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Hi lains, I've kind of been out of the loop for a while. Sorry if this has been discussed to death somewhere but I'm on a public connection at the moment and I have to run in a bit and I just wanted to ask quick..

What are you wonderful people using lately? I was looking into Tox, but was wondering if anyone has better alternatives or some info.. Looking for something secure released by a reputable entity.

The thing I didn't like about Tox was how it seems pretty trivial for someone to get your IP just by connecting to them? But maybe thats just sort of how it all works, idk, clearly I need to do a bit more research but I just wanted to see what you all thought as well.

Thanks for reading~


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Well tox works by connecting to a bootstrap server and then connecting to the user you want to talk to through P2P, so yeah just by sniffing the connection you _could_ get the other users IP (I haven't tried this myself, don't quote me on it). But, regardless of that, tox's crypto is soykaf. And they won't fix it, nor have any intention of fixing it. (https://github.com/TokTok/c-toxcore/issues/426) If you want P2P stuff with built in anonymity, use Ricochet. (https://ricochet.im/) If you don't care about centralization, then create your own Tor or I2P hidden IRC server for you and others to use. Mobile? Heh, yeah thats a stretch. Signal maybe.


wire (https://wire.com) is nice. mobile web and desktop clients. e2e encryption, open source client (server source coming soon) and is cross platform and just works.

Ricochet for serious stuff. Signal is meh since it requires phone number


matrix.org is decentralized, and completely open-source but encryption is currently beta, so I wouldn't really recommend it yet. Certainly hope it becomes the standard though. It can interface with other chat applications, but a lot of that is still under beta too.
Otherwise wire or signal are your only options afaik.


matrix is great indeed, even available on mobile using the riot app. The encryption seems good, but as said is still in beta so don't trust it with your life

I am currently developing gitla.in/neo,I'll make a separate thread for it when it's further done. At the moment it's suitable for basic use, albeit without encryption (coming later)