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So, how does the new Ryzen products from AMD handle Linux? Unless its God-like support, I'm sticking to my Intel Nvidia setup.

The next PC I build will likely be for audio and video production, not gaming anyway.


Saw someone in a thread say it actually performs better under Linux than Windows. Not sure how true though..

But there is a possibility of them supporting coreboot/libreboot, reddit link below




Old binaries using old libraries, single threaded; both on linux (so either non-free software or older software that doesn't work with newest libraries because of ABI breakage) and win7: worse (or almost on par) than Sandy Bridge.
Latest gcc: multiple make operation: good or better performance compared to haswell-e or bw-e equilevant 8c/16th.

Not good. Very disappointing indeed.
And thus x86/amd64 is dead.


>there is a possibility of them supporting coreboot/libreboot
I doubt they would support Coreboot (Libreboot out of the question) to any degree other than superficially, if that. The amount of people who care about the PSP/IME backdoors aren't significant enough for AMD to have a conscience and do the right thing. They're a for-profit company, after all, and to relinquish control over users is not in their best financial interests.


And I can safely say that this reaffirms my own stance: stay on 32nm chips on Intel (Sandy Bridge) and with 45nm chips on AMD (Thuban).
No more x86/amd64 cpu upgrades for me (hell, I'm fine with my k6 setup too).


how did you get an Nvidia processor?

Anyway, level1techs did all their tests in linux AFAIK. The microcode and firmware works fine.


I will remain with Intel chips and motherboards for a while. They have always served me well.

By Nvidia, I am talking about their GPUs. I do not actually have the Nvidia 'chip' so to speak.


100% this.

To think that a company like AMD or Intel would open-source or free a firmware blob like the ME/PSP/AGESA stuff is a dream.

The only thing I we can do is look to alternative architecture or computers like the EOMA68 to help us get away from losing our control of the devices we own.


Wendell just put out a video saying he's barely done anything in Windows, so yes. Looks like they might support ECC, which would be neat.
source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjGWqTFultI