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Would it be work creating a Lainchan wiki? Or would we just be reinventing the wheel?

I was thinking we could have one that encompasses info from all the boards. Or should we just carry on using things like


I'm not sure I just thought lains have a lot more information worth sharing.


I think it would be abandoned after some time, such is the fate of many wikis made in this fashion.

I would love to know the history of Lainchan prior to me getting here, but I don't know if we would actually keep it fully up to date.

It's worth a shot though.


I vote for a wiki. APPLEMANNNNN


A full wiki is a huge project that like you said will get abandoned eventually. Not that I wouldn't use it, but realistically its tough to keep a wiki going/up to date.


How rude. If you want a wiki, code up or shut up. Don't be a leecher.


or >>>/q/13011 for the link to the existing lainwiki run by cosmicpuppet. E.g. https://lainwiki.cocaine.ninja/

If you want to discuss whether such a wiki should be hosted on lainchan.org itself then see the related /q/ threads.

Locking this post , rather than moving it and shadow threading it, because there is already enough /q/ threads about Lainwiki.