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Lets have a thread on abandonware.
What's your favorite abandonware game, program, OS? Why do you like it? Ask questions on hardware software, emulation, ect and let other anons answer them. Put a spotlight on an interesting abandonware project. Whatever! If its old and like 3 people use it, it belongs n this thread.


Crisis in the Kremlin for DOS, easily. There is a remake due out later this year.



Hidden agenda.




Win 2000.


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this game had a built in world editor + scripting language
was my first foray into programming, i spent far more time making my own worlds rather than playing the freeware levels lol


My favorite abandonware browser is the little-known QtWeb.


Mine is Bejeweled 2. I have 3 and there are gameplay improvements and all that, but they went with that Pop Cap brand kid-friendly fantasy aesthetic instead of 2's scifi inspired one which featured a soundtrack by a demoscene artist. Bejeweled 2 made me feel something, like this really enjoyable feeling of being someplace or seeing through a window into someplace that was totally otherworldly, but with a complete lack of apprehension or dread.
For whatever reason 3 doesn't do this for me, and I think it's the fact that the backgrounds all look more cozy and often have buildings instead of stark, empty yet beautiful 3D-rendered alien vistas. It's still a good aesthetic and I wouldn't tell anyone not to buy it or anything, but I guess I attached a bizarre amount of sentimental value to Bejeweled 2.


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A thread on abandonware and no one has brought up Quarantine? I really like its future dystopia where anyone can just get ran the frak over by hover cars. I love the soundtrack to the original but thats about all it has going for it.

I really love the sequel, Quarantine II: Road Warrior. Hover car taxi driving plus Mad Max wasteland and another rocking soundtrack? Oh yeah baby.


I've never heard of this game before but it sounds entertaining, I'll have to check it out.


Its technically abandonware I think and it runs decently in DOSBox. Sadly, I cannot find the CD copy anywhere online so you'll have to bring your own music or play the soundtrack off YT.