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Somebody, somewhere (more likely multiple people in multiple places) are watching me. Spying on me. The NSA, FBI, ABC, DEFG, China, they're watching us all. Somebody watches me wank my microscopic peter while looking at elephant women.

I want them to know, all of the government agencies spying on me, I want them all to know this; I feel sorry for the non-normal person soykaf they see me do and I think its hot.

That's all, thank you.


They aren't actually watching you though. You're just being collected info about by algorithms and it gets packed and stored somewhere; they might look at you in the future though if you become an important pawn on the board, unless you already are.


I think I get what OP is trying to get at, but like you say, who can tell if this data will not be used against us later? After all, Hitler made jews put the star of David on their windows for similar reasons.


Well, many people are being looked at quite literally though. Think of the imageboards and forums made for the purpose of sharing open IP cams and such.