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This on going case has been covered through and through, but this piece made got me thinking after the past weeks revelations and what has come to surface in the last decade:

How likely is it to presume that the very thing .ru's agencies have been caught doing, has been executed already by the US and China, but has yet to surface?
The means of riding off another's OP, typically having nothing to do with financial gain would seem a wise cover, as it's not common to associate both actors with one another as we tend to separate the two, but the targeting en masse/casting the net of everyday citizens in the millions, be it hundreds of millions, without probable cause if unveiled would be something.


read about organized online organized crime outside of a breaking news article.

The three big actors have different political economies of state-sponsored hacking.

Russia got caught doing this because they do it a fuarrrking lot. Criminals collude with state intelligence there to keep themselves out of jail. Viper malware distributed by a few criminal syndicates used to steal financial data was found in I think, Turkey and Poland to be looking for politically relevant documents

In China industrial spies might freelance, but they bring data back to china and use it in China's economy. Though they've stepped off the gas because of agreements made by Obama.

The U.S. doesn't collude with its criminals because it has a massive military/security industrial complex whom it contracts to build tools.


All examples you gave of the three known global players were old and known.
You don't need to read a fuarrrk load of reports, immerse in channels for long to know that this is how for the most part Russia and China operate.

>U.S. doesn't collude with its criminals

What bubble are you living in?
Just because the US has the military industrial complex doesn't mean that they wouldn't work a criminal if it meant them getting an edge over their adversaries.
Some of the best minds often go the criminal route first, or rogue later.
Some are also cocky, get caught and pay their dues.


>>Though they've stepped off the gas because of agreements made by Obama.
fuarrrking wow


ITT: people who've never read a threat intelligence report.

I forgot how being an edgy teen makes you a master conspiracy theorist.

Ever, read an actual threat intelligence report from the last two years?