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I have a somewhat old laptop with Arch+i3wm installed in it, and I have some questions regarding as secure as possible browsing in it.
For professional reasons, I need to access some heavily botnet websites. I have no personal information anywhere, so it's not a very dramatic issue, but I still want to have as little as possible connections between my different browsing activities. The problem is that the only modern browsers that I can properly run in here are chromium-based. Anything related to firefox (IceCat, PaleMoon, &c) is just slow to the point of being impractical, and other lightweight browsers I've tested just wouldn't load a lot of websites around (for everything that's just simple, I'll use w3m, which I prefer anyway). So I use Iridium, which as far as these types of browsers go, I'm pretty sure is the most secure I could do.

For more specific protection, besides the basic ublock and httpseverywhere, I use uMatrix, with pretty strict rules, even though to access most common websites I end up having to let some soykaf come in. It also deletes my cookies every 15 minutes, and I only use incognito ever, so there's no continuity. But I get paranoid after being on google sites or anything similar, and don't want to leave those cookies laying around even as I go to the next site, or do anything after that.

So, I've described all this to give context to some doubts I have:
- am I just overthinking soykaf at this point in terms of browsing, and since I have to use those sites anyways, this is already as far as I can go with keeping them locked?
- what other combinations of extensions or habits I could use if the former question isn't the case? I really wish I had something like self-destructing cookies, but I couldn't find any equivalent for Iridium that was open source
- if i just delete cookies+cache as I'm using incognito (chromium-based browser do that on another, not-incognito window), because I don't want those particularly nasty cookies laying around after going to youtube, for example, even for 15 minutes, will the browser delete them for the incognito session I'm using or those will persist until I close it?
It's a really bore having to either do that, or close and open the program again just to be done with that session info before doing other stuff. I saw several extensions that do a total clean-up with one click, but all I could was closed-source.

Anyway, any help, advice, or recommendations on stuff I should read to have some new ideas would be very welcome. And I'm sorry if I should have posted this in some of the general questions threads, but I've read several of them and didn't see many posts with such broad questions, so I thought this might deserve it's own thread. Perhaps other people will like to bring their questions in this format as well.


DIsable javascript if it isn't already. Check if your browser is vulnerable to fingerprinting and if so try to fix it: https://panopticlick.eff.org/.
I think that with uMatrix you can change user agent. Try to copy the Tor Browser's one, since it's very common. Do you use something like a VPN or Tor? If so use your normal IP when accessing sites like Google and then switch for normal browsing. I don't know how Iridium works, but if you can try to use different profiles (or use the browser as a different user) for different browser activities and eventually for more security use a sandbox like firejail.