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File: 1483174242437.png (3.29 MB, 300x225, modelmssk.jpg)


What keyboards do Lainons use? More importantly, does it matter to you?


Logitech K120. I don't give a soykaf about what keyboard I use, I just want it to work.


File: 1483187414282.png (437.55 KB, 136x200, IMG_20161229_002613.jpg)

I use my ergodox with gateron browns, it has a special place in my heart.
high quality keyboards are interesting to me, high quality human input devices in general are. I hope there will be an open source ergonomic trackball design as well one day.


Realforce 104ug


File: 1483187890976.png (3.18 MB, 200x113, 20161231_043519.jpg)

This one. I don't really care too much, just as long as it types well.


Logitech G710 blue.

I definitely care about my keyboard, but it's not the biggest deal in the world.

I get used to a keyboard, and then tend to just fall apart on anything else, I imagine that is some what normal, but I don't really know.

I consider mechanical keyboards a luxury, although not an important one. It's nice getting to use one over dome-boards. There's a bit of novelty in it, it does feel nicer, sounds nicer, but over time I don't notice it so much.


I have that same one tucked away in a corner some where, if I didn't toss it. Neat.


I use an IBM model M at work. At home I use whatever is built into whichever laptop I'm using, so mostly Lenovo X200 keyboards there.


File: 1483192775825.png (63.26 KB, 200x134, tada68-3_1024x1024.jpg)

Generally Lenovo laptop keyboards for most of my day-job. At home I've got some cheap Corsair mechanical with cherry red's in them. I have a TADA68 in the post rocking up at some point which'll be for a project I'll be assembling over the next few months.


File: 1483193633515.png (1.24 MB, 200x78, Space-cadet.jpg)

do your colleagues like the clacking? i mean it is not exactly silent.


Im thinking of ordering that Ultimate Hacking Keyboard from crowdsupply as a first. It seems nice enough.


File: 1483206594714.png (335.56 KB, 200x166, i love ducky.png)

Ducky Zero with blues


I use a Magicforce 68 with PBT Keycaps


File: 1483212728875.png (1.58 MB, 200x113, boards.jpg)

I use a Macally 3rd party iMac keyboard. Not mechanical, but surprisingly nice to type on. I also have a dirty Omnikey Plus that needs a cable. Honestly the Omnikey is too hard to the touch for me, which is probably the reason I haven't fixed it up yet.


File: 1483214234583-0.png (143.11 KB, 200x108, detail-14l.jpg)

File: 1483214234583-1.png (119.33 KB, 200x113, keyboards.jpg)

I either use my HHKB Pro 2 or my JIS Realforce 108. I really like the topre switch, I find it very comfortable.

I just ordered a JIS 108 HiPro, but it is not going to be here for a few weeks. After I get it I will most likely sell my other 108 key topre board. First pic is that.


I also use a model m at work. I've asked and nobody seems bothered by it but they sometimes comment when they're standing in my cubicle. I think the walls do a decent job of dampening. I also put the keyboard on my lap and type under the desk if the rest of the office is especially quiet.

At home I have a rosewill with blues and a dell which has a black alps. The dell's A key doesn't work too great anymore so I don't use it as much.


File: 1483227221056.png (9.28 MB, 113x200, laptop_setup.jpg)

This is what my setup looks like when I am using my laptop and my HHKB.


MagicForce 68 with Outemu Blacks. Now that I'm used to it, I really enjoy it. It's really nice and I can type way faster with it than I could with my soykafty goodwill dell keyboard.


I also main a ducky with blues but I really don't care, I can be perfectly happy with the soykafest of soykaf membrane squidgers


I use a cheap $5 keyboard from a Generic Store because it works just fine. If I spill something on it, I don't have to bother cleaning it, I can just buy a new one (and use a backup in the meantime).

Sometimes it's annoying when I press a key and there is a click, but it doesn't register because I used too little force. That's when a mechanical keyboard would come in handy, but overall it doesn't really matter to me, any keyboard is good as long as it's not a super weird shape.


IBM Model M.


What kind of notebook stand is that? Looks nice.

I use a Cherry G81 semi-mechanical keyboard. Way better than rubberdome, but not as good as a real mechanical one. On the plus side, these things are much cheaper than mechanical keyboards.


File: 1483299596682.png (150.76 KB, 182x200, 877852NC06.jpg)

>What kind of notebook stand is that? Looks nice.
It is actually a ¥200 picture frame holder. It works fine and it folds flat. Pic kinda related.


File: 1483302595392.png (129.31 KB, 200x131, ibmspacesaverii.jpg)

I'm using an IBM SpaceSaver II (pic).


If it works, it works.


I really need to find something like this, seems like a good height to have the screen at.


I've been searching on japanese yahoo auctions for old mechanical keyboards, but i can never find any info about them online.


Another model M user here.

I don't have any actual model Ms anymore, but I have three USB models I bought from Unicomp. They're not as well made as the originals, but they're still great keyboards. If you get one, open it up and reposition the cord - the way they're designed now the cord will crimp where it comes out of the keyboard.

My girlfriend hated the clicking sound until one day her keyboard broke and all I had was my spare Unicomp to lend her. I ended up having to buy another Unicomp - she won't give it up.

A bit about brand loyalty: back in the day, my model M was missing a few keycaps. I sent an email to Unicomp asking how much it would cost to just buy some replacement keycaps (they didn't have them available on the site back then). The guy replied asking what keycaps I needed and my mailing address, and then never responded again. A week later, they showed up in the mail.

Ever since then, I won't buy any other keyboard.


I just want to point out that the pic is fuarrrking 9.3MB.
That JPEG encoded picture is 9.3MB.
Not bitching or anything, just genuinely amazed.


Rosewill RK-9000v2 BR

>negro tier budget, for a mechanical keyboard

>doesn't look like Gaymer xD™
>brown switches because I'm just a casual despite my patrician aspirations

It's pretty nice. But I wish they had put in a Menu key instead of RWin. (I could remap the key and relabel it etc etc but that's a lot of effort)


File: 1483912823855.png (345.8 KB, 200x123, abJjSjV.jpg)

Topre is sooo guud. definitely worth the price


File: 1483919438022.png (132.34 KB, 200x150, microcock.jpg)

I use an old microsoft ergonomic keyboard, similar to pic, but its a slightly later one that is both ps/2 and usb. I had one of the newer 4000 models too and those are fine too. I just like the hump.


That arrow cluster doesn't look too ergonomic tbh.


soykaf dude I wanted to get one of those (the omni key).

How do you like it? I really like the idea of the function keys on the side.


The function keys are neat. Bottom of the keyboard is made from some kind of metal, so it's sturdy as fuarrrk, and of course the keys have that tactile and "clanky" feel to them. My only gripe is that I'm not used to using so much extra force when pressing down on a key, plus the top half of the Enter key is a complete dead zone. Not sure if that's by design or faulty.

I found it at a thrift store for $3.


File: 1483931305013-0.png (115.92 KB, 200x125, es87_iso1000_th620x400.jpg)

File: 1483931305013-1.png (86.71 KB, 200x63, 71p6g2FNwAL._SL1500_.jpg)

I use simlar TKL keyboards with MX browns for work/home. It'd be fun to try an HHKB or realforce, but I can't really justify the $$$.


To be honest, I don't care much about my keyboard. Keyboards with flat buttons instead of mechanical ones are also fine with me.

It seems to me that a fast typer is good at most keyboards regardless of the model.


Typing speed is not a factor for mechanical keyboards at all, this is about how it feels, programmability and for most people tactile feedback.
it is also pretty doable to make a custome keyboard yourself, which would be rather hard with a rubber dome keyboard.


I re-encoded it in GIMP at 80% quality and no resizing. It's 2.2MB


To be fair, a lot of hardcore typists do prefer it because they don't have to wait for input lag if they have tactile/auditory feedback. But that's not most people.


File: 1484615627519-0.png (249.59 KB, 150x200, evK1ynwTBR0.jpg)

File: 1484615627519-1.png (773.67 KB, 200x134, 6kJdxBVeq98.jpg)

It is like synesthesia, my associations are mixed^_^


File: 1484616076056-0.png (882.76 KB, 200x200, cvJCJ7u6yjc.jpg)

File: 1484616076056-1.png (311.84 KB, 200x133, CjZVny5gkAE.jpg)

These two beautiful things are so similar.


File: 1484616323328-0.png (508.53 KB, 152x200, MrzELfqs8Kg.jpg)

File: 1484616323328-1.png (629.61 KB, 200x134, aj9Xyo61090.jpg)

I think it is like form of art, to make synesthesia in our minds, look.


Girls and mechanical keyboards.. I'm okay with this


this is actually spooking me a little bit how accurate they are.


File: 1484637018344.png (86.78 KB, 200x76, EnduraPro.jpeg)

I love my Spacesaver M. Bucking springs are the only mechanical switches I've liked. Next I'm picking up this one


The arrow key layout on mine is the more common style, as are the home, page, and etc. buttons. I couldn't find an image of that exact model though. Everything else is the same as pictured however.


Membrane keyboards - like the one in OP's pic - are mechanical.


I have no opportunity to test ergodox. Can you please share any details/stories about your keyboard? Mechanical keyboard is my hobby and I'm thinking of building custom one this year (ergodox or 60%).


What exactly do you want to know?
I modified qmk firmware to my liking manually, which was fun, i built the case myself using a handheld router and a template made on a scrollsaw, i got the parts from falbatech and i love this keyboard a lot.
I think the outermost thumb keys are a bit too hard to reach and finding a fitting keyset is important, if you want to do it with salvaged standard keycaps you need like two full sets, which is why i later got the dsa blank caps on the same site.
imo blanks on programmable keyboards are useful.
my advice is go for it. You can still sell them if you don't like it. Probably at the price you got it for.


File: 1484700638774-0.png (9.27 KB, 200x83, imgres.jpg)

File: 1484700638774-1.png (30.79 KB, 200x134, tada68-side_grande.jpg)

File: 1484700638774-2.png (630.47 KB, 200x130, vortex core47.png)

I'm typing this on a cheap Lenovo keyboard that came with a server we bought at work, but at home I use a some cheap Corsair mechanical with Cherry Reds in them. I may have started to go down the rabbit hole of mech keyboards however as I've just bought a TADA68 that I intend on pimping out with a custom keyset in either DSA profile or something similar, and I also just went and knee-jerk bought a Vortex Core 47 off of Massdrop because apparently I have no self-control whatsoever.

Planning on using the Core47 for a project involving a tangled mess of Raspberry Pi's and a pelican case, and at this stage I don't know where the tada-68 will get used, might replace the lenovo at work, might replace the corsair at home.


Ducky Shine TKL with brown switches. I used a generic Logitech for a long time, so it has been nice to switch to a mechanical keyboard. TKL is a lot less of an impediment than I thought it would be, and promotes slightly better posture


File: 1484909616793.png (1.32 MB, 200x81, 1478453301109.jpg)

hello here is my cute keyboard


All these keyboards without functions keys... They scare me.


File: 1484911489659.png (167.22 KB, 200x150, compaq_keyboard.jpg)

I have one of these (pic isnt mind but it is the same model). It is not mechanical but it has served me well since my lan party days ~2001-2004. I take it apart completely every 6 months or so to clean it and so far it still behaves just like it was new. It has none of that fancy NKRO or anti-ghosting stuff but works just fine using ESDF controls in any game I play (mostly old FPS's). It is comfortable enough for programming too. I have always wanted to get a mechanical but I figure there is no point replacing what still works fine.

I have a nice capacitive switch keyboard for my FreeDOS rig, but since its an AT keyboard I don't use it anywhere else. It is no Model M by any means, but does the job (retro gaming and light programming) quite nicely.

I have one of those too for the rare times I have to fix a machine with no ps/2 ports. Very cheaply made but rather comfortable to type on. I knew a few Quake players who swore by them though.


i have function keys, on my second toggle layer.
did you make the weeb keycaps or are they some sort of "artisan" caps?


File: 1484923291239.png (1.31 MB, 200x94, n00b board Jan 20 2017.png)

I've had this Tomoko I-500 since April of last year and it's still going strong, although the keycaps have gotten very shiny. I would love to build a custom board with a bigass Enter key and the backslash behind the right Shift key, but I'd sooner just solder Cherry MX clears or Zealios into the Tomoko, slap on SA-profile keycaps, and call it a day.


Hey I've been looking into the Endurapro for a while too. If you pick one up please tell because I'm still on the fence about it. Heard some pretty bad stuff about shoddy build plastic quality though sometimes its good.


a friend made them for me


do you have any idea as of how he made them?


white keycaps, dyed them purple, then lasered off a layer of dye for the design


File: 1484965040565.png (3.02 MB, 200x150, p8vn4cg1j2ua5j7940bpddps8c9l63p2q.png)

here's a better picture of them


I've got a Unicomp too, absolutely love it


>cheap Lenovo keyboard
It's the Preferred Pro keyboard - supplied with most IBM (and now Lenovo) workstation and server maintenance systems. Quality - plastics used on the case and keycaps, membrane, even the controller pcb - has gone steadily downhill since introduction of this model in the change of the century. The current Lenovo branded one's hardly last a year in 'power usage', when early (IBM branded) one's might still have life left in them.


Pretty awesome Macross keycaps my dude


I bought the cheap magicforce 68 keyboard just for the hell of it. It's OK but its spacebar feels really bad.


what kind of laser is used?


does he sell these? i want some


40W CO2 laser, an epilog

he made them using the laser at his work so he can't really sell them, but i think he's looking into getting a hobby kit and making & selling them


My Vortex Pok3r is on it's way now, I'm really excited to lose this numpad. 60% keebs look so much neater, and I've heard great things about this one.


Those lasers are heckin' expensive, man. Not something you can own for a hobby unless you're well-off or just really, really into it


File: 1485126082137.png (169.03 KB, 200x150, DdpSRxc.jpg)

I bought the Magicforce keyboard by Qisan, cherry brown (cherry clone) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01E8KO2B0 $40 USD.

I'll be getting it in a week, will be my second mechanical keyboard. My first being a Dell AT101w https://deskthority.net/wiki/Dell_AT101


File: 1485181287549.png (68.48 KB, 200x196, 615px-Datalux1.jpg)

I use a 1988 datalux with original MEI switches and an AT connector...I love it and it has great key response times and a small footprint while still being fully featured.


Now that is what I call neat


Yeah I always try and get my hands on them at every new job I start. You're right in that the quality on them has started to go down under Lenovo but they're usually still the best keyboard you can steal in an office =)


Anyone know a good place to get a tenless or smaller mechanical keybaord with AZERTY(french) layout?


I meant that the quality went down steadily from the beginning; they were of poor quality long before the Lenovo deal.
It's rather the Foxconn factory (which was used already by IBM) from where the substandard product have come from. In the first few years of production, some of these keyboards were manufactured in the Scotland factory too and their quality was fine.



can't you just switch some keys around or get blank keys? It's really easy to replace the keys on a mechanical.


Keycaps or a keyboard. because i would recommend making and programming a keyboard and using whatever caps you want.


really bad desing

how does one use such thing......


Nice. I just got my first mechanical keyboard earlier this week. Had it not been slightly over my measly minimum-wage budget, I would have picked it up over the CM quickfire rapid I got instead.


File: 1485779920988.png (12.03 KB, 200x67, download.png)


Wel there is an issue of layout.
As you can see the "Return" key is bigger.


I completely understand, but that Quickfire is for sure a great keyboard! I've had several mechanicals in the past and it's definitely a safe bet.


File: 1485804413654-0.png (86.78 KB, 200x134, clear_1_2.jpg)

I have a 104-key WASD Code keyboard (essentially a WASD v2 but backlit) with Cherry MX Blues. This is my first mechanical keyboard and I'm pretty satisfied with it. Types great (tactile feedback is wonderful) and I occasionally use it for games and it works pretty well for that too.


File: 1485804477568.png (262.97 KB, 200x134, 2329350_248726_4b4c697b45_p.jpg)

I have hands made of sphaghetti.


Still have one. Nice board even though its probably the most mainstream one because of gaming. Nevertheless its still a good board especially for the price.


File: 1485867076747.png (100.82 KB, 200x113, serveimage.jpeg)

I don't see any keyboards with programmable macros in the list?
I find it massively effort/time saving to have complex commands assigned to hot keys... and much prefer to use HW macros rather than a system app.

My current driver is a G510 - I also love the HW clock and timer - excellent for keeping my working hours!

My only complaint is the back light is not bright enough - needs to be double - might take apart and hack the LED - fuarrrk colours, I just want white/soft white at a decent brightness.


I got my chink VicTsing keyboard with 87 keys for 30 bucks.


afaik every fully programmable keyboard supports macros through firmware.


The SpaceSaver II looks like it'd be great for the scroll button and strain gauge TrackPoint, but it has rubber dome switches, right? How does typing feel?

I'm also considering and EnduraPro, but I've heard that the pointing stick Unicomp use isn't as nice as IBM/Lenovo's TrackPoint. I have a ThinkPad so that might be annoying. Not so worried about the poor quality case plastic, at least you can get parts for it if needed.


File: 1486037048155.png (1.5 MB, 150x200, IMG_20151121_212500.jpg)

WASDKeyboards. Nothing special really. been using it for two years and I have a feeling like that thing's never going to break.


What do you use macros for? The only place where I ever needed macros was my text editor and it has better macros than what a keyboard macro could ever possibly provide.


Nice. It's like the Commodore 64 key caps.


File: 1486663621455.png (98.1 KB, 200x113, ergodox.jpg)

e r g o d o x

i need a new case / wrist wrests


Do you know about the fullhand case?
how do you like your dox?
Do you change your firmware frequently?


The ESC cap kinda ruin it


Kinesis Advantage.
The function keys are terrible, but I am considering getting a foot switch to toggle the keyboard layer, and sticking all the f-keys under qwer, asdf, and zxcv


File: 1486986684217.png (3.75 MB, 200x113, LIRjPKr.jpg)

you would be amazed at how much people will pay for keys like that
i'm sure it would feel like a waste to spend $150 for a key and not put it on your board


IBM KB-8923. It's a rubber dome but it's probably as good as a rubber dome can be. It feels more tactile and makes much more noise than most rubber domes, but it's not a mushy sound.

It's easy to get used to whatever keyboard I have because of the sheer amount of time spent on the computer, as long as it's not a piece of soykaf.

Mechs are nice but it's hard to justify the price. They're a luxury, and while the minimal/shortened mechs look amazing, I could never give up the numpad. My old Logitech G110 shouldn't be working right now but it is; rubber domes can last quite a while.


Are Unicomps worth the cost? I've been lusting over a buckling spring board ever since I first touched one but $84 isn't exactly pocket change.


I own an Ultraclassic Unicomp board and I can't recommend it over the real Model M


But would you recommend it over another keyboard? I'm on a budget here.


I bought an old keyboard for about 40 dollars. It was a fujitsu keyboard, it kinda fits the magnetic reed keyboard names, but I couldn't find anything online about it. I'm like 50% sure it's mechanical, I'll see around the 20th.


File: 1487356159144.png (127.74 KB, 200x156, 1483272512201-g.jpg)

This was directed at >>34427


I mean I see your point but basically every vintage Model M is not only at least 20 years old but the vast majority of them are still usable with much less of the "squishiness" you get on old domes. Mechanical keyboards offer a far better typing experience and long term durability than any cheap rubber dome board every will, as well as a large amount being usable repairable for anyone with a decent understanding of soldering.


File: 1487471491489.png (2.48 MB, 200x134, painted apple standard 2.jpg)

you can probably find a model m in mechmarket for cheaper than a new unicomp. you might have to wait around for one for a bit, though. or just make a buying post. one recently went for like $60 or something
also /watch?v=-A-vRZth7SI


File: 1488231578559.png (1.8 MB, 200x113, 20170227_133733.jpg)

This is what arrived. What is this ?


I've been looking at it more and it's definitely not mechanical. Don't get ya hopes up if you think you might have found a insane deal anons


That is how they get the nanobots onto your skin. Don't touch that.


That's a good one anon! :)


>Kinesis Advantage.

my elbows are wrecked due to rsi. the advantage and the evoluent vertical mouse (which kinesis now sells as well) are life savers. got the cherries without any tactile bump for less pressure to mash a key.


I've seen some hobby laser cutters go for ~$100. Definitely probably not of the same quality used to make those keycaps, but they *might* be able to do the job. Would be nice to know if anyone else has experience in the field and can comment, because these custom keycaps seem really cool.


So I'm stumped too - exactly the same situation!....
I have a G510 and love the LCD (clock, cpu/ram + timer for work) - love the programmable custom keys - love the media keys...

Wish it was cherry MX keys, and had stronger/adjustable back-lighting...

Is there anything out there that can deliver?
Maybe I could I hack my G510 to cherry MX? Anyone got any experience with doing that sort of thing? - I could definitely hack the back light brighter!

the g910 nearly cuts it but its just got a cold holder for a phone, and not usb pass-through to charge said phone! - pffff - If they had the USB I would buy a crap phone to have permanently as my keyboard LCD!

Ahh fuarrrk it i might get the g910 and run usb across back of desk! Grrr never perfection!


I have one of these except in UK layout, its okay, better than my chicklet laptop keyboard at least. Its all I have really, I have a Dell Quietkey but I tried to clean it up, spray it and stuff and ended up making some of the keys sticky or not connect properly, its not actually broken so will probably reopen it some day and fix it but can't be bothered atm. I want to go mechanical and get Cherry MX Blue switches but I'm too poor.


File: 1488460238811.png (123.77 KB, 200x150, Gateway_7001024 001.jpg)

Opps forgot the image.


anyone know a way to use cross-stem keycaps with rectangular stem switches? I picked up some meme tier keycaps that aren't for sale anymore, but the stems on the caps are completely different from my keyboard. I have a box of outemu blues I could swap out, but that'd be more work than I'm willing to put in just to have a table-flip emote on my spacebar.


You mean Alps? There are 3D printable adapters between the two IIRC, but it may not help your typing experience.


I really don't see the point of mechanical keyboards, or at least most of them, over rubber dome keyboards. I have an old Zenith 286 laptop that has a mechanical keyboard and it honestly doesn't feel much different from the keyboard I use with my desktop (a Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro that I got for a couple bucks from a thrift store), the keys just require a bit more force to push down. I also don't understand people can spend so much money on mechanical keyboards but not get a more ergonomic design for how much they're spending.

I will say though that if a recent power supply malfunction that the previously mentioned 286 laptop had ended up damaging the motherboard, I would have been considering salvaging the keyboard to build an ergodox as the keys not being staggered looks like it would be a further improvement over normal style keyboards.


Here's a channel about them, done by the sexiest voice on Youtube. I'm linking a playlist that begins with a video precisely on your question.


File: 1491041500849.png (314.74 KB, 200x150, serveimage.jpg)

Kinesis Advantage 2.

Yes, it matters, because it's got an internal speaker that gently clicks when each key is actuated to assist in training yourself to not bottom out every keystroke.

Keys are also fully remappable to internal memory - no drivers needed - and switchable on the fly between QWERTY, DVORAK, and custom layouts while preserving custom keys between them. Footpedal extensions are available, chained directly to the keyboard - again, no drivers needed - to actuate Shift, Ctrl, etc. It has a built in wrist rest, and it is ergonomic in 3 dimensions, unlike the ergodox which is ergonomic in 2.

It is also, most importantly, not a meme. There can be very little petty argumentation over this keyboard - it is extremely boring and highly effective.


That internal speaker can also be enabled and disabled on the fly from the keyboard itself, if you were wondering.


File: 1491167952251.png (2.15 MB, 200x113, tmp_19817-20170402_1559211473784634.jpg)

Does anyone else use a foam and foil keyboard? I'm taking mine apart for cleaning and figured I'd take a picture of it since it's not that common or anything.


the reason i went with a dox instead was better programmability, more choice (gateron>cherry), true split design, less height and diy. If i had the tools i would go with a dactyl.
Does it feel like cherry reds?


>better programmability

With no drivers? How? Kinesis can make any key any other key, can do Macros, etc.

Choice in switches is definitely reasonable. I just wanted something highly ergonomic, not necessarily something that will make keystrokes as easy or as loud as possible. Seems like we had different goals from the get-go, which is obviously just fine. It's definitely cool that you made your own keyboard, my wrists just don't really care about that sort of thing.




File: 1491589711890.png (3.62 MB, 200x113, tmp_743-20170407_131959785877739.jpg)

>Does it feel like cherry reds?
I've never used reds, but my opinion of these are that they have a very unique feel to them. It is incredibly easy to hit the wrong key when playing games. I mainly like using it because it is a cool old piece of technology, not that it is very practical.
Also it has this dank key


The ergodox (and a few other diy boards) uses a firmware called QMK that you can modify and reflash really easy. Either via the ergodox-ez graphical configurator or a text editor. And you can flash it via pushbutton.
That is way easier and more "powerful".
You can find it on github if you want to know more.

The dactyl still wins in ergonomics. I dunno i just value choice a lot.
I was actually just making a joke. But good that you like it.