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Could an apple user please upload the .app file for macOS Sierra to laintracker? If you don't already have it you can download it from the store. I need to run it in a VM, but don't have access to an actual Apple machine at the moment. I'd really appreciate it, lain!


you could just use a vm to download it


There's already a VM disk file of Sierra on Laintracker, why don't you use that?


Just curiosity but what VM software will you use?
Maybe he wants to see the installation. Protip, it's fuarrrked up.


If you don't mind Indians, this one worked for me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVc6rxk3OUM


c'mon, I wrote "p-a-j-e-e-t-s"


I would but I went through my Mac and removed all of the botnet software like iTunes, Facetime, Spotlight, etc. This included the AppStore. I did it because I wanted BSD with a nice DE but didn't want to use other BSD distros that are a pain in the arsch. My suggestion is to check public trackers like TPB and look through the comments and look at the number of seeders. If you're using an actual Mac and got the firmware update they gave out a few years ago, you have internet recovery as an option. Just hold the option key on boot.


So this seem like the right thread to ask i will make it short
Have a macbookpro (used gift)
Osx broke
i nuked the partition and installed linux as the only os
Need to use thunderbolt - vga adapter but it doesnt work on linux (short college presentations)
I dont a have a disk for osx and web recovery gets blocked by router firewall (tyranic isp, i cant configure it blabla)
Now if i download a osx image from 'non standard' sources and install it, will i get some kind of license warning telling me that i need the password of the original owner could it get bricked , blocked?


why don't you go to a wifi hot spot in your nearest city?


last time the internet recovery worked with my connection it showed me a ETA of 24h, that's why i installed linux, internet speeds are soykaf over here but i will try and see how it goes this time, i don't want to carry two laptops just for showing a pdf file 10 minutes


forget about it, i just got a thunderbolt -> hdmi adapter and it works out of the box + plug and play on fedora 25