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What browser(s) do you lainons use and why?

I usually go with K-Meleon because of how lightweight and customizable it is.




Currently using Vivaldi, just looks nice, works good.


Firefox/TBB on the desktop, Chromium/Orfox on my phone.


This thread has been brought up so many times, that i don't see the point of repeating it another time.
Anyway, my main browser is IceCat, a FF fork without any telemetry, and other bullsoykaf Mozilla tends to incorporate in new FF versions, it's of course compatible with extensions written for Firefox, and is configured with security in mind by default (i.e. no auto link prefetching, stricter TLS rules, etc.) Works great with uBlock, uMatrix, HTTPS Everywhere, Overbite and DownThemAll. As secondary browser, i also have K-Meleon. That's it basically.


chromium, otter-browser, and Brave browser on mobile


How good is icecat's support? Does it support HTML-5? What about soykafty sites like twitter, do they work under icecat?



Using Midori, it's pretty fast but there's still a few kinks to work out.


Firefox, because it has Pentadactyl and uMatrix. I really need to find a replacement because it's getting very, very slow.


Palemoon on my Atom netbook and Lightning on my phone. On the desktop I've been trying Vivaldi and I quite like it.


Firefox and Lightning on Android.


Maxthon MX5

I have embraced the Chinese botnet.


SeaMonkey. I'd rather have a Firefox 28 fork. I might go back to using PaleMoon at some point.


Edge when I'm on the edge, Chrome when I feel like home, surf when I'm more intelligent than turf.


Just updated Pale Moon and realised all my essential extensions no longer work and will never work again, most importantly Random Agent Spoofer. Switching to firefox/icecat. If someone can suggest something better for privacy which can deal with fingerprinting and has something like noscript then please let me know. I thought of TBB without TOR (too slow and irritating for daily use) but that probably defeats the purpose of having a commonly used browser since TBB without TOR will be a rare thing


Internet Explorer my laptop came with it.


I'll second Vivaldi- with it I've been able to craft a pretty solidly unified UX across my work, home, and mobile computers, which is really nice.


Iridium is a chromium fork that basically removes everything that could talk to google, and sends you an alert for all the requests it couldn't block. I'm using it right now, it's just as fast as chrome. Pretty happy with it


I use Cyberfox currently. Looking forward to the day there is a browser with functional parity to firefox, with the addons to back it up, so I can finally move.


You mean SeaMonkey?


I've been wanting to use it, but there's no pre-compiled package for Debian and the Git repository weighs half a GB. It's too much for my third-world connection. ;-;


You can still download the 25.6.0 version from their site




Umatrix offers a built in random agent spoofer.

Pale Moon also has built in anti-fingerprinting. Don't spaz out. Addon options are being worked on.


RAS is mostly useful for its "extra" functionality.


If I remember correctly SeaMonkey doesn't have complete compatibility to Firefox's library of addons. In face if I am not mistaken they have to use their own repository, of which many of my favorites are missing.

Has that changed?

Also there are issues with the version of Firefox it is based on but that's not a terribly huge deal for me as I usually lock my computer down pretty tight security-wise.


Firefox on Win8.1 because I need Windows for gaymes and Forfax seems like a good enough choice


Same. But I hate Firefox's new soykaf interface.



addon - 'classic theme restorer'




Vivaldi for the features, Brave for the ad and tracker blocking, and tor for privacy.


I use a custom compile of firefox when I have to. When I don't I use midori or if I can netsurf. .js is a cancer, so I block it whenever I can.


I hate when people recommend this as if it fixes anything.


SeaMonkey isn't based on Firefox.

I'm not sure what weird add ons your using, but there's probably something you can replace it with. Even if there's nothing it might still work try checking here http://addonconverter.fotokraina.com/


Indeed. My bad. Seamonkey is based in Mozilla however and is likely to have the same security issues as Firefox so I'm not entirely wrong security-wise.

>weird addons

Well Random Agent Spoofer was one of the few I checked. If that's a "weird" addon to you I don't really know what to say. I will check the website but to be quite honest the whole "all-in-one" trope Seamonkey is trying to pull off is extremely off putting.

It does appear to have a much smaller memory footprint however which is nice. Not switch worthy but certainly a huge plus.


This seems like it does the same thing? Try it out!


Same here, although mine is the same speed it's always been more or less, honestly.


Used to use Qutebrowser, but I got crashes a lot.


Works fine on most websites, including YT for me


Firefox for desktop/laptop because I can't live without Vimperator, Brave on my phone.


Well, maybe I became more demanding during the last few years but I feel like a program shouldn't take multiple seconds just to load on an i5-4460 running at 3.20GHz with an SSD. I feel like there's a slight delay (~0.5s) when I switch tabs, generating hints has become horrendously slow, the command bar can get sluggish (especially on my laptop which has an i5200U). Even reloading a tab open on a local file is slow.
I'd almost be willing to try to fix the performance issues but since Mozilla is going to kill xul addons I feel like it'd be a waste of time since I'd definitively have to switch to something else.

>Brave on my phone.
For what purpose?


Chromium on my decently new laptop, and surf on my thinkpad x200 which is running openbsd.


brave is pretty much chrome but with adblocking and script blocking https everywhere and fingerprint blocking extension installed by default its quite nice. also when i open links on my twitter app it opens them with the brave ad blocking


Seamonkey, because it syncs with my firefox account, runs my firefox plugins, and because it uses less memory than firefox and crashes less often than surf. With 1GB of memory and no swap, many browsers hit the memory wall and crash.


File: 1483485753641.png (111.45 KB, 200x200, HP-Firefox-icon.png)

I use Firefox for desktop and mobile. I think people often forget that Chrome is closed source. Why use a closed source browser from a for-profit corporation when there is a better open source browser from a non-profit?



I use firefox as well, but chromium is essentially open source chrome


Yes. I was referring to Google Chrome not Chromium.


what's the main differences between iceCat and iceweasel ?


Iceweasel is dead. It was an almost-vanilla fork of Firefox Debian created because of Mozilla's license which doesn't allow anyone to distribute a binary named Firefox if its source code doesn't 100% match the one found in mozilla's repos. So they simply decided to rename it Iceweasel and be done with it. Debian recently decided to drop the Iceweasel branding because almost every distro distributes Firefox and Mozilla's ok with it.
Icecat is a GNU fork of Firefox. It contains a few tweaks and is shipped with a few default addons such as LibreJS, Https-Everywhere and SpyBlock. Mozilla definitely wouldn't be ok with GNU naming this fork "Firefox".


Pale Moon user checking in.

>Firefox is absolute soykaf these days
>wouldn't touch Chrome except maybe in a VM
>Chromium was really really nice, but then I realized it doesn't really respect my privacy either.
>Opera? lol nope
>Midori is straight-up unfinished
It's pretty much the only good HTML5 compliant browser these days, and I've found that it does everything I need

They use an in-house ABP (Adblock Latitude), HTTPS Everywhere (Encrypted Web), and I finally found the link to the Pale Moon compatible Greasemonkey fork: https://github.com/janekptacijarabaci/greasemonkey/releases


I have a feeling the last Palemoon update made it really slow and buggy, sometimes I get awful load times and CPU use, specially when opening certain websites (4chan included, oddly enough), I've been using it with a ton of privacy plugins for almost 2 years and now I'm thinking about switching to something else too, maybe Icecat, I tried Seamonkey but I can't get over it's weird UI and not having a privacy mode


Google Chrome is one of my default browsers. It's faster then other default ones. My needs aren't too special so I use Chrome.


Why isn't there something like dwb written on electron or some meme chromium wrapper which other browsers are based on ?


Try it with a fresh profile

Then re-add your privacy plugins one by one until you figure out which one's making it laggy


File: 1483973789620.png (177.09 KB, 200x200, icecat.png)

IceCat is the new, better Firefox to me. Its Windows port works very fine too, and most if not all FF addons are compatible with it. I can't really see a reason to use anything else these days (K-Meleon would have been an interesting pick too, but it lacks support for addons). Browsing the web with uMatrix, uBlock Origin, HTTPS Everyhwere, DownThemAll, Overbite, and some other addons can be really pleasant experience again.


I've tried like everything its so hard to stick with one browser.


Love the logo on that one tbh.


Thanks this helped a lot.


Good stuff. Like look at all that.


Yes two totally diffrent things.


Its okay everyone makes mistakes you know?


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76CHAN /sp/ GET lets get /tech/nical brady rules.


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oh wow you got a 5-digit GET on a board that gets a post about twice a minute.

Truly incredible.


>palemoon specific greasemonkey fork
why would you need that? I've never had any issues with the plain ol' FF version.


Use userchrome.css? Don't even need an addon for it.


Thanks for sharing, lain. Never heard of this before now. ^_^


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Fight me.
I have a long body


Where do I get it? I see that there is a installer on F-Droid that also does the updates. Is it worth using over Chrome? Thanks.

How is it better then Firefox?


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Does/has anyone used yandex? I have looked into it and it seems to be a decent chromium fork, but the fact that it is Russian has me wary.


File: 1487137110945.png (75.21 KB, 135x200, snow.jpg)

Please reconsider, this thing is proprietary.
> yandex spying on you
You shouldn't be bothered by this if you're not from Russia.


File: 1487189817034.png (888.75 KB, 200x113, ClipboardImage.png)

and a short neck neck and legs?


Firefox on GNU
Chrome on Windows
Safari on iOS
Chrome on Android

I'mean looking for a replacement for Firefox but I'm not sure because every other browser seems like garbage.


Firefox+Vivaldi my fav browsers.


Pale Moon is pretty good.
It's basically Firefox but from the timeline that didn't collapse


until the recent update that removed support for most add-ons


They have an in-house ABP and HTTPS Everywhere form

UBO supports it

There is a Greasemonmey fork to support it

And not to mention Firefox is considering switching to a nerfes, Chrome-like API whereas Pale Moon is going to remain permitting full-power add-ons forever


I'm trying out brave on desktop and mobile, so far it's decently cozy for me, my main is usually firefox with some moderate privacy addons and ublock.
Is there a consensus on how secure/private Brave is right now in the tinfoil hat circles? I like a lot of the ideas they're proposing, but I have yet to hear anything but mild praise for it. The only downside I'm aware of so far is the dearth of addons.


"Recent" like in a year ago. The latest change on addons was them adding support full Firefox Jetpack/SDK support. Plus there is also an extension for those lazy enough to bother changing a few lines in the .xpi file. You just can't expect to use always the latest version of each addon when most of the changes have been to keep up with Firefox's-becoming-Chrome race. Plus there is also the issue of many Firefox addon developers drooping off the scene due to Mozilla's retardedness.


Pale moon as well. Its unfortunate I loved firefox for all those years, but it just runs so poorly for me now. Pale moon seems to be well optimized and its still getting development and love. I tried using polarity for awhile before this. And it has some very nice features out of the box for sure. But it started getting worse as it got updated more.

Polarity is one of those browsers almost no one is using. I'd love to see it deliver on its promise, but I doubt it ever really will. Something about those multi engine web browsers really seems neat, but I don't think its quite a fully viable approach.


It wouldn't install scripts and stuff on mine. If it works on yours, more power to you tho. Might be an OS-specific bug


I use the luakit browser
  (this post 
is not too short)