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From /news

>HTTP2 Support Enabled. — by Appleman1234 at >2017-03-24 09:36:35

>HTTP2 Support Enabled.
>This required various other updates (PHP-5 to PHP-7, >OpenSSL) and a short down time. If you have any >issues please contact using IRC, Mumble or /q/.

What exactly is HTTP2? Is this a new standard with security and encryption in mind? I'll of course refer to Wikipedia in a moment, but would anybody first care to explain to me what this is?


Inform yourself with this: http://httpwg.org/specs/rfc7540.html


With all considered, this should be asked in the Simple Security Questions thread.

Do that if the current reply is insufficient. Also, do remember to discuss deletions and whatnot in /q/ and not the thread they occurred in.