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Mainly I2P. Does anyone here use it? How the fuarrrk am I supposed to find any eepsites for this soykaf? I found a random directory although most of the sites are in russian or just retarded in general. Anyone know of any chans or forums on i2p?


I ran an i2p instance for a while, but I decided it's mostly pointless. The thing about i2p is that it doesn't mesh well with the rest of the internet like tor does -- there are only a few i2p-IP bridges, and they're not as fast as tor's. And even on tor, there aren't a huge amount of hidden services. Most of the interesting stuff on the internet is right out in the clear, on IP.

That's not to say that i2p is pointless, I think it's quite the opposite and i2p should eventually replace tor if they can get a few more fast servers in there(if/when I get a decent server, possibly via cockbox, I'll definitely be running an i2p instance on it). There also needs to be a unified user-focused effort like tor-browser, which I'm sure they're planning on for release 1.0. But, for now, I think you're out of luck if you're looking for a thriving community.


I was kind of expecting that haha. Tor is kinda gay and that's why I jumped over to i2p and now that I use it there's not really much there at all. soykaf kinda sux yo. I guess I'll keep looking for proof of aliens on the clearnet lol


I2P's redeeming quality is secure/anonymous torrenting.
I think there are also some IRC servers you can join.
Other than that it's more like just a cool experiment.


all these plus monero, mirroring, i2pbote.


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I'm currently reading up on Monero. Do you use it? Any experience? Could you tell me more about it?


Store a significant number in cold storage as I'm long xmr and keep a set number liquid for weekly purchases.
xmr.to has been a fuarrrking blessing and comes in use when you want to gain the anonymity properties of monero when paying bitcoin without just placing your trust in multi coinjoins from joinmarket.
If you do go down this route, you should in all seriousness make sure you xmr to xmr seeing as we shouldn't just assume that the lax logging policies outlined in their tos and should want to remove the link between you and the centralized service.
Same should be said for shapeshift and bitsquare (y is decentralized, but the selling party still has a link to you the buyer), when exchanging between altcoin X -> zec or xmr.

IMO as a currency it has a bright future when you compare it to others who have failed to usher in privacy by default - I'm looking at you dash, and may still have hope - zcash, when it improves its solvers and defaults to shielded addresses.

Main hold back's of reaching mass adoption are lack of multisig, ease of use - a stable NUI.
All these are ongoing in development, with even bounties waiting to be had, so optimistically go with 9 - 12 months, or more likely pessimistically say 15-16 months to implement.

A past dev who won't be named is to blame for most of the delay.
Taking advantage of his position by conning miners and giving himself the upper hand, taking in votes for future proposals of the code base, ignoring his counterparts favoring no and doing his own thing.
Fortunately he's no longer a part of the project and hasn't been for some time and the current devs, fluffypony, snipa, wolf and whole list of contributors aren't benevolent pos.

All above are ongoing in development, with even bounties waiting to be had, so optimistically go with 9 - 12 months, or more likely pessimistically say 15-16 months to implement.


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How would one get started with Monero? I only ask because I'd like to start using it but in all reality I have no use for it. I'd like to be involved somehow.


Download the vanilla or GUI wallet https://getmonero.org, buy some coins or mine a dozen if you have a decent rig with plenty of resources.
Then make some purchases, hoard if you must, play the markets with only what you can afford to lose, exchange xmr to rep and make xmr predictions on augur for more xmr, help with further improving the documentation and translations, commit - help make multisig a reality|audit the code, create a valuable service/sell goods, you get the picture.


Can you link some services accepting xmr? Or at least give some pointers to find them more easily?


>aggregated list from official site - partly out of date: https://getmonero.org/getting-started/merchants
>some not all sellers on AB:
>SEPA tx's - EU only:

I have these dorks run every so often and append new merchants to file, so there's that for scoping out the latest:
http://ulrn6sryqaifefld.onion/search?q=+'now accepting monero'


Thanks, that's very kind of you!


wasn't that preemptive archiving project hosting a ton of soykaf on I2P? I remember there was an 8chan board for it and they supposedly had like every anime ever broadcast and some porn


polite sage to add that I meant the project that cropped up as a response to the TPP.


how are bitcoin credit card useful ? serious question eh.