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Since hangouts won't support SMS anymore I need to find a new SMS app for my spy device.

Can you tell me some good ones?
I am hoping for something out of the ordinary. Plus points if it is free software. Extra plus point's if it's GPL licensed.


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Signal, mate


Personally if i need a private sms i use wickr


I just meant normal SMS.
Thank you for the bigger res. I got mine from anold thread here on lainchan.


I've been using pulse SMS and so far it's been pretty good, it's got some cool features (scheduled messages are pretty useful, push notifications show the last few sent messages in the conversation) and best of all, there are no ads.

I wish that I could do all my communication over whatsapp/signal/other encrypted channels but there's no way I could convince all my friends to migrate and I don't want to risk further isolating myself.


Use email, and throw away your phone.


I am gonna go with QKSMS. It's free software.




I use Silence, it's basically the old TextSecure and looks like Signal.


Same, I dropped Signal because it needs Google, Silence it's the best. (Download it via F-Droid)