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File: 1488025242512.png (15.75 MB, 300x169, Quake on an oscilloscope.webm)


Post examples of things running on machines that they were never intended to run on. Games get this treatment quite a bit, but I imagine there's been quite a bit of this done with other stuff as well. I really liked the idea of machines being refitted or reused for a different purpose.


File: 1488054582199.png (7.21 MB, 200x113, Oscilloscope running Doom-xZaKlLyikKg.webm)

I know this is somewhat similar to OPs oscilloscope. But here's one that natively runs Doom.
Apparently all they had to do is minimize the oscilloscope software, which gets autoloaded after W95 boots (yes that thing runs Windows 95). So there's no need for an emulator. Pretty interesting stuff



File: 1488305510633.png (87.91 KB, 148x200, 134445.png)

why is it always doom? is it that easy to port? optimized? not resource intensive?


I'm fairly certain at this point it's just tradition.


It's popular/well known and has a large following, isn't resource intensive (original minimum system requirements were a 25MHz 386 and 4 MB of RAM, though it has been ported to weaker systems by stripping out features), and the engine was GPLed in 1999 making it easy to port. Id Software would regularly GPL their old engines after developing a new one, though I'm not sure how likely that is anymore now that they've been bought out by Zenimax and John Carmack has left.


It's a standard test item, like "Hello World!" or Lorem ipsum, or Lena Söderberg, or Tom's Diner.


It's one of the internet earliest memes (in the internet sense of the word).
>If it has a processor, it can run Doom


I'd love to be able to do this with a speedrun demo and no oscilloscope,


Love the pic - I wonder... could it?