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Shall we have a thread on buying discontinued technology?


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IBM Model M keyboards are still great if you have the desk space, and relatively cheap. Most old gaming consoles can be tricked into playing pirated games for free or at a relatively low cost. Sony Trinitrons still look great, i found a good one on craigslist.

That is all.


Looking to buy a Thinkpad 380XD to run OpenBSD... for fun. Should be a good project.


I've been thinking of doing something similar, installing lots of different OSs on a dedicated dicking about machine


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I collect iMac G3s. Because it's fun. Someone please help. Make me stop. I have no more room for them.


have a beige G3 case and a fully functional G4 sawtooth in my attic, a powerboog G4 and a broken powermac G5, i feel ya brother!


I work at a charity and we got in an old Apple Powerbook 3200c. It worked and took awhile to boot, but man it was so cool! I'm not a fan of Apple usually, but seeing old hardware that's still able to work is refreshing.


oldworld powerbooks are eternal. G4 was the last great apple laptop, intel was the beginning of the end.


Take a picture of them with a timestamp you liar


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I thought about delving into tape recording again, but really good decks are expensive and if you want to buy anything other than type I cassettes its not exactly that cheap.
Ended up buying a Sony MD deck and about 70 MDs for cheap. Although there's many things not to like about the format - compression, proprietary compression even, software is a trainwreck - it kinda hits a sweet spot for me. I wanted a physical medium that I can touch, for recording mix"tapes" with a restricted capacity, at a reasonable medium price and some playing device that I can connect to my stereo amplifier. MD checks those boxes, one MD is often below 1€ now (used is not a problem, since you can rewrite them more often than you will want to) and I can live through the magic of planning and recording tracklists again - using only a deck and no software. You can merge and cut recordings, move them around on the table of contents - won't use the capability that much though. Also they do still look a bit futuristic.
Having so much music digitally on hard disk sucked the enjoyment and personal connection out of the whole thing for me over time, so I wanted to conquer a bit of that back.


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Model M is a must own. Awful for gaming, which I rarely do like I did when I was kid, but phenomenal for programming and general use.

Also I think it looks pretty cool around a lot of modern hardware since everything has gone dark coloured from before.

I was lucky I managed to pick up a refurb model that was bolt modded as well so I'm hoping to keep it basically forever if I can.


Calling the Model M discontinued is a bit disingenuous- Unicomps are objectively not AS good but they're decent if you want a no frills experience. Also means it's really easy to get replacement parts.
Sadly my Model M isn't boltmodded but it seems to be in pretty good shape on a structural level, despite having had bits of onion skin in it when I purchased it.


What's not believable about that? I've seen iMac G3s for sale at flee markets for $30-$40 with the matching color keyboard/mouse included. Only reason I've skipped out on purchasing one is due to the space they take up.


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I found an old NMB RT-8255CWE+[1][2] mechanical keyboard for $5 at a GoodWill recently. It was dirty as hell and I had to apply some etching primer to the metal the switches were affixed to (hidden but probably hurt the value, meh) since it was rusting something fierce in the bottom left corner. Maybe eventually I'll strip it back down and sandblast the aforementioned metal and reapply primer to give it a more uniform look; that's if I can find replacement space invader switches for it anyhow. The greatest thing about this keyboard is that it has a split spacebar with the left (or right, if you're brain-damaged) portion being a secondary backspace key(!!!).

Found an old wireless-N capable d-link router there as well, on which I flashed LEDE[3] for liberation purposes.

I need to go to GoodWill more often.

[1] https://deskthority.net/wiki/NMB_RT-100/RT-8200_series
[2] https://deskthority.net/wiki/Hi-Tek_Series_725
[3] https://lede-project.org


my father in law threw out a tape deck a few years ago and wanted to trash it. it was a high end aiwa studio tier deck and i got it for free. the sound quality is incredible and since i'm still buying new tapes (mostly industrial and black metal) that hardware is a real treat for me.

i also want to get into MD, too, a deck for my stereo setup and a mobile one. i had one back in 2000/2001, but i broke a decade ago.


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A few days ago a one man give me old satellite phone. I don't know what can i do with this phone. I can see how phone transmit some signals after switching on.
Nera worldphone portable.


congratulations, you're now qualified to become a somali pirate. or a 80's cia operative. or a mujahedeen. or a narco.


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made mine work again.


Have fun recording!
Also, in case you didn't know about it, theres minidisc.org. Its a great compilation of information on everything minidisc. They also have operation and service manuals for almost every device. I think some of the portable players can be flashed to unlock new functions etc - they may mention that in their equipment lists.