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>TFW i3wm will never support Wayland due to being too dependent on X, and requiring a complete rewrite for Wayland support.

However there is sway WM:

It aims to be a drop in replacement for i3wm but with wayland support and some of it's own goodies.

Has anyone of you ever tried Sway? I'm just asking before I attempt the plunge into it.


I tried to migrate to it a few times but it feels clunky thanks to the fuarrrk up that wlc is. Will try it again once they have their own compositor which apparently is 0.13.


i wonder how long until i can fully use it as a replacement


I've never used Wayland as I found it confusing as hell to install it on a computer already running X and getting it to be a choice as a session like with Fedora. I would love to see Afterstep or Windowmaker support Wayland.


>using X
>not one framebuffer with tmux/links2/mplayer
Present Day, Present Time! AHAHAHAHAHA!