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How does lainchan use RSS? I've been trying to find a good reader, but haven't been all too lucky.

In my opinion, RSS is a good stepping stone away from the botnet. I get a good feeling knowing that I am in a way eating the bait off the hook while not getting caught by the fisherman. I get exactly what I want while minimizing ads, distracting comment sections, and third party trackers.

One day I want my RSS feed to be my internet and when I have finished reading it I will be "done" for the day.


A good way to follow the replies


Probably this is not so useful here because there is not a big active user base here and in general on the chan boards.


yes. I use RSS to keep me up to date on news and a few youtube channels. I never visit youtube's site directly; I copy the URL from the RSS feed into mpv.


I see what you mean OP, it's kinda hard to find RSS Readers. I'm considering using RSS from seeing your thread, not so much because I want to avoid a botnet but because it'd reduce my time in front of the computer.

I'm assuming your using Linux, but even Windows doesn't have too much now. I do remember some random reader on Windows but I'm not finding it at the moment.


Not OP.
I used QuiteRSS for a while and it is pretty nice. Crossplatform too.
Dropped it beacause I was using Thunderbird for email and also handles rss, although not so well sometimes. So I wanted to kill two birds with one stone.

The one thing I always have problems with is how to organize my feeds.


Interesting. I am also using QuiteRSS with Thunderbird. I do plan to drop QuiteRSS but for other reasons that yours.
For some reason it likes to give me all localized content in some garbled script, or occasionally in Arabic. It also crashes when trying to plane inline youtube videos.

I'm tempted to use Firefox for RSS. I have a nice plugin that lets me use youtube-dl with mpv, which makes it all the more cozy.


I use Newsbeuter. It is excellent, it follows Mutt's philosophy without getting too complex. I'm really satisfied.


Been using newsbeuter for a little while. It does the job and its podcast downloader is a fun bonus.


spaRSS is nice on Android, it's simple, has filters and grouping, and generally works well.
It's on F-Droid.


Write your own RSS reader. It is trivial to do, most high level languages have everything needed for it.


I use newsbeuter as well.The only problem I have with it is that rss feeds that don't have dates or don't handle them well have all their entries in the same current day which fuarrrks up my rss group. How did you guys get around this ?


I use sparseRSS on my phone to follow various news and tech sites. It's very simple but like he >>32868 said it doesn't lack important features.
Anyway I really hate how some sites (like ars technica or phoronix for example) only send the summary or the first few paragraphs of an article instead of the whole thing.

I also used to follow some kind of bulletin boards my uni made so that you could "subscribe" to some professor's feed and receive important communications, but apparently everyone failed to understand its convenience and I often came to follow some lecture only to find a message written in chalk on the blackboard about it being postponed or canceled.


Thunderbird + TorBirdy


I know this isn't for everyone, but I host selfoss on my home server


I'm not big on webapps, but Newsblur is a rare exception.


Pretty sure macos is verboten but I think Reeder 3 is the best.


Everyone seems to have their own reader of choice, but if you're an Emacs user I suggest checking out elfeed. It's by far the best reader I've used when it comes to organising feeds and gives me exactly the view I want; text and images with no other fluff.


I host TinyTiny RSS on a VPS then just connect via the web browser.


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I do this as well, it's comfy as soykaf


TinyTiny RSS so it can constantly grab news articles 24/7, and for clients I use the Android app by the same dev, or you can use Newsbeuter with it. Wallabag is also really useful to store articles you want to read later, and the Android app now has offline sync capability.


Wish my rpi was fast enough to run TTRSS, sadly it's the pisspoor original 256mb model. Early adopter's pain I guess


I use Thunderbird with this bash script as "default web browser" so when I click on youtube link, it goes to mpv



killmpv() {
if ps -A | grep "mpv"; then
killall mpv

case $URL in
killmpv && \
mpv --ytdl-format=22 --ontop --no-border --geometry=328x185-18-48 '$URL'
xdg-open "$URL"



Second this. Also, it is easy to add bindings that open links in e.g., mpv directly from the overview tab, which is nice for youtube videos or video podcasts.


No one mentioned rsstail? All nice and CLI only.


Are you poor or something? Buy a new one lol.
Also, you should keep your current one in a antistatic bag inside a nondescript cardboard box. It will we worth a lot of credits to collectors in a few years.


Not him, just spreading some Lainchan culture.
>Are you poor or something? Buy a new one lol.
You are not in 4/8ch buddy, better realize that quickly. This site caters to a huge range of people, and you could be talking to a normal guy who just has better things to spend his money into, a neckbeard waiting for his neetbux or a guy in a piss poor 3rd world country.
In my situation, a RPI 2 costs ~90% of my monthly salary, so yeah, there's people in this site who can't just
>Buy a new one lol.

Polite sage.


>Raspberry PI early adopter
>a guy in a piss poor 3rd world country.
Yeah, nah
>You are not in 4/8ch buddy, better realize that quickly. This site caters to a huge range of people,
And 4/8ch don't? How do they enforce it?

Also, you speak English competently enough, as far as I can guess from your writing, and can into computer. So why haven't you moved out already?

For the rest of the world, a RPi is almost disposable. Three movie tickets, or going without the daily coffee cup from a coffee shop for a month. Selling a few unwanted things. Hell, I used to charge more for reinstalling Windows or cracking a WiFi password when I was a kid. The cheapest android tablets cost twice as much.


in places like Morrocco shipping is a bitch.

Also stop harassing people for no reason.


I see no harassing.
Stop nіggnоgіn you fuсking jоо.


for starting out you can export your youtube subscriptions to XML and then OPML and directly Import it into your reader.
this is even better, thank you.


I used to use FeedDemon, then switched to Google Reader so I could sync across devices, then switched to Feedly when that shut down. These days I get most of my blogpost links from reddit or twitter, and the RSS feed goes unread.


>for starting out you can export your youtube subscriptions to XML and then OPML and directly Import it into your reader.
I have a wonky Python snippet for this very purpose :


import re
import sys
import urllib.request

url = sys.argv[1]

youtube = 'www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?channel_id='

def craft_rss(url):
req = urllib.request.urlopen(url)
rss = re.findall('\(\'CHANNEL_ID\', \"(.*)\"\)', req.read().decode('utf-8'))
return (youtube + rss[0])

def extract_rss(url):
req = urllib.request.urlopen(url)
rss = re.findall('<link.*title="RSS".*href="(.*)">', req.read().decode('utf-8'))
return rss



feel like twitter is better than rss anymore unfortunately. One tends to miss bright individuals who post on twitter and it feels much more curated. Sure I could subscribe to my twitter list on rss but it isn't very practical to go in and add users.


I thought about it but can't be bothered to make an account.

What information does twitter demand when registering?


just an email and forge-able personal info iirc. can access it over tor / proxy / vpn


newsbeuter if you like curses apps! I used to use it a lot, it's good


I remember RSS was big like ten years ago, how is it today?
Maybe I could get back to RSS as well.


Honestly, after leaving social media behind, RSS feeds have been so incredibly useful to me.

I was surprised how common it was when I first started using them, and now I always check for a feed. Now I get the info and media that I want instead of scrolling through endless ad-filled bullsoykaf. Leaves me tons more time to actually do stuff that matters.

Probably one of the best decisions I've made recently.


I use Emacs + Elfeed and I have no complaints. It can open podcasts in mingus (mpd wrapper on emacs) and it shows inline webcomics


Why don't you write a scraper for websites? It's one of the most amazing things I've ever programmed. Whenever I find a site I like, I reverse engineer its structure and javascript and make my scraper pull info from it for me. It's amazing how much better it is than browsing


What language do you use?


If you're asking because you want to do the same thing just use whatever language you like anon. Every serious language can download documents from the web and parse its content.


No, I just count language popularity among anons.


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Elfeed's dev writes he wanted notmuch for feeds. And I wonder why can't you just use notmuch or mu with rss2email instead of elfeed then.

The only cons I see right away is pictures are going to be displayed at the bottom, but that can be fixed with a bit of elisp, I think.

The pros are great, though. You'd get xapian indexing and uniform interface for mailing lists and feeds, forwarding articles to friends and all that normal e-mail stuff.

Seems like a better plan to me.


For a dedicated reader, you could try RSSOwl: http://www.rssowl.org/
Also, Firefox by default supports RSS feeds - it calls them "active bookmarks". There are also addons for Chrome and Firefox that add nice menu-based feed readers to the browser.


Beyond the reader, I want to recommend highly yahoo pipes. Basically gives you a codeblocks interface for manipulating and merging multiple RSS feeds. I used this once to extract URLs from any tweets posted with #anonymous, then post them to my facebook wall. Let's just say that account got derezzed for about 6 months. You could do this with python too, I suppose.

Apparently, yahoo pipes shut down over a year ago. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I use Bamboo with Thunderbird. Its pretty great and I honestly havent had any problems with it


What is lainchan's take on aggregate services like feedly?
I signed up with a disposable email and was good to go. I now have three currated feeds (news/articles, tech/science, podcasts) on my startpage. The interface is pretty nice, too.

Otherwise I use newsbeuter, but feedly is nice for cross platform/in-browser reading. (I'm not yet at the level of programming to write my own RSS scraper, but it's an eventual goal.)


File: 1488370635763.png (14.63 KB, 200x140, 1486272757988.jpg)

Your attitude is completely unacceptable, stop being hostile for no reason.

even in the first world there are plenty of people with a fixed income, and there are even some people who have to spend their income on designated items such as food and shelter, and are allotted only enough for such activities.

I'm not trying to be rude, but you should be more understanding of other people's situations.


>I copy the URL from the RSS feed into mpv
You could just use the add-on "Open With" to save you time.


Anyone knows how to create RSS feeds out of Twitter users/lists?

That's the only thing keeping me from deleting my Twitter account.


If you get a (free) twitter api key it's quite easy to get tweets from their API.
Coding a tweeter to RSS gateway should be straightforward:

Here is an example of twitter -> twtxt gateway


The easy way is https://twitrss.me/

Though I'm assuming it won't work for private accounts.


RSSowl is abandoned, it's closest replacement is QuiteRSS, but it is like kicking dead whales down the beach only slightly less than RSSOwl. tbh the only decent reader I ever found was Newsbeuter


what the actual fuarrrk is that word filter