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LINK TO REDDIT THREAD: https://www.reddit.com/r/libreboot/comments/66tdds/proposal_for_libreboot_rejoin_gnu_community/

I, Leah Rowe, am seeking to submit a proposal to GNU for Libreboot to re-join the GNU project. It was previously a member of GNU between 14 May 2016 to 15 September 2016.

Before I make this decision, as a result of democratic decision making in Libreboot nowadays, I need to see a lack of overall opposition from other maintainers (willingness to remain in the project after joining GNU, means that there is no meaningful opposition), and a substantial level of support by the public. The purpose of this Reddit thread is precisely to gauge public support for this decision, and based on that, whether to proceed. This is different than before, and reflects Libreboot's new democratic style of decision making. It will only be done with community approval.

Libreboot left GNU on 15 September 2016, with a string of allegations and slander thrown at the FSF for a topic unrelated to Libreboot. Chaos ensued, and Libreboot's relations with FSF and GNU were heavily damaged. All of it was unnecessary. What happened should not have happened, and I'd rather not talk about it in detail in this thread, but suffice it to say, Libreboot should have never left GNU.

On April 2nd, 2017, Libreboot issued a letter of peace to the community. It can be seen here, along with my own public apology for certain actions which I took during the period of September 2016 to the end of March 2017:


Libreboot now has a more democratic leadership, and major decisions are made with direct community involvement. Several people have access to the Libreboot project via SSH into libreboot.org, and push access to the Git repository. Patches (including those from me) are now pushed to branches and go under code review before being merged into the main development branch.

Libreboot is now operating in the same way that it was before joining GNU, with the exception of the above infrastructural changes, working closely in alliance with FSF and GNU, while being separate in its own administration and acting under its own independent guidance. While this is healthy, it is far from ideal for the LIbreboot project. In my opinion, we are better off operating directly under GNU.

I am strongly considering whether to submit an application for Libreboot to re-join the GNU project, and I'm leaning towards a "yes" decision. The current stable release (version 20160907) of Libreboot is from while Libreboot was a GNU member, and the infrastructure that Libreboot used from GNU (mailing lists, and the redirect from gnu.org/s/libreboot to libreboot.org) is still in place. If Libreboot were to re-join GNU, then it all falls into place and the project can continue as though it never left GNU in the first place. The conditions under which I removed Libreboot from GNU would not, if similar issues came up in the future, cause a 2nd exit. If Libreboot re-joins GNU, it joins GNU permanently and a repeat of prior chaotic events will not occur. Similar drama will not happen again. Libreboot is now only about Libreboot development, and nothing else.


force him to leave the project, sjw-cancer like "leah" rowe are the reason the oss community will destroy itself over forced politics.


>force him to leave
>community will destroy itself over forced politics

I don't believe a lot of thought went into this post.



I actually found that quite funny.


If you read the full message, Leah is going to step down as project lead and just be a dev.
>body was too long


still around, rowe must go for good.
people who poison projects like libreboot with politics that have nothing to do with the project should have no place. also, i can't wait to see drupal doing a hero.


>>were the allegations against the Free Software Foundation true? Perhaps. Perhaps not.
They weren't.
>>At this point, it doesn’t matter.
Perhaps, but what does matter is the attempt to distribute blame in what should be a post dedicated to admitting to libreboot's own failings. If anything, you should be hanging your head in shame, not pointing fingers.
>>Though the FSF may make mistakes from time to time
The FSF made no mistake in this case.

As for libreboot rejoining GNU, that would probably be best in the long run, but I do hope the project leadership is sound going forward. Otherwise it'll just turn into another soykafstorm sooner or later.


I think that stepping down as project head was sufficient enough. I feel that she is trying hard to apologize and make things right. Besides, her code would still need to be reviewed like any other dev and put under scrutiny of the community. I think this is good to ease the ire that she caused, and I would love to have GNU Libreboot back if GNU and the FSF folks she talked soykaf to will allow it.


FSF/GNU isn't a very good organisation. I don't like mister Rowe or GNU, as they both seek to not use free licences like the MIT one, and care more about politics than about software.


this. also, this is the reason, GNU will never enter the mainstream. normal people only see trannies and other special snowflakes throwing mud at each other, why in hell would anyone use software that's maintained by such people?


>care more about politics than about software
Isn't that the whole point?
Free as in freedom and all that


maybe, but as long as you need to handpick (ancient) hardware and have at least a few years linux/bsd-poweruser-background to be able to install software like libreboot, it will never become an alternative for a mainstream crowd.


I hope that it does rejoin. Leah has stepped down as head of the project, but will continue to support the development.

It will be very nice once the x220, t420, x230, etc. are supported.

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