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Greetings fellow lains.

I have recently discovered Libreboot thanks to this board, and I have investigated it a little bit. The first thing that popped out was that it was against GNU. This immediately pegged my bullsoykaf meter. I read on, about the reason why. So, serious question; is GNU really evil or is Liah Rowe full of soykaf? I have never thought of GNU as 'the bad guys' like I do Microsoft or the gov.


If someone is transphobic, they suck. Libreboot is a great project and I support Liah.


Guess I suck then, because transgenderism is a mental illness I think.


>work on libreboot
>trans friend gets fired from gnu
>I've only got one side of the story
>leave gnu, lock my project commits to myself
>start a full page report on the great Satan, gnu
>RMS let's my project go, as I demand
>addresses me by proper pronoun
TFW you went full retard because its easier than open discourse, which might not award fortune in your favor to beat your sjw horse.


Who cares if the dev is or isn't mentally stable.
The code working and being open is still magnitudes better than the corporate alternative, and that's what really matters in the end.


Good point. At least it is open source, regardless of who made it. is like kicking dead whales down the beach its not being developed more heavily or getting more attention from others.


I think part of the reason for the lack of contributors is that it seems to require some rather specific knowledge and there isn't really a comprehensive guide for complete (read: average dev) beginners to get started.


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You must understand that since the beginning Libreboot was more of a business project than an open source project.

Libreboot and Minifree are both owned by Leah[1]. They are now cutting supplies of X200 in favor of X220[2] as there was a discovery back in November by the Hardened Linux and Coreboot team that allows you to neutralize Intel's ME in newer processors (SandyBridge and IvyBridge platforms)[3] without triggering the 30m reboot timer, thus discovering the possibility of a newer and faster demefied processor.

So work started on higher end Thinkpads like X220 and T420. However, Libreboot/Minifree claims they are working on a 100% fully stripped ME[4] and are doing a pre-sell of such liberated laptops in the £798.00–£1,198.00 range. (HOLY FUARKKIN soykaf).

As stated by Leah, Libreboot is only a "distribution" of Coreboot and a commercial effort to get libre endorsements[5]. Not much actual programming is done by Libreboot but by the contributors and contractors in the community.[6]
For instance, liberating firmware to use with Libreboot has been contracted work, most heavy lifting seems to be done by Raptor Engineering.

This is not bad IMHO, thats a nice way to kickstart serious development, but the whole LGBT drama has been beyond unprofessional and rather advantageous for Leah/Libreboot.

This whole drama created a split in the community and Raptor Engineering main dev is now creating the Librecore project aiming to be more libre than Coreboot is[7].

Libreboot quickly announced that they would be using librecore instead, that strikes me as a bit scummy to contract work, not pay it fully, and then changing your project to the fork of your unpaid contractor.[7]

So, my take on all of this ego clusterfuck is as always: *money*.

Coreboot is a Google Project, so their funding is deep, however libre goals are not included.
Librecore is forking coreboot in an aim to liberate firmware from closed sourced blobs and microcode[8].
Libreboot is taking all this work to set up a libre laptop/pc market with ridiculous profit margins.

It was easier to chalk everything up to gender identity than to be bound to GNU/FSF guidelines I guess.
You read the sources, make your own mind and comment.

[1] https://minifree.org/contact/ (https://archive.fo/XsC8h)
[2] https://minifree.org/product/libreboot-x220/ (https://archive.fo/0ACam)
[3] https://hardenedlinux.github.io/firmware/2016/11/17/neutralize_ME_firmware_on_sandybridge_and_ivybridge.html (https://archive.fo/7UZgC)
[4] https://minifree.org/product/libreboot-x220/#libreboot_todo (https://archive.fo/0ACam)
[5] https://libreboot.org/docs/#about-the-libreboot-project (https://archive.fo/kHUrT)
[6] http://zammit.org/libreboot-screwup.html (https://archive.fo/8XVZz)
[7] http://librecore.info/ (https://archive.fo/cNPek)
[8] https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Librecore-Formation (https://archive.fo/Ji8W2)


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I suggest doing some research or a little reading.


>muh drama
I only care if the software is Free and works well.
If there is some "better" alternative to libreboot for my x200, show me and I will use it.
Other wise I will stick with libreboot thanks. Stop caring about pointless soyfak and value software on the software itself, not the people or drama behind it.

Polite sage because this kinda thread does not belong on /sec/


Honestly I have no idea what happened, and while Liah probably overreacted she also made some pretty good points about how badly organized GNU/FSF is.

of course it comes down to money.


Liah is more than likely full of soykaf. There is no evidence that the trans person Liah speaks of was fired for being trans other than Liah's angry rants. They knew she was trans when she was hired, so unless the FSF has seen a sudden influx of far-right conservatives in their ranks, i really doubt her gender identity was the reason.

Also it should be known that, Liah is in complete control of the libreboot site and git. So when she says "the libreboot project thinks/says/refuses/etc." she really means herself. Many of the major contributors have been put off by her speaking for them and leaving the FSF without discussing it with anyone first. If she wants to be the BDFL of libreboot that is fine, but it's deceptive to speak as a plural entity to try and give your message more weight when you are in fact singular. Of course, as >>4959 demonstrates, deception isn't an alien concept to Liah. I suspect this entire soykaf-fit was an attempt at gaining some good publicity among the lgbt community and sell a few more $120 turned $1k+ laptops. I know it's the knee jerk reaction of many here to jump to the defense of any lgbt individual who appears under attack, but don't forget that a trans person is just as capable of being a con-artist as a CIS person, and victim-bux are an especially easy con.

As for the code, i'll keep using libreboot until librecore matures, but i'm switching as soon as i can unless libreboot sees a change in management (not necessarily Liah stepping down, but at least having a more open management structure so the project doesn't live or die on her whim). I need to be able to trust the makers of my firmware, and not paying her contractors and slinging allegations without evidence doesn't encourage much trust.


Hey anon, I'm transgender but I'm not going to pretend it isn't at least the cause of several mental illnesses.

A lot of people try to write it off, but most trans people I've met have mental issues. Whether that's because being transgender itself is a mental illness, or the cause of those illnesses, I'm not that sure of.


Transgenderism (or body dysmorphia in general) is one of the only things I genuinely cannot wrap my head around; I don't understand how you can 'know' that you are something else trapped in your body. You have literally never been in the position to know what being in that body is actually like. How can you say "I am a girl", if you literally aren't; what if what you think being a girl is like is actually radically different from the reality?
I remember reading something by a trans who was upset that he would never have real periods. I laughed at it at the time, but it got me thinking - I literally have no idea what having a period is like, and I'd wager that he doesn't either, so how can he miss it?
Is the whole thing just based off of being uncomfortable in your body as it is, and so you assume you will be happier if you were something else, a greener on the other side scenario? If that's the case, it would explain why there is such a high suicide rate amongst affected people; even after going through surgery, the feeling that you'll be happier as someone else is still there. If you'd placed such a wager of happiness on some pretty extensive surgery and it didn't solve your problems I can understand that would be a massive mental blow.


I don't disagree with you. I've spent a lot of time thinking about it and I just have this deep desire to be female that's really difficult to explain, and it's like it's been a factor throughout my entire life whether I was conscious of it or not.

I'm not one of those people who pretends that I'm ever going to actually be a female, even if I went through the surgery or finished the transition, biologically I'd still be a male. I'm of the mind now that if I go all the way with this there's no guarantee that I'll be happy - a lot of people who transition realize that they aren't happy after they've finished the transition, and still suffer from the mental illnesses that plagued them from before. This is what's made me halt my transition, I took hormones for about three months then stopped without any changes that will last long-term.

I want to work on my other issues first before making such a huge life-changing decision that I very well may regret, and honestly I feel like chances are I won't ever pursue it again, and just live my life as I was born.

Anyway, this isn't the board to be discussing this kind of thing, so I'll just leave it at that. Sorry, /sec/!


I don't know whether or not those accusations towards GNU from Libreboot developer are backed up with any facts or not, but aside of this, Leah's reaction and decision to pull Libreboot back from GNU was dumb. Free Software-related decisions shouldn't depend on outcomes of some unhealthy SJW-tier jostlings, it's very childish and whiny kind of thing to do.

I'm personally pretty much indifferent towards transpeople, AS LONG as they aren't the type of whiny SJWs, who are getting "triggered" by everything and trying to push their stupid ideology on others. Sadly, this seems to be a majority of them

Couldn't resist to throw in my 5 cents to this discussion


Personally bought a x200 from leah in person, prior to her transition and can confirm she and the project itself are legit.
We need more people helping out with libreboot ports to expand the HCL. If i had more time after 2 jerbs and not already being active in other foss projects part time, I'd more than happily contribute.
One last thing; code > drama.


Absolutely underrated comments. There is nothing I can add to the discussion except that >>4961 , if you follow the word of people who live by the code of "Do as I say, not as I do." You can expect their establishments to be shortlived. You may not value moral direction in your personal life, but it is the foundation of pro-consumer/libre software.


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>Liahs gender is relevant

>the major had a gender.
>gender and sex exist in a cyberpunk world at all as a codifiable state.
>anyone cares.

Transgender as a taboo or crisis is literally being pushed on you as another means of exploiting control against expression and individuality; two things manifest in the cyberpunk culture indelibly.

There is great reward for the state in ensuring Liah is only known for her gender, and not for her work on an alternative boot firmware.


I guess what you are all talking about is Gender Security, which should be seperate from whatever operating system you're running though I guess is applicable to systems in the respect that Microsoft is is a father company to the feminine Apple (?) which could be loosely applied to any rivalling companies.


Thank fuarrrk there is at lest one person that sees past soykaf like this.


>There is great reward for the state in ensuring Liah is only known for her gender
No one would care if she hadn't kicked up a fuss about it in the first place


"Other people can be unlike me as long as I never have to hear about it"


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> I guess what you are all talking about is Gender Security,
No, what we are talking about is that Libreboot maintainer decided to abandon GNU/FSF support because of gender politics. Gender never was an issue until Leah made it an issue.

>>5002 >>5005

Agreed, gender has nothing to do with her work, until she made it about gender and abandoned FSF. Are you not reading quoted sources?

> There is great reward for the state in ensuring Liah is only known for her gender, and not for her work on an alternative boot firmware.

I can tell all your posts because you keep calling her Liah and in all your posts it is you who keeps derailing this thread into gender politics. I can tell that LGBTQ is important enough to push your agenda, but we actually care only about code and hacking.

As anon said in >>4959 her work in "alternative boot firmware" is reduced to simple repackaging and reselling. She is just selling a product.
Her gender is beyond irrelevant, the important thing is code and libre firmware and fighting the cyberoppression together.

More important and relevant work is being done on other projects like coreboot and librecore, we should show them some love.


That's not what I said at all.


<leah>This time, the decision will be made as a community. (#libreboot freenode)
Leah has calmed down and is no longer "enemy" with
GNU, stop caring you lot. Free software is Free software.
Also people saying "hurr use coreboot or librecore", why not all? Why can't libreboot, coreboot and librecore work together?

sage because this belongs in /cult/ or /r/ not /sec/


This thread has been locked, because the central debate (animosity between libreboot and GNU) was resolved.

In addition, it is not on-topic for /sec/, and many posts contain rule violations.