking problem
How to notice a webpage vulnerability to the webpage administrator without being sued and keeping my anonymity.
How do you lains do it?


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Post it to some image board and observe the mayhem. They should notice the vulnerability after that.


Can't you just register a disposable E-mail service and send a mail to the sysadmin? For better anonymity, register an E-mail with built-in gateway to clearnet, such as i2pmail.


mail relaying, i just deliver the mail


Sigaint mail over Tor
Ya dummy


well... im not that kind of lain
Thats what ill do, thanks


OP, a remailer such as mixmaster would be a good call if you're worried about traffic analysis coming back later to haunt you.
Used this method before to great success.


lol sigaint isn't even up anymore, ya double-dummies