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Desktop thread. >>34132 is locked and >>32046 reached reply limit.


File: 1486164541377.png (1.62 MB, 200x113, Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 1.29.16 PM (2).png)

0w0 is this the new desktop thread??


That is a nice rice, lainon


File: 1486164834272.png (1.41 MB, 200x113, Tidus.png)

i opened freecad just for this screenshot & dont actually know how to use it (yet)


you still haven't told me how you're using 9843MiB of ram


File: 1486165893669.png (3.22 MB, 200x113, Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 9.47.23 AM (2).png)

my OS is to intelligent too waste RAM


Hey. Can you upload those images + wp to volafile or something?



haha people still use that site? i remember hanging out there when it was first created


not the other lainon, but ty


File: 1486172171357.png (1.23 MB, 200x113, Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 4.38.29 PM (2).jpg)

your welcome
here's a bonus


wow thank you, how generous


Well, this is for a bad start.
Hope to see good desktops soon.


File: 1486199277498.png (3.13 MB, 128x128, screen.png)

ik ik winblows but bite me, it's useful for exploit dev.

(i have a kawaii arch distro too but too lazy to switch atm)


File: 1486220517412.png (868.97 KB, 200x150, image.jpg)

Windows made to look nice is ok!


Everyone in this thread is a Mac user except 1 Windows user... I'm shocked beyond words, I expected every Lain to be using GNU/Linux or *BSD... I don't know what this site is anymore.


It's a desktop screenshot thread.


tfw to intelligent too care what OS someone else on the internet uses


pretending to be cyberpunk doesn't mean you have to use a bad OS



We are on a cyberpunk chan, using a Mac or a Windows PC is not very cyberpunk. I didn't say I cared, I said I was surprised by the attitude of these fellow Lains when it comes to software use.


You actually managed to misuse "to" and "too" both in a single sentence.

I assume you were replying to the original version of this post which I deleted to fix a typo. It depends what you call "bad" and what version of the word "bad" you mean. If you mean bad as in poor then I don't see why you apply that to the free *nix OSes. If you mean "bad" as in wrong or malicious then current Windows releases are the definition of bad.


linux and bsd are both bad, if you really want unix for whatever reason then use macOS


I've used Linux exclusively for years now and I cannot find a single thing that Mac or Windows could do that I cannot do or that they could do better. I don't understand these "bad OS" comments. Give an example of something the proprietary OSes do better. I can't find anything. I can think of many things I use/do every day that are not available/possible on Windows or Mac. Explain how they are in any way superior because I simply cannot see it.


he didn't misuse anon, it's a meme lurk moar

Also he's right, why do you care so much about what OS people here are using?

>inb4 muh sicret laanox club

I use linux as well but as a separated Trisquel machine which I use as a file storage device without network connection.

I don't see a problem on using a proprietary OS if you have a properly secure Linux distro where you actually do/have things that you don't want to share with you know who.


>I cannot find a single thing that Mac or Windows could do that I cannot do or that they could do better
uhh how about work correctly without breaking all the time and having to memorize a million terminal commands??? no one with a life has time for that


Not him but that argument is not valid.
Either you're trolling or just stupid.

>a million commands

what is -help
>breaking all the time
If you don't know what you're doing just use a friendlier distro.

But still, I use Windows over Linux as my daily driver because
1 - I grew up with DOS and Win95
2 - A lot of software that I use can't be emulated on Wine or has soykafty performance
3 - My computer hardware isn't that good so QEMU + GPU Passtrough isn't an option for me.


That's a myth and Windows is much worse for breakage. At least on Linux you can find actual fixes for things that do go wrong as opposed to reboot or reinstall Windows ever single time. There is no need to memorize things, computers have storage where you can save things to use again in the future. Updating my kernel requires a bunch of steps, do you think I memorized every command in sequence? fuarrrk no, I wrote a script one time ages ago and its aliased to "updatekernel", I type that and it just does everything, you can do that for anything, add in the other command for updating packages if want. If you really hate typing so much you could make a desktop icon for running the commands and all it "Update My OS Plz" and stick a Windows Update icon on it so you feel right at home. There are GUI tools for everything if you need them, you have the choice to make it as easy or as hard as you want. Thing is having access to the more difficult stuff and choosing to make it easier is a lot better than being forced to use whatever soykafty program is provided to you and black boxing everything underneath so you can never know what its actually doing. As for breakage I've heard far more complaints from Windows users about soykaf going wrong, I've had worst experiences on Windows.


Everyone in all the other desktop threads is linux/BSD, its literally just this one thats pictures of macos and windows.


it literally doesn't matter, why do you care what OS someone else uses?


maybe they are waiting for the other thread to be unlocked


am i actually supposed to post my desktop or is this a insider trade-only thread


insider trade of loli pics


There is good reason to care about the popularity of nonfree spyware, anon.
But again, its not terribly important here, most people on this board are using decent soykaf.


Popularity determines what the majority targets, driver support and software rides on this as well as malware.


but macOS doesn't get viruses


>We are on a cyberpunk chan

Then where's the cyberpunk board?


Would you mind sharing your wallpaper? Reverse image search gave me nothing


File: 1486279994706.png (3.7 MB, 178x200, Zrzut ekranu z 2017-02-05 08:28:01.png)

I stole some anon's wallpaper and nothing changed since last thread. Nothing ever really changes in my setup anymore.


Is it so nice you can't take proper screenshot of it?


Explain how "daily dose" works. Please.


Reverse on yandex.com gives this:

Putting it over greenish background and adding shadow drop will get you the wallpaper.


File: 1486297393309.png (2.78 MB, 167x200, snapshot1.png)

Welp. I wanted to post in the last one but it fuarrk'd up.

Thank you ricers btw.


File: 1486299109379-0.png (1.49 MB, 200x113, VirtualBox_M_05.png)

File: 1486299109379-1.png (2.38 MB, 200x113, VirtualBox_M_05_02_2017_13_24_52.png)

First attempt to discover linux customization world by using manjaro netinstall and google. Links has been assembled just for fun for using in graphical mode. All this for the sake of doing nothing.


File: 1486299347739.png (2.06 MB, 200x103, homepage_peek.gif)

nice homepage, what is the mineral stuff?
my homepage is pretty plain but it gets the job done
also sabitsuki is qt as fuarrrk


File: 1486308378459.png (2.55 MB, 200x113, Captura de tela - 05-02-2017 - 13:16:56.png)

>The body was too short or empty.
>Flood detected; Post discarded.

why do I have to suffer so much


File: 1486309645272.png (5.47 MB, 200x113, mega qt.png)

The body was too short or empty.
The body was too short or empty.
The body was too short or empty.


This looks amazing. Can you share the wallpaper? Also, what DM/DE are you using?


This is really gay

[s]like super gay[/s]


how old are you, kid?


old enough to know when a wallpaper is super gay


this is an 18+ website, kiddo


it also applies to the little girls in your wallpaper


Here; konachan.net/post/show/8196


File: 1486319411565.png (845.52 KB, 200x125, satori@satorin.png)


I still think you should change the terminal background to white and change the font color


Share that wallpaper please


File: 1486326838952.png (1.33 MB, 200x85, screenshot99.png)

all OSX posters are secretly lolis from another dimension that hide inside the bodies of wizards

do not trust them they only want to turn you into a /cuteboy/ so they can harness your desktop ricing powers

that's why my desktop is soykaf, I had all of my ricing powers sucked away from me


can't tell if srs


Is there any guide or something to refer to for Linux customization?
I've been using linux as an everyday OS for the last 7 years but I've never got into that kind of stuff. I'm used to gnome and the normal desktop environments, but yours look amazing as soykaf


The amount of internet specific words on this post is far more amusing than the joke you were telling


File: 1486408843454.png (1.11 MB, 200x111, 2017-02-06-141551_5280x1080_scrot.png)

arch / 2bwm / urxvt / tmux / zsh / vim / git / ncmpcpp


It's not a joke anon.


File: 1486412520441.png (177.02 KB, 200x113, desktop.png)

Here's mine. I hope y'all guy like it.
Rate me :)


What is college like in Spanish-speaking countries, my dude


A few key bits I dislike, but that's mostly personal opinion.

I don't like a cluttered desktop, I keep it clear of icons, personally.

I don't like windows 10 either, and also I think red is a weird color, all other colors are, for lack of a better word, bland. Not to say they don't look good, but they are very tame.
I think red could work, but sort of in a red balloon sense, like in a colorless scape like most of the desktop, one featured item that shines above the rest, but a brighter happier red.

I don't know where my red balloon example comes from, looking it up all I get is some french movie, but I'm pretty sure what I'm thinking of is an old painting, I think my old band director just said something about it? Eitherway, I think it makes sense, even with out knowing what I'm talking about there, and now I'm getting off onto a weird tangent of thought.

Altogether looks pretty good, don't mean to be so negative, I wish I knew how to make things look better. Just a few things I dislike that I think throw it off.


I don't know how is college in english-speaking countries.
I study software engineering in the Autonomous University of Querétaro, the population here is like 92% men, 8% women so is extremely difficult to get laid.
The class time may vary from 6 hours to 8 a day, 4 days a week. If you have any specific question I would be glad to answer it.

I would love to be able to study in a english-speaking country.


Can you share that wallpaper please?



Thank you! I tried iqdb but it found nothing.


File: 1486424882377.png (273.61 KB, 200x113, Laptop.png)

In rice threads I often see people say gnome is filthy. AwesomeWM, i3, and 2bwm are a lot more popular, but I don't see the /extreme/ minimal appeal unless all you do with it is code. For media and other software it makes more sense to have an advanced gui. Maybe I'm wrong, if so, please verbally abuse me daddy.


That prompt is beautiful, man. Care to share your zsh config?


File: 1486427082910.png (1.33 MB, 200x125, 4akari.png)

The body was too short or empty.


that is really cute
u shouldn't cross out things on ur dtop; it looks sloppy


File: 1486427682813.png (76.91 KB, 200x113, 1469255649072.png)

here's the wallpaper
here's the wallpaper


Can I ask why you don't like icons?
I think those make the whole picture a bit more colorful if I use solid colors.


I just modded my powerline config, their stuff is here - https://github.com/powerline/powerline


File: 1486430748697.png (106.6 KB, 200x200, red.jpg)

Are you thinking of Malevich's Red Square painting? Its not a balloon, I know, but its beautiful all the same.


No, if I remember right, my band director had brought this song to us. This was a song he really liked, he was just so young and passionate at the time, it was cool to see a teacher care so much.

He told us this song was inspired by some painting the composer saw, it was a colorless scene with one red balloon.

Much to his dismay, no one gave a fuarrrk and it really upset him.

Onto your piece, I don't understand art like this. I don't mean to critique your taste, or say that this art is bad, but I don't understand it.

Now I don't consider my self to be too dense, but I see a square. all I see is a square, any one could have just drawn a red square, it would mean nothing if I just doodled a red square here. What makes a piece like this special?

I ask, not to be mean, or condescending, simply because I don't understand.


I just think they make it cluttered, I'd rather have a clean desktop.


I'm always around, lainon. Also, a screenshot? Thank you for giving it to me, I just don't know what to do with that Present Day, Present Time! AHAHAHAHAHA!


I love passionate teachers, or passionate anyone, really.

I think your reaction is exactly what the artist intended; Russian Suprematism at it's finest. Anyone could have done something like this, but he did it first, and that's all that mattered. Though its not as if it were rushed or thought of on the spot (as far as I'm aware) given the care to paint such precise, fine edges and to make one corner slightly askew. Its full title is "Red Square (Painterly Realism of a Peasant Woman in Two Dimensions)". I guess its easier to understand if you read about it, I'm not very good at explaining things.

I like it because it's simple and one of my favorite colors. Also squares are nice.

Polite sage due to non-relevant content.


>I love passionate teachers
Yes, unfortunately, as happens all to often the passion is gone with him. I have not taken a class of his in years, but I know people who still do, and he has given up, it seems. He had kids, felt they were more important, and stopped trying with his classes. We crushed his heart as he presented it to us. No one ever cared, it's a shame, and in retrospect I wish I would have shown more interest, if for nothing else, just so he'd know some one cared.

As for the square, I'm afraid I still don't understand. I will deffinetly read more into it, because it just seems like nonesense to me. Thank you for the perspective, it is much appreciated.


Having a board for cyberpunk would mean everything cyberpunk would be contained within that board. The whole premise of not having a cyberpunk board is because this entire place is about cyberpunk culture.


This is probably the nicest desktop I've seen.

The wallpaper is nice and the colors are not offensive.


How was that interface called? I remember using it once but i can't put my finger on the name right now


Not him but I think its Fences.


>You actually managed to misuse "to" and "too" both in a single sentence.
You don't go on the internet very often, do you?

For the sake of contributing, hackingtosh is /cyb/ as fuarrrk so you can't know if the macOS users are actually buying apple soykaf or not


>new users
/cyb/ used to be the board, but it was changed to /sec/. Refer to what >>34343 said.


You made me remember why i didn't like that software.
Still, thanks anon!


why don't you like that software?


it's great for customization, tons of options! but it's coded very poorly, is optimized, closed source, and not free.


s/optimized/not well &/


any suggestions of open source software for ricing windows?


Why do you want Free Software for ricing a proprietary OS? Install a free OS.


Because I use a proprietary OS and I want to rice it. I know a few proprietary programs to rice Windows-based OS, but I was wondering if some of you guys knew a free alternative.




thanks, I'll share a screenshoot after installing it


I thought I was the only mexican who used lainchan.



Actually legitimately curious about these OSX posters, do you guys actually have Mac desktops/laptops or do you just use OSX on regular hardware?

I'm curious because I use photoshop/Adobe creative suite a lot and these software are the only reason I keep a hard-drive formatted for Winblows. I want to just install OSX but I don't know how it runs on just any old hardware.


you can search your motherboard model + hackintosh, if it's compatible there will probably be a guide for installating it


The only reason I don't go full GNU/Linux is because all of the AutoCAD alternatives on Linux like FreeCAD is like kicking dead whales down the beach.



File: 1486703008428.png (1.66 MB, 200x113, Captura de pantalla_2017-02-09_22-57-55.png)

Rate me plz... :)
(Relleno para que me deje postear)


File: 1486704238351.png (3 MB, 200x125, Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 2.10.13 PM.png)

old setup

body too short or empty


I know the concept of hackintosh I was just wondering if anyone here actually does it and what kind of performance they get with it. Thanks though


It's default Xubuntu, what should I rate, the wallpaper?
Keep trying.


Tiling WM doesn't prevent you from running non-terminal apps.


File: 1486728667573.png (886.88 KB, 200x125, screen.png)

Here is mine, hope you like it.


Looks good. I do need a good quality Linux software that can edit dwg files with ease. Thanks anyway.


how do you have ranger show an images preview? it only allows me to open the images up with feh in a new window.


2/10 as rice you didnt do much of anything
8/10 as choice in mostly stock stuff, XFCE is good.



File: 1486743179505.png (1.25 MB, 200x113, 1486684587608.gif)

My nigga.


i'm using a macbook
also 1 of those dtops is not osx


OP has my respect for wallpaper choice ;3


There's a lot of Macs in this thread. I am surprised.


File: 1486784642856-0.png (925.67 KB, 200x113, 2017-02-11-093820_1920x1080_scrot.png)

File: 1486784642856-1.png (628.68 KB, 200x113, 2017-02-11-093913_1920x1080_scrot.png)

Have some small changes.



File: 1486797474646.png (1.54 MB, 200x113, 2017-02-10 09_37_55-Greenshot.png)


How usable is elementary now.
Last time I checked, their desktop was pretty laggy :(



Mac mini owner here. I mostly got it because my workplace exclusively uses OSX, and when I got a job there a few years ago I thought I had better learn the OS properly. Getting a gently-used mini for home use seemed a relatively-cheap way to do so.

I'd never pay full price for a new mac though. The OS has some nice features but I'm just not in love with it. The desktop macs are particularly horribly overpriced for relatively old hardware.


I use a hackintosh, everything works perfectly and the performance is great



best girl / 10

I'm usually not a huge fan of tiling wm + anime gurl , but rei is undeniably best girl.


They always had some peculiar bugs that were somehow very configuration/hardware related. It was always very usable for me, I'm with Pantheon since Luna. I will be 4 years now?


File: 1486915030049.png (1.07 MB, 200x57, screenFetch-2017-02-12_17-50-32.png)

Main rig is a somewhat riced funtoo+i3 with dual monitors. The two gentoos are my old local boxen via ssh. One other funtoo is left out because currently don't have a power cord for it, it acts as my backup server. The two gentoos are distcc'd together and the Athlon one is my terraria/whatever server.

Also no anime girl this time, sorry lads only shota here.
no homo but I mean...


File: 1486924808597.png (438.78 KB, 200x113, scrot.png)

>TFW too poor to buy a second monitor because I spent it all on "gaming" hardware I don't need anymore


That's an old kernel you have there Gentoo friend, are you on stable?


I think it was the latest kernel on stable a month ago. I'm just too lazy to recompile it every week.
Also thanks for the reminder lainon, just looked up gentoo-sources and realized 4.9 was available for gentoo stable.


Cool, didn't know stable was that up to date, I'm on unstable myself.


I tried ~amd64/unstable/testing on my first gentoo install but things just kept on breaking. Had a much better experience with stable so far.


Seems I'm just lucky then, things rarely break for me on ~amd64, if I find something really broken I can always add it to package.accept_keywords


I don't think so.
This place is more comfy than most of the other social networks.


File: 1487056577750-0.png (932.51 KB, 200x113, dirty.png)

File: 1487056577750-1.png (795.77 KB, 200x113, clean.png)


What is your panel? Looks good


File: 1487078895533.png (497.68 KB, 200x113, more-like-xfcbae.png)

Non-rice coming through.

The only thing that bugs me with XFCE is how every panel plugin is aligned differently or uses a different font setting. If you want it to look uniform, you need to use genmon and a custom status line program for everything.




File: 1487085741870.png (3.8 MB, 200x57, Screenshot 2017-02-15 01.48.43.png)

I know, Windows, and no anime girls. String me up.


I never quote myself, but fuarrrk I'm laughing. The name I got for that post is perfect if you check my drive names.


File: 1487168042605-0.png (21.52 KB, 200x113, lain1428862632813.png)

Wp, please?
The body was too short or empty.


File: 1487168316634-0.png (1.61 MB, 200x113, 40974_neon_genesis_evangelion_rei_ayanami.jpg)

here you go



File: 1487171450663.png (2.43 MB, 173x200, Screenshot from 2017-02-15 12-09-16.png)

Just finished. It's my computer at work so it's not all riced up.


I like the art on your desktop, very nice.


Thanks! I got it from a wallpaper thread on /lain/ lol


I'm new here, didn't realize there was a /lain, thanks....so what other boards don't I know about ? lol


I'm kinda new too, I've been around for like a year or two, so I'm not really sure. /cyb/ is hidden since it was replaced with /sec/, there's /f/ too, but I'm not really sure if there're more. On /q/ you may find more answers.


thank you =)

The body was too short or empty.


File: 1487196390685.png (2.47 MB, 200x113, 2017-02-15-200509_1920x1080_scrot.png)


File: 1487196829371.png (148.41 KB, 200x85, desktop101.png)



Nice wallpaper anon thanks for sharing!

I used this wallpaper a while back I like how black and white goes with everything but it gets boring quickly.

Currently using a simple AHK script to hide titlebars.
Yes, I removed some info on cygwin.
I wish I had more time to rice my desktop...


To be more clear:
My username isn't Lain, it's my real name, the same goes with every machine that I own. I don't really want to take a screenshot without removing this info.


noprobs ^_^

really need to overhaul that script at some point, but keep putting it off thinking (juss goin' switch to wayland something-or-other anywho). hopefully useful, though


File: 1487271177862.png (32.69 KB, 200x113, screen.png)

Anyone else enjoy ricing tmux?


That's really cool actually. Are you a full-time TTY user? Are there things you have to change to a WM for? I wanted to try to do my computing this way, but the Nvidia drivers fuarrrk up my TTYs resolution.


Currently I do have a graphical desktop installed (lxde) for school stuff, but I do like to use the terminal as much as possible.

I recently found two command line utilities, fbi and mpv, which can render images and videos directly in the kernel framebuffer, so you can view pictures or videos without starting X, which is pretty cool, one more step away from dependency on graphical environments.

The one thing that is really difficult to replace with text-mode is web browsing. Programs like lynx or w3m are acceptable for simple things, but even text-only sites still don't very nice on a TTY.
Until I can find a really good way to browse the web from the terminal (or get a life and quit being on the Internet so damn much), I'll probably need to keep a desktop installed.

I haven't done much more with it recently, but for the time that I actually did delete my desktop and used only the CLI, wireless Internet was a constant headache. I don't know if it was a problem specifically with my computer, or just a linux thing in general, but I would advise only doing that on a desktop PC, where you have access to a wired connection.

My last problem is that the gpm, while great for working with programs that support it, only works on a bare TTY (no ssh, no tmux). So for instance, using mc + gpm is almost as fast as a graphical file manager, it doesn't work within a tmux session. I am looking into a way to possibly fix that, but until then, working with lots of files can be a hassle.

Sorry for the autistic spiel, but I spend way too much of my free time messing with soykaf like this, so when someone expresses interest, it I tend to sperg out.


What distro do you recommend for a beginner (only Linux I've used is raspbian) who pretty much just wants to rice the soykaf out of it?


beginner friendly is ubuntu or linux mint. but for ricing its easier to use arch or a debian minimal install.


pick anything the between the gentoo and arch wiki/guides you have plenty of information to do anything you want on any distro. Also remember the only thing that differentiates distributions is initramsfs and nothing else.


no need for "a desktop"

just launch x with your web browser as the only application it runs


The problem is that it still uses X, and therefore you lose some of the advantages of the console (less disk space, light on memory).
On most modern systems you wouldn't notice, but on older hardware it could be more of a problem.

Thats still a pretty good idea, though. It would help to remove some of the boat from X.


File: 1487343697946.png (1.25 MB, 200x113, 2017-02-17-170016_1366x768_scrot.png)


Parabola! Nice, did you have any issues with the deblobbed kernel so far?


None at all so far!
Tho i did lose my wifi, but i now connect to wireless with a dongle, witch i actually like a lot as a concept.. I find it so much easier to keep focused on my tasks at hand when i actually have to plug in a cable to connect to a network.


If you dont want to install arch or gentoo you can choose a distribution with a DE which you like and rice it. /r/unixporn is a good community where you can find a lot of configurations and themes for DE and WM.


File: 1487346167111.png (704.08 KB, 200x113, 18-37-56_17-02-17.png)

the booty was to short or empty


Can you post that wp? Fighta Bomma looks delicious.


File: 1487347544612-0.png (650.71 KB, 200x103, lennuk.jpg)

File: 1487347544612-1.png (669.04 KB, 200x113, sõtta.jpg)

Sure thing :), i'll also add one i use on my other monitor :P


Nvm, reverse image searching is done soykafting itself.


Oh, well thanks for doing so anyway!!


are soykafty servers issues fixed ? I tried Parabola like 4 months ago and i had timeout on every pac* requests lmao


Yeah all has been fine in that regard for me , tho there are only 6 mirrors so some of them might be offline at times, easy enough to comment the ones out till they come back online.


10 out of 10. What is your image browser? Does it supports mouse?


not the guy who posted, but the file browser is called ranger and it's using w3m to display previews in the terminal. It has some mouse support if I recall.


>Install i3, a tiling wm
>Want to show off your rice
>Switch all windows to floating and move them relative to your wallpaper

I don't understand these people


True, it's all just meaningless showoff. I show my i3 desktop as is, the way I use it always.


File: 1487530091604.png (2.24 MB, 200x113, 19sun1341.png)

I use wangblows 7 because I play quite a wide variety of videogames, and I use a variation of blackbox as DE on every system I own


So I did some research on my own and it looks like /f/ and /lain/ are the only hidden ones at least that still show on /mega/ and /random/ There may be some that don't show. I haven't looked at the source code of the website to see if it's possible though.


Congratulation, that's the most awful desktop I have ever seen here on lainchan.


File: 1487629701386.png (832.26 KB, 200x113, 2017-02-19-214954_1600x900_scrot.png)

current setup, found the wallpaper on another thread somewhere



font name? thanks.. could definitely use a better font setup


If your idea of a nice desktop includes anime girls and a riced terminal then I'm happy you disapprove. If your issue is with the patterning then I'll have you know that it's purposeful.


>not aligned properly


It's the patterning and the wallpaper itself, and the desktop as a whole.
>it's purposeful.
Why's that?


File: 1487680860787.png (251.26 KB, 200x113, 53251971.png)

Postan, it's even lain related.


The repetition of elements along the center was my favorite part. Normally I would use picture of ferns so the repetition is in the plant itself, but with those larger leafs the appealing part was where the patterning broke down. I do agree that without it the pattern looks like wallpaper in some kitschy italian restaurant. Anyway your mean words have spurred me to change it to the cover of a sega game.


>Photoshop in taskbar
Is that Windows? I seriously cannot even tell what operating system/desktop environment/windows manager this is, it's so riced.

Looks sweet though. Good job lainon.


Win7 + AHK.
Had to move to win10 and it's not quite the same.


File: 1487754884798.png (473.25 KB, 200x160, screenFetch-2017-02-22_20-12-35.png)

Same Pentium II box as last thread.
This time, I've managed to get Linux to boot on here.

So, fun fact: GRUB, Syslinux and similar won't work on this machine.
Instead, I'm booting DOS (FreeDOS 1.2 specifically) then loading Linux and the initrd from the fat32 partition and booting it using loadlin.

Not even the most horrifying thing I've done this week.


File: 1487862203608.png (1.51 MB, 200x113, 2017-02-23-180208_1920x1080_scrot.png)

My brand new gentoo.

*body too short or empty*


File: 1487871471931.png (1.42 MB, 200x113, gscreenshot_2017-02-23-183252.png)

I'm pretty new to linux systems, but I think it turned out pretty decently, even if the body is too short or empty.

Please rate and/or give suggestions as to how i can improve


It's pretty nice and simple.
Maybe you should work around colour scheme? Your one looks like default.


File: 1487882674701.png (159.66 KB, 200x150, 894535435435345cc2433245hgbvcb453252sdf.jpg)

Is Zen waiting for you?


File: 1487882875318-0.png (1.36 MB, 200x113, 2017-02-23-183207_1920x1080_scrot.png)

Done with colour now

Who knows? Maybe later.


can you post that wallpaper?


Are you italian Lain?


Nope, Ukrainian. Why?


is this your first gentoo install?


It's 2nd, but fist one was a big fail, my old nvidia 9600gt was regretting to work with any drivers i found in gentoo repos. Now gtx650 is working perfectly with mesa.


File: 1487893633026.png (1.39 MB, 200x113, Abtei im Eichwald.jpg)

I did actually change most of the colours. I pretty much have a unified colour scheme across everything i can customize.

Sure thing. If you want similar papes, then check out the painter Caspar David Friedrich.



Dina + WenQuanYi Bitmap Song.


File: 1487936900777.png (3.6 MB, 200x68, screenEdit.png)

finally decided to try my hand at arch and was inspired to rice it after viewing this thread.

i'm super new to both ricing and programming (i apologize from the very core of my being for the Java, unfortunately, it's my institution-sanctioned entrance point) and this is about as far as I'm going to go this morning.

it's all a big WIP and i'm happy to receive feedback.
- finish custom startpage (i haven't done html in ten years, so it's pretty basic atm and is totally stolen from >>34219 for now)
- patch w3m image flicker issue (does anyone know how to do this using DejaVu Sans Mono & transparency?)
- configure color scheme(s)
- balance function vs aesthetics in fading of non-focused windows
- figure out what's going on with my xcompmgr that's creating static, and why compton doesn't run
- configure TUI colorschemes, ie cmus, ranger urxvt
- git gud in general by doing this again from a more informed & deliberate starting point (maybe with a less meme-os)

eventually, once I learn more C, i'd love to go borderless with any one of the beautiful wm's i've seen here

v. inspiring work, all, thanks for sharing & helping me slowly become less of a know-nothing


>my old nvidia 9600gt
Works with nvidia-drivers-96.43.23-r1 (which is the older nvidia blob in the tree) and of course with in-kernel nouveau+xorg mesa drivers.


>which is the oldest


It's new enough to work with latest nvidia blob and has much better 3d and 2d performance with it than with mesa drivers. But of course, free drivers are recommended.


Mesa is not free?


i recommend less ricing and more kernel tweaking


There's nothing wrong with Java, or rather: try to appreciate its positives. It's multiplatform and easy to write, it certainly isn't elegant but you should try to keep imageboard memeing from influencing your understanding of languages. Similarly, try not to be overly influenced by the dominate ricing aesthetic that prevails on these boards. Finally, you don't need to know any C to use a borderless wm.


you need to know C to use dwm


that's definitely my next step, but i figure i'll set that as a goal for my next fresh install - just like I waited to use arch until I'd spent a considerable amount of time in Ubuntu/Debian, i'll wait for further knowledge of what is actually going on behind the scenes to mess with the kernel.
I know that ricing is like calling yourself a programmer for knowing HTML, but it's still very satisfying to have a pretty interface for the daily driver, especially since I don't intend to do much other than browsing, chatting, & programming via TUI (ie rice staples) on this machine.
yeah, I seem to have started quite a conversation on 8chan about the merits, and/or lack thereof, of Java. Seems like there are some very strong opinions - as is to be expected on a *chan - and your point about taking them with a grain of salt is well received. I mean, since it's my first serious entry point after some half-assed stabs at learning python and C, my concern is picking up bad habits - both from a design perspective (which is a rudder I can control) and from inherent reliance upon objects (which is one I can't.) So, I plan on spending some time working in C via K&R, as well as maybe some Python just for design practice & acheiving simple goals, if I can find the time alongside coursework.

And as >>34955 said, my comment was implying usage of dwm. If you have suggestions for alternatives, let me know. I really enjoy awesome as well, perhaps I could teach myself some Lua by customizing it.

thanks for the feedback. anyone have suggestions for a fork/cone of stylish?


File: 1487989348961.png (3.3 MB, 200x113, 2017-02-24-210751_3840x2160_scrot.png)

yes. those are terminals running cmatrix.


that is so delightfully kitsch, care to share how you did that? please tell me you've automated that


i have to learn some of the i3 ipc to automate it, but it only takes a second: open 3 windows horizontally, then split the center one vertically twice, and resize them as small as you can. then only split the center window with as many panes as you need

the rest is just hiding titlebars, borders, and running cmatrix. Sometimes I run sl in a loop over them so there's an ascii train going by. someday, i'll get fired for doing this.

I wonder if there's any other good/gaudy animations to run in place of cmatrix?


use dwm if you have a soykaf system otherwise run i3 or openbox. but if you need that minimalism then run dwm


File: 1488027040064.png (2.65 MB, 200x76, riced2.png)

yeah, i think i'll install it on an old Aptiva running DSL (if applicable) once i get some C chops, now that i've made i3 lose the titlebar i'm happy with it

pt ii, will probably leave it at this for now - suits my needs (which are minimal and terminal based.) might tweak the text palette slightly. will also probably add to startpage, i learned html before css was so integrated so i'd have to get my feet wet there first (seems easy enough.)


File: 1488039229117.png (411.83 KB, 200x106, startup.png)


Nice homepage. Here's my monstrosity. Anyone else have their own newtab/start pages?


File: 1488041394239-0.png (25.71 KB, 200x104, Screenshot_17.png)

Mai god, don't you know about search addons?
Here's mine.



I do, but once it became reflex for me to just hit my home button for everything, it just made sense to give each search its own visual space. 90% of the time I just use ddg from the address bar, but the rest of the time the startpage is easiest.

I mean, I could just as easily be using bookmarks instead of links. But here we are.

The only thing I wish I could still do is list or 'expose' my tabs on this page, and use it as a tab switcher. Then it could truly do everything.


File: 1488054095218.png (390.32 KB, 200x113, Screenshot from 2017-02-25 17-20-00.png)

Here's mine. I'm but a simple man.


Can I do some friendly nitpicking?
- Since you can search from the urlbar & show search suggestions there the searchbar feels completely redundant.
- Why not have a local page for your homepage/new-tabpage instead of loading neocities every time. The layout & style shown there would be very easy to replicate.


File: 1488066480488.png (380.79 KB, 200x132, Capture.png)

Used to have one, but i deleted it. It was just a clock and a searchbar, so it was pretty much redundant. Do still have my custom browser CSS though, and its pretty great if i do say so myself.

Also, just to keep it a bit more on topic, I am making a new startpage with built-in RSS feed reader and probably some other bits that can be removed from desktop.


File: 1488098158150-0.png (365.01 KB, 200x113, 2017-02-26-113407_1920x1080_scrot.png)

Yeap, i do, but nothing special.


if it means anything to you, i actually liked the minimalism of your site enough that it inspired me to create my own neocities site.



Lainon, why must you make me sad


> Since you can search from the urlbar & show search suggestions there the searchbar feels completely redundant.
I'll be completely honest with you, i don't even use half the buttons, I'm used to writing the URLs. Is mostly so i can see something nice everytime i turn on my computer
>Why not have a local page for your homepage/new-tabpage instead of loading neocities every time.
I use this website in a lot of computers, so i prefer to have it online
I have a sort of normal person life going on alongside everything else. I have a lot of normal friends who i can only get in touch via Facebook, so i use multiple fake accounts, and i create new ones every once in a while. Tumblr's pretty nice for cute animu grills and porn too.


Here's my own. Designed for 1680*1050 screens.


Sure, I'm glad if you like it and if it helped you in some way. Good luck with your page.


thanks, i put the placeholder formatting in today and i'm actually pretty happy with it
https://mapsof.neocities.org/ (if anyone knows if orangemagik is a lainanon, i'd prefer to ask their permission to continue using that image)
will probably integrate >>34972 startpage into it and take >>35004's idea of spreading it throughout computers.


File: 1488126809704.png (1.03 MB, 200x113, Screenshot_2017-02-26_20-18-37.png)

If you have any questions about the rice, don't hesitate to ask :)


File: 1488127166847.png (45.18 KB, 200x150, xlessarchlinux.png)

There was a time when i used an old olivetti without ttys.

If i remember correctly you can compile links to use framebuffer.


File: 1488131937546.png (125.47 KB, 200x113, links.png)

Wow this is exactly what I was looking for, thanks lain. This is really cool, the way it displays images and everything.

Looks like the "links2" package comes with it already configured.

On a different note, how did you get your terminal to look like that? Is that a bare tty?


He did it with tmux.


tell me about those delicious borders.



File: 1488134667043.png (37.57 KB, 200x150, 2012-04-20_185154_olivetti.png)

Yeah, with tmux.
I was using arch at that time (pre-systemd), so console font could be configured in the rc.conf file.

The colorscheme is setted in .bashrc, from line 25 to 42. I don't remember how that works, sorry :P

tmux config has nothing special. Command's output can be shown in the status bar.


File: 1488135320513.png (35.86 KB, 200x182, 1462650461904.png)

Oh my lawd that desktop. Very sexy indeed. Seems like someone has nostalgia for old phosphorus hues.


File: 1488136093043.png (1.9 MB, 200x113, screenshot.png)

I once switched to Debian and used i3wm, it was a great experience and I'm looking forward to doing that again one day but as of now, Windoze will be the way to go: gamedev on Linux was a pain in the ass.


delicious fam, I wasn't so dependent on a graphical browser I would switch just to satisfy my autism


Yeah that color really evokes the old apple II


File: 1488142072409-0.png (2.3 MB, 200x113, 2017-02-26-214206_1600x900_scrot.png)

File: 1488142072409-1.png (296.59 KB, 200x113, 2017-02-26-214421_1600x900_scrot.png)

File: 1488142072409-2.png (2.46 MB, 200x113, 2017-02-26-214445_1600x900_scrot.png)

Tried NixOS with dwm and it's somewhat aesthetic.


I want this aesthetic but I'm not even close to ready to learning to use it.


it is not hard install tmux read the man pages and rebind keys if necessary


File: 1488206701794.png (50.8 KB, 151x200, cmi_IIx_system_100.jpg)

Faitlight CMI was my first thing on my mind after seeing this one tbh. Looks schway


File: 1488250626972.png (781.04 KB, 200x150, fbterm.png)


Another cool utility that i used to use is fbterm. You can set a wallpaper on a tty.

(Not my screenshot)


fbterm also alows you to use ucimf to type multi-byte characters and such. At least I think I needed fbterm to use it.
have you tried fim? I think its supposed to be fbi but better.
as for wireless, there is wicd-cli. it seems to workw ell, though youll have to write down how to set usernames and passwords then refer to that piece of paper again. or wicd-curses, for a screen interface.


File: 1488331367106.png (751.62 KB, 200x113, 00001.png)


I know this is subjective, but doesn't the taskbar take too much space at that resolution?
I only mention this because I'm stuck with a monitor with the same resolution and had to move the task bar to the left.


What would someone need to do to get that start page off you lainon?


File: 1488419762368.png (158.76 KB, 200x113, lainchan.png)

what do you think? lol
client irssi
wallpaper windows 95
fedora linux


1. Huge gaps
2. Black on teal is like kicking dead whales down the beach, that's why you should not have huge gaps
3. irssi
4. Low text contrast


fuarrrking awful holy soykaf


I actually dont mind it tbh


I don't either. Though I miss the look of 90s windows/dos. Something about it was very comfy.


File: 1488440373937.png (279.87 KB, 200x113, bsd.png)

not a huge fan of the font and the background would burn my eyes out since I work in the dark a lot but otherwise it's fine.
Do prefer weechat over irssi as ssl is a pain on irssi.

As for my setup:
- gaps can be turned off by Meta+Next and on by Meta+Prior
- tmux used for history, tabs, ect...
- need a replacement but it's too comfy to switch to bugfox


A bit hard to read that traybar


Ah, forgot that dmenu fades out now so it's usually clearer than that (same white as in the terminal). So just imagine it being easy to see as dmenu is probably at 50% opacity at that point in the fade out animation.


another neocities friend
my startpage is at https://mainline.neocities.org/hub/sojourn.html
check it out if you wanna


also meant to reply to >>34974


File: 1488476187779.png (2.49 MB, 200x113, Screenshot from 2017-02-26 14-20-35.png)

I don't really get the point of ricing, does it have anything going for it except aesthetics.


"I don't get the point of aesthetics, does it have anything going for it except aesthetics?"


BTW if you need a reason, one is that you're more comfortable with your desktop and so it improves your everyday computer life.


I think it is indeed mostly about aesthetics. Some people can strongly feel and appreciate the presence of things that aren't really there; like having their waifu everywhere, or perceiving something to be better because its free software/open hardware (even though it's considerably slower, buggy, and a pain in the ass). Confusing the looks with the real thing might also help (cool hacker stuff in movies), or maybe it's a "hey look he also uses the cool apps" kind of thing.
Some people may also get a genuine sense of artistic accomplishment by ricing.

Overall, I think that people doing COOL SOYKAF don't have time for ricing, they probably don't even know how their desktop looks like as long as its not in the way; and improvements they do make is mostly about functionality, not looks. Obviously, some are skilled to make a visually nice and functional desktop happen without time or effort, but then again, do they spend their days on imageboards?


File: 1488495895447.png (1.84 MB, 200x113, screenshot.png)

Fellow lains, here is a window to my life


Personally, I feel inspired whenever I start my pc or laptop. Like a craftsman entering his workshop, I feel a realm of possibility open before me. I feel the comfort of an environment that has evolved over time to fit me perfectly – an assortment of packages and keybindings which helps me bring ideas to life day after day.
And aesthetics, of course.


File: 1488516059507.png (111.55 KB, 200x113, screenshot.jpg)


that startpage is v pretty, and the source is entertaining - iktf
updated mine from >>34972 and hosted it on my neocities, posted here - feel free to steal and modify as you please: https://mapsof.neocities.org/startpage.html

in addition to what others have said, both in terms of doing it for aesthetic purporses, as well as the psychological effects of having your main workspace be a satisfying reflection of you & your creative process, for me, the draw is being able to have control over customization, and all that it entails. [/runon] The ability to truly and fully make something that is such an essential part of my life reflect who i am - in terms of tastes, as well as ability to realize/actualize my creative process - is very rewarding. Like >>35145 said, I feel very inspired using the computer that I have riced - using my other computer to do the same thing feels so bland in comparison.

I think >>35141 makes a super good point though, although I don't think that the two are at all mutually exclusive. I bet there are tons of folks who are doing COOL soykaf that are also fans of ricing their workstations.


File: 1488525752938.png (320.13 KB, 200x113, screenFetch-2017-03-03_15-15-15.png)

I'm almost always just in emacs though


dude what you do with your frames and pages in your neocities is awesome!
your site aesthetic is all cohesive and feels good even though parts are under construction.
props man, looks nice, cute little corner of the wired you have there.

(from the mainline.neocities guy)


well there is some skill involved painting something that big perfectly uniform. Also this was the 1920s or so so it was quite revolutionary. Bare in mind this was before modern graphic design that we are exposed to, which desensitises us to the beauty of simplicity


Could we maybe get a url? I also love these things.


I know it's 90% preference but I kindly disagree.

Sure simple can be nice but there's still plenty of simple ways to categorize your links in a better way & oftentimes forgoing a bit of simplicity for functionality is good.
Like the search.me link. Why not have an input field so you can search straight from that page. Why rely on an external site like feedly for your RSS feeds, etc & the VT323 font is hard to read.


File: 1488645340095.png (239.59 KB, 200x113, shot.png)

Hey, first time posting. No rice is best rice..right? Also, do you guys have any suggestions on getting started with keyboard shortcut based window managers?



GnomeShell catches a lot of crap, but I just adore it with the shelltile extension. It makes for a great hybrid of tiling and regular window management.


Thanks! I had no idea of the existence of that extension.

On an unrelated note, I am thinking about learning gnome skinning, I'd like to get a personalized Win 95-ish looking theme going on.


Nice wallpaper. Do you mind to share?


File: 1488658561438.png (254.53 KB, 200x113, lain3.png)

Sure, here you go. It's just a PS overlay on her render, though. You could probably get a better result by trying it out yourself.


File: 1488659087049-0.png (159.49 KB, 200x125, Screenshot from 2017-03-04 20:19:33.png)

File: 1488659087049-1.png (154.45 KB, 200x125, Screenshot from 2017-03-04 20:20:42.png)

File: 1488659087049-2.png (100.58 KB, 200x125, Screenshot from 2017-03-04 20:20:52.png)

spent all day making everything look like fauux
Including a new schway homepage, firefox rice and a custom lainchan css that still needs a bit of work

I still don't understand how to set up a cool WM because I'm a noob



Cool WM? Do you mean some tiling WM like i3? Nothing really hard, just read wiki. And you can find a lot ready-to-use config files on github or dotshare.net


Try using something like motif or Openbox with a retro looking theme or maybe a WM that gives the NEXTSTEP feel.
Also, try modifying Firefox more.

Good luck anon!


read the wiki or the man pages you will be fine


my man! i love that browser + lainchan mod, care to share the css?
also, if you're looking for exploring a WM with heavier keybinding and resultant functionality, integrating awesomeWM into gnome is easy and works well. not sure about i3.
sorry to hear it's not to your taste, but i like it.
the reason i didn't incorporate a search bar in this iteration is that 1) i originally intended to include more than one search engine, and 2) incorporating a search bar is outside of my limited, dated knowledge of HTML and is not something i have looked up how to do yet.
I very well may end up putting one in, as well as more links.

as for feedly, i use the service to neatly categorize and manage dozens of feeds across platforms, and as such it makes much more sense (to me, at least) to link to an existing, external service than coding it into the webpage. i also have a feed extension in my browser that keeps me updated.
i like the font and don't find it hard to read - and much of it is intentionally glitched; ie knowingly diminished in readability for aesthetic purposes. but it's good to know that the site may difficult to read for some.

aw shucks, glad you enjoyed it!


Look up some of Twilly's stuff (http://twily.info/firefox/). You can have a single bar for multiple search engines & use prefixes to differentiate between em too if you want that.

Best way to do some of this stuff quickly is copy&pasting ideas & components you like.


damn, this is some cool soykaf. thanks for the resource, i'll see if i can't incorporate some of these features when i next take a stab at the website.


browser theme is based on nightly fox

as for the lainchan theme, I just realised that there is already a fauux theme that matches my rice and looks better. But here it is anyway


File: 1488733386295.png (1.5 MB, 200x68, bmc0w8.png)

windows setup on main laptop

i need to finally install linux tho


>i need to finally install linux tho
Do it! There's so much things to learn about administrating a UNIX system. Selfhosting is also something interesting I'd recommend, the $5 a month for a VPS is totally worth it.
Since you're a Windows user I'd suggest KDE Neon. It has brought my laptop back to life.


when you say keyboard shortcut based window managers, do you have any in particular in mind?

I assume you mean something like i3 which is an extremely common one you'll see in desktop threads due to its minimalism and ability to function entirely without a mouse. I've used this WM a lot and there was a bit of a learning curve at first but after a bit of use it all feels natural and efficient.

What features are highest priority to you in a window manager? Aesthetics? Ease of use? Functionality?


i3 does take a small amount of autism to use so because you say you don't into setup a cool WM i would recommend starting with a desktop environment that uses a window manager you want to use, ricing it and learning where everything goes etc. Then if you feel like it you can uninstall the DE and keep just the WM.

For example, install LXDE, which uses openbox as a WM (as >>35206 suggested) so you can get a feel for what you can do with openbox without having to much around with which clipboard manager you want etc.


At first I thought about trying out awesome, but then once I started looking more into things, I realized I needed something that is compatible with Wayland because Fedora 25 switched from X to Wayland. In addition to that, I would like to be able to config a basic setup in a small amount of time with the aim to jump into it as soon as possible and try it out. However, I have no idea how many choices there are that support Wayland. There did seem to be something akin to i3 made specifically for Wayland so I suppose if nothing else pops up, I'll try that.


File: 1488796261273.png (2.71 KB, 200x100, Oekaki.png)

What are the advantages of Wayland over X?


I am completely the wrong guy to ask this, but since I kept asking myself the same question, especially once it became a common thing to soykafpost about on the tech board of a popular imageboard, I started looking into it. Here are some links I found helpful for giving someone who didn't even know what X and Wayland were a tiny overview:

Add to this the FAQ and wiki pages for Wayland, X and display server in general.

As for personal experience, the only problem I have noticed while using Wayland is that mpv frontends don't work well right now, apparently due to some code in mpv. However, mpv by itself is working perfectly and now that I have used it for a bit, I don't think I even need a frontend. I can't compare it to X because the last time I actively used a Linux computer outside of the command-line interface was years ago.


File: 1488836259798-0.png (186.36 KB, 200x125, Screenshot from 2017-03-06 21:32:14.png)

File: 1488836259798-1.png (81.67 KB, 200x125, Screenshot from 2017-03-06 21:33:45.png)

>>35203 here again, I made a global fauux style css theme that works pretty well on most websites lainchan included. If you want it to now apply to something you can add it to the excluded websites in the css. It's not perfect but I don't think any global theme can be.


I should specify when I say made I mean I made some adjustments to one of twilys themes


File: 1488971076319-0.png (1.12 MB, 200x160, 2017-01-09-135349_1280x1024_scrot.png)

File: 1488971076319-1.png (733.78 KB, 200x160, 2017-03-08-120219_1280x1024_scrot.png)

i like minimalistic soykaf


its jerking of to systemd anon


those screenshots aren't very minimalistic...


Uh, they are...
What do you want more, blank wallpapers?
They even are monochromatic.


wayland can run without systemd


yea, i posted that... to correct myself, i have managed to run wayland without systemd today, looks amazing.. but i cannot run nothing natively to wayland i should look for patches


needs more anime


File: 1489028307703.png (2.43 KB, 200x112, download.jpg)

too much detail. you can see strands of hair, details of the gun etc flows of the skirt. In fact with all the red splotches and smoke and what not its VERY designed almost opposite of minimalisy. This is minimalist. Ignore the soykafty resolution I just quickly pulled it off google and im on a phone.


this vector art faceless soykaf is disgusting and you should feel bad for posting it.


i dont because its still an example of minimalist art and gets my point across that his desktop backgrounds arent.

obviously if I was trying to showcase great art I wouldnt have grabbed the first result for "minimalist lain desktop" at 380 by180 or whatever low resolution uts at. So settle down hothead, sometimes an example is just an example.


also to make things even funnier. i fuarrrking hate minimalism whether its cg vector art or modern art or painting or sculpture. for you to assume so much is pretty amazing.


Looks you all have your own personal definitions of minimalistic.
For me the wallpaper doesn't even belong in the equation.


i was not speaking of wallpapers, i should correct myself once again, i was speaking about whole desktop(window manager) and shiit..


systemd is literally good