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Greetings all. Perhaps my fellow Lainons can assist me.

I am currently seeking a tablet. My only requirements are
>x86 or x64 CPU, either one.
>Must have a Legacy BIOS that can boot Linux related distros and Windows 10 from a flash drive.
>Must be at minimum 7 inches.

Price is not a restraining factor, but I do prefer to keep it at or under $300 USD. Can anybody recommend to me what I am looking for? I tried an RCA tablet, but it couldn't boot flash Linux distro flash drives because of a crappy EUFI firmware and apparently RCA doesn't release drivers for their tabs.


It also seems that many x64 tabs have a fuarrrking 32bit eufi and you can't install linux on it (easily). That's a real load of soykaf.


I run Linux Mint on a Surface Pro 4.


I know it's a bit of a meme, but have you considered a gpd win?


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Can I hijack this thread slightly and ask:

Best Tablet for young kid? needs 3g and SD card or enough mem for bunch of vids if on plane/holiday - cheep as possible, but must still be usable and fairly responsive.
I will Armour with rubber case and screen sheet.


get a nexus 7 2013, works fine for my kids.


Buy an Amazon Fire when it's on sale for like $35-$40. They usually do it around holidays so maybe check back around easter or mothers day. No 3g but you could just get a mifi and then have the benefit of using it with other devices. Good tablet in general even if not for a kid. Getting older so I wish they'd come out with an updated model but the only performance issue I've had is Tumblr will sometimes restart if you're on a page with a lot of soykaf. You could put a custom rom on it but its really easy to install gapps so they can get all their games and video apps since the amazon store is lacking and often out of date.