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This is new /Ω/, also addressable as /tech/, the technology board. The intent is that this board will be used to discuss use of technology and software and to share findings related to such. This includes single and multi user general computers, system administration, embedded devices, operating system software, program configuration, and computer networking.

Discussion of software intimately related to or in a context relating to programming belongs in /λ/; discussion of circumventing restrictions and security in software or hardware belongs in /sec/. Discussion of modifications to hardware and similar actions may be more appropriate on /Δ/; a thread in each or either board for this is reasonable and allowed.

Discussion of video games and game consoles, including personal computer games, demoscenes, and other types of artistic software will belong in the /culture/ overboard.

Do not start petty arguments about hardware or software; all discussions on the merit of one choice over another must be elaborated upon in accordance with the global rules. Do not share configurations of hardware or software without accompanying comments sharing details such as the state of such a configuration and whatnot. Confine discussions about categories of software, such as window managers, to a single thread.

Hack the planet, console cowboy.