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lets hear it. Greybeard vents, rants, and confessions from veteran devops, sysadmins, and programmers alike who are done with the buzzwords and bullsoykaf. shall I begin?

chat-ops is garbage that started popping up four years ago when startups needed another circle-jerk buzzword to prove theyre really truly "agile." applications like mattermost and slack are to online communication as the infotainment system in a modern car is to actual information or entertainment. IRC, git, gerrit, asterisk and other technologies follow the proper ethos of "do one thing and do it well" while avoiding the glaring pitfall of "hyperconvergence" which is that once you lose the server, youve lost half a dozen services. meanwhile these autism spectrum "team communication suites" combine video, audio, chat, code editing, commit hook integration and containers (because docker is a meme) into a single shreiking 100Mb application, complete with emoji support for snowflakes.


I know. Just say no to more chat apps. Because this is your brain on chat ops.


dude slack lmao

body too short



We use Hipchat at work. It is a flaming pile of soykaf. We use Jira too - another flaming pile of soykaf. Confluence, a terrible, disorganized wiki filled with POS documents that nobody is ever going to read. Dropbox, Trello, Mixpanel, SurveyMonkey, Mailchimp, Aha!, Github, Bitbucket...and endless list of bullsoykaf that we use to do...I don't even know what it is I do...some kind of project management. I work a quarter of the time that my colleagues do and get three times as much work done. I can only wonder what is going on in their heads.


Apps that are ~50MB boated soykaf but still require an internet connection to do anything.