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>inb4 hurr stay off the grid
Just to get that shit out of the way.

Now, is there a mobile phone out there that isn't tied to apple or google?

A smartphone without all the information scraping bullshit and useless apps. (pretty much rules out all apple products and exploding korean phones)

Not looking for a burner. I just want a phone that isn't a glorified tracking device or at least gives me some privacy when I use it.

I may or may not use it to send dick pics, but still.


yours truly,


Use a ham radio to talk and send dick pics with a plotter using vector graphics.


Just buy an android phone and root it.


There are a few alternative smart phones out there. The Jolla runs on SailFish OS which is Linux based and mostly FOSS. the Ubuntu phone is similar, but with a lot more proprietary binaries etc.


>I just want a phone that isn't a glorified tracking device or at least gives me some privacy when I use it.
>I'm looking for bicycle without wheels and frame
Look for cynogenmod and their list of supported devices.


iPhone, no iCould


I'm going with a Nexus 6P running copperheadOS. It's not entirely FOSS but it uses AOSP and includes a port of PaX to the android kernel



File: 1478681311344.png (189.29 KB, 154x200, data rention by major cell service providers.jpg)

>Now, is there a mobile phone out there that isn't tied to apple or google?
Any Android phone that you can put Cyanogenmod on, just don't install GApps.

>I just want a phone that isn't a glorified tracking device

Get a landline or use VOIP. Cell service providers sell metadata about their customers' connection to cell towers (which can be used to locate you) to advertisers and other 3rd parties, and LE can most certainly get a hold of that data with a warrant (or if they pay for it in the case of AT&T). There's no such a thing as a cellphone that isn't a glorified tracking device sadly.

Information on cell service providers selling tower connection metadata:

And one of the companies that buys the data:

Source on AT&T selling the data to the police so they don't need to get a warrant:


Using a dumbphone will in practice minimize useful information obtained with the assumption everything is compromised.

Dumbphones are far easier compromised otherwise. If you must have smartphone features, look into a Replicant-compatible phone.


Go for a Jolla, Ubuntu Phone or Firefox OS phone.

You won't get most """"apps"""" (God, I hate that buzzword) but so won't you if you use an Android phone without GApps (yes, you can still install stuff from other stores, but if it's closed-source, then you might as well just install GApps. F-Droid is still very limited.)


The oneplus is pretty decent when you put cyanogen mod on there maybe take a look at the company, only been going for a short time originate fromshenzhen


If you want something that is completely suveillance free then no phone is for you, smartphones are toys created to be smart-spying-devices and that's it, end of story, if you don't want to be tracked, just leave your toy at home.

On the other hand, if you want a smartphone that is not tied to the big G, nor overpriced A, then go with CyanogenMod without gapps, if you have a newer phone with above average CPU then encrypt it, Android 5 and above has got bulit in Encryption ability, so use it. Also CyanogenMod has PrivacyGuard that gives to the ability to block application permissions you don't like. Install only apps from F-Droid and you will be fine.


The only way I can think of is if you get a pager.... Pagers are recive only and so can not track you... then when you get a message you can then contact at your own convinence from a location you deem safe.

If you can grab a 2nd hand one from a market or whatnot then no trace to you at all with regards to the pager!


>Buy android phone
>Root it
>Install custom rom without gapps


>(God, I hate that buzzword)
Not trying to derail the thread, just out of simple curiosity.
What the hell do you mean by that?


Another vote for CopperheadOS here. Or play around with Plasma mobile.


Not that lain, but "apps" used to just be called "programs" or "software". It's just more "back in my day..." fist-shaking.



applications, some might say


modern "apps" are typically programs delivered as a package, no dependencies or external libraries to worry about.It's not really a buzz word because that's how almost all programs on osX are delivered, then that system carried over to iOS and then android. Calling it an app on windows or linux still isn't a buzzword even though they're wrong because people who don't know any better hear them called that on a mac/smart phone and then move to a different platform and still call them apps because they don't know any better.

And if you try to educate them on this they'll get defensive and call you a nerd.



eh anyone with direction finding equipment could find were you, are so.... also intercepting this is a trivail thing for a good ham.

(unless you use encryption, but thats illegal wouldn't wanna break the law ;)


encryption is only illegal in france right?


prepaid burner under false name


i think its illegal in american unless your contacting a satilite. i talked to a guy who broadcasts illegally and he says unless you broadcast on emergeancy frequency, the fcc doesn't have the resources to care.


>eh anyone with direction finding equipment could find were you
Still superior to cellphones, where your carrier keeps all your location data on record for at least 1 year and will readily give that information to LE or sell it to advertisers.

I think encryption is illegal on amateur radio frequencies pretty much everywhere. You really aren't missing that much as even with encryption you'd almost certainly be required to have your call sign not encrypted. Also, encrypted radio communications between more than 2 parties would be difficult to securely set up without meeting face to face beforehand.


File: 1478813003891.png (105.66 KB, 113x200, Screenshot of Phone.jpg)

If you live a very minimal life, you could get away with a Firefox OS phone. Here's my LG Fx0.


Get a Nexus 5 and install Plasma on it.


Correct, but it's the vigilante amateur radio old farts you have to watch out for. They're the ones who will work with their buddies to get you busted.


broadcast from a moving a vehicle. change your position every time


If that's the translucent phone, where did ya find one?
Keep in mind that Firefox OS "pivoted" to smart devices, which means they killed it. HTML+CSS+JS apps just aren't a good idea on mobile platforms, and they're only slightly better than Jaba.
Honestly, Plan 9 mobile when? Low power, high efficiency, distributed, apps written in C and display is /dev/draw, good shit


CopperheadOS is probably the most secure and trustworthy smartphone OS available, adding grsecurity/PaX to Android and making better security decisions like fork/exec app processes, seperate FDE passphrases, etc. However, it only supports whatever AOSP supports due to vendors' shit software, drivers and security record, so you need a Nexus 5X/6P or a Pixel to run it.


this, easiest option. Next best thing would be an Android phone running cyanogenmod without play services and not rooted.

Still hoping my next phone will be an ubuntu phone...


as far as I know, buying a phone that supports replicant as an OS replacement to android is currently the best shot to preserve some degree of privacy in a mobile environment.


It still has SOME proprietary and signed firmwares that are impossible to remove at present. They also only support GSM phone companies to my knowledge and AT&T cannot be trusted, look at Hemisphere.


That"s pretty interesting... I can finally make the 'SneakerPhone' I've always wanted, ala "Get Smart". If I only had an Agent99 to talk to.


>mobile phone
>no surveillance
pick one

For the sake of positive contribution. neo900




I bought it on eBay for $100. They were selling on Amazon for $50 at the time I was later to find out.


nokia n900


Was just about to post this. The Neo900 and/or the Dragonbox Pyra are probably the best solutions you'll find in terms of a small computer with telephony capabilities. Both to my knowledge are entirely FOSS, have upgradable hardware (their CPU boards aren't soldered onto the motherboard), have broadband isolation (you can detach the telephony modem from the board if you think you're being spied on for some reason), and they both come with Debian out of the box.

I have no idea how Debian is supposed to work in the Neo900 considering that it's meant to be a phone (as opposed to the Pyra, which only has telephony as an option), but I remember seeing some project for Linux telephony. So, maybe that'll be a thing soon?

But also you could/should just use Signal for everything anyways.


Bonus: A really good article on this topic:



The problem comes when you can't convince friends to use Signal or they don't want to take the time to learn because the other way "just werks"


I don't understand that. Signal is piss easy to use.

Honestly though, I sure hope you aren't communicating anything with people like that, that you wouldn't want to risk being compromised by a third party. I mean not that privacy isn't important in any event, but the reality is that you're going to have to deal with communicating with other people who don't care about privacy and you're most likely not going to be able to convince them otherwise.

Unless there's some reason why the people you're talking to need to be using some kind of encrypted communication, just learn to live with it.


>Signal is piss easy to use

People can't be asked to use 2 factor authentication once every time they log onto their devices.

It is /extremely/ difficult to convince laymen to open up a separate app every single time they want to send or receive a text message or call.

Convenience is the name of the game - and until a tracking device is released with Signal capabilities built-in as the default messenger app, it will remain a struggle to get people to use it.


Jailbroke iphone (:


>Plasma mobile.
Bad idea as it's bug a ridden system.



I still have a fake one I bought. It's slowly developed some spirits in it over the years. As much as I love it, it's really hardly useable as a regular phone due to the battery life and lack of any apps. May as well use a feature phone.


File: 1481149203549-0.png (99.74 KB, 200x137, p03c-02.jpg)

File: 1481149203549-1.png (413.41 KB, 200x142, tumblr_lrn0frp95P1qgmrilo1_1280.jpg)

I don't want to switch to an all-out smartphone, but want to upgrade from my current flip phone.

anyone have recommendations for a flip/feature phone? or maybe a lumix-style camera phone?

Good battery life, a better camera, and maybe MP3-player capabilities are all I'm looking for. And for it to be cute.

The Docomo P03C looks pretty appealing to me.



And worst of all, the retired ones have unlimited free time on their hands.


The old times when i played with these toys. Sadly KDDI had the best looking phones. Never again though.


File: 1481194176320.png (60.05 KB, 200x116, burgers.jpeg)

>I just want a phone that isn't a glorified tracking device

You'll need a phone without a SIM card.




Even without a SIM card your phone will still connect to the towers and could possibly be tracked (via the phones's IMEI number) and linked back to you (if you leave it on all the time, it's safe to say the place it spends the most time at is your home and the second place it spends the most time at is your workplace).


Without SIM it connects to a random network (and may starts the GPS) only if you call 911/112. IMEI isn't reliable metadata if you want track someone though.


>only if you call 911/112
Decided to check with an old phone and apparently it doesn't connect without a SIM card in it when you aren't doing anything. I still don't see the point of a phone that can only dial 911 as opposed to a phone with really cheap prepaid service that's left off all the time to expand who you can call if something happens (like a tow truck if your car breaks down).


I posted this a different thread here.

ARM is a much more free and friendly architecture than x86, but is underpowered and limited in many ways. For the most part, any Android device with a Qualcomm bootloader (ABoot, Android Boot) are ok, but the bootROMs, SBLs, etc can be pretty shady and are all different depending on the manufacturer or even each device. Do not buy anything from manufacturers that use proprietary bootloaders like Samsung or HTC. Make sure you get a device has an unlockable bootloader so that you can run unsigned code at low levels so that you can flash custom recoveries, operating systems, kernels, etc. Stay away from Google stuff and DO NOT INSTALL SUPERSU. There are other root methods, even if they aren't systemless like SuperSU. I highly recommend building your own Android OS. Never get cellular service either. Use an application for free WiFi calling and be really careful about what permissions you give it.

Terrible advice. You should really read up on the iPhone wiki about the embedded firmware in those things. They're scary as fuarrrk.

Not a bad choice at all.

Jolla phones are soykaf. The hardware is super outdated. You also have less than 100 apps available if you run Sailfish OS on an unofficial device. That's because official devices can run Android apps, but only with a proprietary compatibility layer called Alien Dalvik. Not sure about Firefox OS but Canonical is not to be trusted.

OnePlus is a very honest smartphone maker compared to others and they give you really great hardware for the price. I'll be going with one of their phones when my Nexus 5 breaks.

Plasma Mobile was pretty bad when I tried it.

Even worse than stock.


bumping this thread for mobile phone related question

I'm >>32229

I'd like to buy a Docomo/Panasonic Lumix P02D

It uses a SIM card, as does my carrier, I assume that means it should work? Or will there be an issue with JP/US network differences?

Second, while I won't use many apps, will I be able to use Instagram on Android 4.0.4, or update/flash it?

Sorry for the dumb questions, but I've never had a smartphone before. I just want something to text/call, play music, and take pictures/post them online. And be cute, this is very important.



>Panasonic Lumix P02D

http://www.kyoex.com/docomo-panasonic-p-02d-lumix-phone-unlocked/ , specifically

2G Network : GSM GPRS EDGE - 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
3G Network : UMTS HSDPA - 800, 850, 1700, 2100 MHz (Please read below)


Please Note : This phone uses a Micro-Simcard (the smaller size simcard, like on the iphone4). If you do not have a micro-simcard, you will need to contact your cellular company and exchange your simcard for a Micro-Simcard

Whether it will work depends on your carrier and what network they implement their 3G with.

The linked site also mentions
Android Ver 2.3 Gingerbread OS ( I will update to 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, if you request )

See also:




Thanks so much! I found that manual too but I couldn't quite decode it.

It looks like that phone will work, although I was hoping there was some chance I could buy a used one and unlock it/update it myself, but it probably won't be worth the trouble.

I think I'll be able to sell my old camera and a few other things to cover the cost difference. Thanks!


Virtually all mobile devices are tivoized or filled with binary blobs that shackle a user in some way. The most you can hope for is that a fully li re device comes out soon.


American Lains, how can i purchase a nexus 6P as of 2017? Afaik, they are not being sold anymore, are they? I'm planing to travel to America next month and i would like to buy it.


Cyanogenmod is dead now. Unless you can find an official ROM for your device floating around the web, it's best to use lineage OS


Why not a Ubuntu Phone? Or maybe a Nexus 5X or 6P and install CopperheadOS like this dude mentioned >>31338



I thought those got discontinued? Perhaps I'm thinking of Firefox Mobile. Is it still being actively updated?


>Just buy an android phone and root it.
Just buy a phone and open Pandora's Box. I would rather liked Google to have information about me than have 300 Russian and Chinese botnets to have them. Do you use your Linux distribution as root as well?


Because NSA protects our freedom granted by Founding Fathers™, am I right? Unlikethose pesky commies.


No, because NSA isn't going to sell your information to the first bidder. They are not going to sell you card information. Rooting your phone is bigger security risk than any "NSA backdoor".


You can get a Ubuntu phone on Ebay for like $200. Have no idea if the Fire phones are still updated, I know they are basically dead though.


>Rooting your phone is bigger security risk than any "NSA backdoor".
Leaving google software running 24/7 do do whatever it wants is a 100% sure actual security breach so I disagree with your sentiment.


Same here. Nexus 5X and CopperheadOS.


Your options are very limited if you're looking for a smartphone. Almost all of them are using non-free bootROMs, bootloaders, and baseband software. The OS/kernel on many can be replaced but that's not good enough. You need something with good cellular modem hardware isolation. There's absolutely no reason why the cellular modem/baseband software should be able to circumvent the SoC and access things like system RAM and storage and other stuff. It should go through the SoC, then kernel, and a hardware abstraction layer to get to stuff like mics and speakers. It's a huge backdoor and nobody even bothers to talk about it. If you want a surveillance-free smartphone, your best bet is choosing a device supported by the Replicant project. The newest phone supported is the Galaxy S3.

I personally have given up on smartmemes and I carry an iPod classic and a flip phone. I remove the battery from the flip phone from 7PM to 9AM when it's not needed for work.

I tried Sailfish OS 2 on my Nexus 5. The OS was DOA because the userland and Android compatibility layer (Alien Dalvik) are non-free. There's no point in having a soykafty gesture based OS if it doesn't even appeal to freetards. It also has no native apps. It's a Bible app, a calculator, and a music player. I'm not even joking. Development for Sailfish OS is dead.

This guy gets it.

Please stop this stupidity. You need a bootloader unlock to flash a custom OS. Root (even systemless as provided by SuperSU) won't cut it.


It seems the modem of the phone has its own proprietary OS, likely with a ton of security vulnerabilities. If anything, that chip is the master and the CPU is the slave. Shouldn't we be trying to get into that instead of just bothering with the main OS? We need full control of the hardware, including the TX.


I'm gonna make a stupid question.
How bad is it to get an iPhone from a /sec/ standpoint?
You can't flash custom roms on these, but there's a lot of stuff you can do with jailbreak, homebrew apps and such.
Still, i feel like I'll have apple's soykaf all up my ass.
What do you think lains? I've seen a lot of people here with apple stuff, what do you people think?


From the isolated case of the San Bernadino iPhone, they're not the worst when it comes to a commitment to user privacy. Having said that we have no idea how much user data Apple and cellular companies siphon, and their hardware is pricy as hell for the specs.



They feed info to the feds all the time. You're better off with a locked down Android phone than an iOS device for sure.


How do lainons feel about Blackberry phones? My understanding of them is that they're loved by Corporate and Intelligence agencies alike for their security and lack of back doors.

I'm fairly sure the German intelligence agencies all use blackberries for this reason, though that's just a vague recollection, not something I can back up with a source.

Are Blackberries worth it? Are they actually the most secure smartphone or am I just delusional?


Blackberries aren't any more secure than iPhones. They were really popular because they could easily be managed by corporate IT and because they were the first pocket-sized device that could do email well. The Canadian government forced RIM to give them a copy of the keys used to encrypt their instant messaging service, so that's no longer secure. They run QNX, so they have different, less popular, vulnerabilities. The browser is webkit, so that's nothing special. Buy one if you want a smartphone with a physical keyboard; that's about all they have going for them. The Q10 also has a swapable battery. The Q5/Q10/Classic/Passport can all run apps for Android 4.3. The Passport (my current smartphone) has a nifty touch-sensitive physical keyboard. Frankly, though, there aren't a lot of reasons to buy a Blackberry, and security isn't really one of them.


It's like the 4th time I'm posting on this same thread. I just can't decide on a phone.

How is the Nexus 5x on this year, performance-wise? Does anyone here have one? Are there any recommended roms/kernels?


File: 1488829887950.png (753.96 KB, 200x113, 32208820213_e5860ef5c8_o.jpg)

I have a Nexus 5x with CopperheadOS and it's just fine. But to be honest I don't have that many apps, mostly it's just standard Music, SMS, Email, Riot, PDF-reader, Anki and a few browsers. It's mostly from F-droid with some packages sideloaded.

I have it and it works fine, but if you have special requirements maybe you should list them and people with similar ideas might answer.


Not enough question marks.


>because NSA isn't going to sell your information to the first bidder
No they just give it away for free when any section of the government wants it. Also it's silly to think you're sticking it to the major corporations if you are okay with government agencies. Big business and government are as linked as bread and butter.


As >>35278 said, it depends on your needs. I have the same setup as him and my Nexus 5X, about of 50 apps installed and it runs very smooth. It has 2 GB of RAM and most of time I have 1/4 of it free.


>and my Nexus 5X
On my Nexus 5X.


Anyone here actually doing the laptop/dumbphone thing? I'm having a hard time finding dumbphone that can tether me into 4g when I need it.

Does it even exist? Or have I just not found the right search term?


I use an iPhone 6 and a Faraday case. Can't be much happier.

It runs Signal and I use it to listen to audio books at work, don't really need much more.


>HI, um yeah, I'd like a baked potato without the potato please.


>doesn't understand the basic problem
go back to 4chan.


why don't you get a laptop with a 4g card

although good luck if you want to use it on linux