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Do you know of any virtual reality online spaces that you can create your own server on? I'm thinking something like that for lainchan would be very fitting. If not then we could probably cobble something together.


Something like a image board but with VR? I imagine a virtual building with different rooms where people put 3D soykaf and others can watch it or leave a note.
Does anyone know if this would work with a open file format?



I believe this is somewhat of an open source Second Life style implementation.

Creative stuff could definitely be done with it with enough work.


What kind of features would you want in such a place?


What about Gary's Mod?




Funky /cyb/ environment (i'd like something like the strangethink games), Voicechat, maybe each user has a private room that others can be invited to, filesharing (literally placing down files for others to pick up), Possibly custom 3d models depending on how anon we want it (alternatively we transcend physical form and just appear as glowing orbs which might lead to better discussion). I want to say that we can place our own 3d objects in, but there is no reality where that wouldn't lead to giant dick towers.
Obviously they are all just ideas not definitive things.


Oh yeah, and smoking and drinking and sitting and rain and night.


second this. Could easily make a funky /cyb/ environment such as what >>32082 is speaking of in the Hammer Editor. anonymity is as easy as forcing a player model in server config and connecting with nonsteam clients.
I don't think you would be able add live file sharing into the game, but the host of the game server could also run a private ftp.


You should check out JanusVR. It's exactly what you want, you can use javascript to create the rooms. I think I last used it at the end of 2014 or something, back then it was only for VR I think (Rift DK2 here). I remember feeling cyb af while I talked to a guy from Australia (I'm in Brazil) in a virtual bar.


I want something that provides a VR experience not dissimilar to Second Life with a focus on player-generated content and a robust virtual economy, but set in a Tron-like or other heavily stylized sci-fi environment, an unrefined black glass grid wrapped in a pulsing neon lattice, waiting for structure and order to be imposed on it by players.

I think a cryptocurrency would be a perfect fit for the economy, the blockchain would be used to validate transactions real and digital, inside and outside the game, and the client would passively farm the currency. Player-based governments could arise with laws written in a scripting language, where an individual or company of individuals with mutual ownership of a property would be allowed to define what could occur on that property, who is allowed, and what sort of punishments would be doled out when a player transgresses those laws.

Visually speaking, I'd want a wide range of possible avatars, from basic vinyl-clad figures with Guy-Manuel emoji masks to fully realized human-like or semi-fantastical figures. Simple, safe scripts could be attached to objects to give them functionality beyond their material and aesthetic purposes.

There would be an element of exploration and building games, with resources needed to create objects, and the world itself would be filled with things to discover beyond what the players have created in order to provide a semblance of atmosphere and enforce a sense of visual style. Increasingly advanced technology (ships, guns, teleporters, replicators) would be buildable as the playerbase reached certain milestones ala Civilization.

Due to the scope of such a game, I feel that it will never be created in a form that I will be able to enjoy.


Hey OP, I plan on doing a C++ environmental VR game that would be basically second life but with a modern minimalistic UI + file sharing through the client and voice chat as well. The user would simply upload a model of a map when creating a room and then add selected add-ons, add ons could be support for a simple virtual machine that contained a few programs which would be displayed within the display of a prop inside the room so players could interact with it.
Of course there would be a lot of stuff to download when players wanted to join the room but at least they wouldn't have to do it from the start when players met again.
Some cool stuff that could be done with this:
-place a prop that resembles a DDR machine which displays a linux VM that is running stepmania.
-recreate cyberia
-recreate a entire 90's arcade


Oh cool. I'd offer to help, but I can't program or model so I'm pretty much useless.


I think this misses the point. Sure a cryptocurrency exchange might be nice, but I was meaning more like just a place to hang out, talk and educate. Having actual politics would cheapen it, make it just a regular civilisation game. I think this should be just like going to an irl place to talk to people. I am strongly against the corporations and ownership aspects. I also think things like guns would ruin it completely.


>>32101 I think that these are good ideas, but it should probably be done without a heavy form of governance. Self governance is the key.

What I would recommend is establish what you're talking about as a sort of decentralized network with a really diverse modeling and mapping system, maybe just an engine and a network protocol. People could make their own little worlds, buildings, you name it, as well as their own custom models, as detailed or as soykafty as they like, People connect to the desired world through a server list of sorts.

I basically just want to be able to create an awesome chill spot and hangout with internet buddies all around the world, people can trade, socialize, do drugs, whatever. this could get better and better if we managed to blur the line between reality and the wired even more, with something similar to SAO's nervegear. I feel like an idea similar to JanusVR would be a good start. Maybe someday when we can port all of our brain data into microchips we can all live perpetually in our own little utopias.

Then again, a resource system being added in would make it really interesting and would ultimately lead to large governments, something that I would maybe want to experience in virtual reality a bit, as long as I can leave and go back to my own kingdom when I feel like it.


I'm working on pretty much that.


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forgot pic related.
If you're on the IRC you've probably seen my crap before.


Do you have a dev blog or anything?


not really. I made a thread on cyberpunkforums, but I rarely update it. The best thing to watch would be the git repo for commits... Which I should be pushing to more often. I will from now on though.
There's still a bunch of stuff I want done with it.


I'm reorganizing a bunch of the code to make it less of a mess. more than just one huge file! added a build-time option of making it headless. might try to support multiple graphics backends instead of just X11.


I believe this is the sort of thing you are looking for:
I fuarrrked around there for a few days, basically any website can add a bit to build there own 3d space. There is a hub type deal which links some key places, and you can just open portals (These are pretty much links) for any one to walk through to any site. If site doens't support it then there is just a simple room with some screens for browsing the normal site.
It's pretty tight, it's made for VR but works great with just a mouse and keyboard.


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have it rendering wireframe in the separated-apart code and not just triangles now. look at them quadrilaterals. :D about to commit the boatload of changes to master to break anything you've been fiddling with.


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testing out shading again.


Nice job lain.



Of relevant interest might be this virtual art gallery:


File: 1483825276705.png (4.04 MB, 200x150, hackvr2.webm)

here, have a video of a few females being loaded slowly and with their polygons in a random order. :)



very cool I'll be watching this thread.


by the way, the mesh I'm using in the screenshots and videos comes from


to be specific:



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got split screen mode working again.


took out a bunch of crap and made the repo a LOT smaller.


OS Grid looks pretty awesome to be honest


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I found the missing piece of translucent plastic I've been saving for this very occasion and finally got around to testing the red and blue mode. Tuned a few default setting so it looks alright. :) Red for left eye, blue for right eye.


I think a cute mascot would make for a better universal character model
too idealistic, sounds like it'd play like soykaf even if it were pulled off properly
too advanced to be good vapourware, either 0/10
fuarrrking niwaka.
whooa, what? I was thinking up something a little like that, myself
so it's like Apple Hotsauce, but it "VR" and internets websites?
are you just fuarrrking around with 3D models, or is there more to it? keep us updated


janus is great. i hope they can optimize performance a little more though, ever since the new lighting update in ver50.0, my laptop just hates running it


I love Janus. was thinking of perhaps making a realm but I'm really bad with javascript and 3d models


There's more than just fuarrrking around with 3D models. Not much though.


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now able to use glut and gl to draw instead of xlib! in the dumbest way I can think of.


janus will do everything people in this thread want, git gud.


yeah, janusvr looks pretty sweet.

I'm tempted to dig out my oculus dk2, buy a leapmotion controller and go to town.


except run on my hardware.


File: 1490887421782.png (389.07 KB, 200x134, Cobalt_screenshot_pre_alpha.jpg)

Open Cobalt looks very interesting, did anyone try it?


Janus is garbage because it's been a year and they still haven't fixed GNU/Linux seg faulting. I could deal with ignoring every mention of open source, but at least fix your software itself so I can keep lying to myself about it.


High Fidelity is open-source and already looks much better than JanusVR. https://highfidelity.com/
Here's a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COr-5mWiJwI


>Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater


>you can have janusvr on everything!
>[as long as it is x86-64]

>1 GB RAM, Pentium III
I was going to play with it but everything seems to be segfaulting. :/ I'd probably have to build it myself.


Why not set up VR support in garry's mod?
That way people without VR setups can join in as well.


matrix recently announced support for this very idea, im excited to see something open source become standard.