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So, fellow lainons, do you prefere a big (Over 1TB) hard drive/storage drive to run your computer's OS, or small one (under 1TB)?

Personally, I prefere a small 500GB hard drive for my computer's OS, and a bigass 4TB hard drive to maintain 500GB backups.

>What do you think, lainons?


I use a 500 gb HDD for my OS and I have a 2 tb HDD with all my data (mostly movies, music and anime).


500 is the way I like it. I currently only have 2 hdds. My 500GB OS and 4TB backup drive. I would like another 4TB drive for files like what you described.


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The data on that chart is organized very poorly. It doesn't get information across very well.

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Mine is actually smaller than that. I have a ~150GB or so drive for XP split into 40/110 partitions. 40GB is for XP and (most) software and the 110 is for games, music, and temporary storage. I have a separate ~180GB drive for Linux. Both are set up to be able to boot independantly of one another (XP has NTLDR still intact, Linux has the usual Grub2) in case one fails.

Both are backed up onto a 1TB external USB drive that is only plugged in when I need it. The remaining space is used for backups of other (infrequently used) machines, isos, anime, or whatever else I would like to keep but would be wasting space otherwise.


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That's an interesting configuration. I want to buy a better motherboard and install linux on a Thunderbolt 3 SSD and boot from there and use my internal drives as backups.


Small, largely out of necessity, partly for aesthetics. My Thinkpad X40 uses a 1.8" hard drive, and those things are expensive and unreliable. Instead, I use a CompactFlash card and a passive adapter. (The signals are exactly the same, the conenctors are just different sizes). 128 GB CF cards are available, and even larger ones are now (there's a new standard for how to address the extra space), but they aren't cheap. So: 32GB for me. I have a 120 GB USB hard drive for backups and media storage.

Also, I really don't like for my system to get cluttered up. It happens a lot due to school - Last semester, I had to ditch statically-linked Void linux so that I could install java so that I could build, install, and use Hadoop. This semester, I need a Windows XP virtual machine. Over time, more and more junk accumulates, and I get the feeling that I don't use most of the stuff on my computer, or even know that half of it is there. So I clean out every semester. Keep only what I need or like and throw out everything else. Having a second hard drive for the big stuff makes backups go quickly, and I can confidently screw around on my laptop knowing that I won't lose anything.


I currently have 4 1TB drives, I'm looking to upgrade at least one drive to 3TB minimum and overtime go to 8 TB/drive


x40 - they excellent but i would not spend a penny on upgrading it when an old x61 is so cheap.

I run a 500GB system drive - then a 8TB (usable space) RAID 10 (live work drive), which is backed up buy a networked RAID 6 (archive drive) and in about 3 months I will have an off site server (disaster drive) with a JBOD RAID 5 backing up the archive drive. Only then will my data be safe... although I do really need to upgrade all drives to hit at least 12TB of usable storage soon.


I do everything on my 240GB SSD laptop running Trisquel. I occasionally do backups of my password manager database, movie iso's or files, and a few games and emulators.


One 500GB SSD split for Windows and Linux, one 500GB that is a leftover from a previous build, 1TB that is for most games and other stuff that is too large for the SSD but important enough to me to want them to be faster than other stuff. And finally a 4TB drive I use for music movies and assorted things.