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Until /sci/ or /tech/ return, or if they ever return at all, I'd like to share something with the Lainchan community here.

If you are on Linux and need to install .NET Framework 4 within Wine, I have found out how. If you run the install script in PlayOnLinux, it likely returns an error message because of file mismatches. I think I know a workaround. Download the .NET Framework 4 file.


>Download the stand-alone file, not the web installer.

In PlayOnLinux, make a 32 bit virtual drive, use Wine version 2.5 and configure wine as Windows 7.

>This may work for 64 bit POL virtual drives and it may work with the 64 bit version of .NET Framework 4, but I have not tested this.

Now, if you are using Ubuntu or Mint, set each of these files to 0.

Now, run the .NET Framework 4 .exe in the virtual drive. It should install and work, and any applications that use it should work. I have had no problems. This may be common knowledge to many of you, but for those like me who do not know, I hope this helps.



Set each file to 0 with root access.

>sudo nano /proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope

>sudo nano /etc/sysctl.d/10-ptrace.conf

Edit them and set the 1 to 0.


Nice, lain. If you can, edit the wiki with the information so that others can use it as well.



>using nano


>bashing someone for the editor he uses
that's so passe
unless you use emacs, you have no right to