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It would be entirely possible to host a distributed discussion system just like Usenet using the same protocol. I didn't understand this until I looked it up, but Usenet is just a network of servers running NNTP software that syncs messages across the entire network. This is also the principle behind NNTPChan when referred to as the network itself, not the software by the same name, which is also just a few loosely connected servers that form a chan. Just think, anything is possible: your own local network for you and your friends, your favorite community ;), or for any other reason you want.


i'm planning on making an imageboard/discussion board using the matrix.org protocol


Any progress on it so far to share? I'm trying to get a better grasp of exactly how this sort of stuff works, but I'm struggling to conceptualize it.


Apparently someone attempted an imageboard on IPFS:




matrix and ipfs have a large overlap in communities that basically want to bring back decentralized systems.


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distributed discussion system is the exact name used by the distributed irc\slack replacement written on top of https://morph.is/v0.8/faq.html

the original server hosting the code went down but there is an archive you can get and use https://archive.org/details/MORPHiS


Reminder that the only developer was murdered, there won't be any more development from him.


Can I get a citation on that?