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Do you guys use any plugins to make browsing lainchan easier? I used to use 4chanX when I used to hang out there I was wondering if anyone use anything similar for lainchan?


To be honest, Lainchan has a lot of the features I would need an extension for on 4chan. I don't really think you need to add anything to it. Bit I have looked, and I haven't really found anything.


Doesn't dollchan, or whatever it's called, works on lainchan?


Yeah I'd agree the sites pretty feature complete. Though I've never really used an add on for a chan since back when 4chan wasn't as fully featured as it is now. The 420chan extensions been broken for a really long time. I don't really like using extensions for chans these days anyways. Kind of like keeping the browsing experience simple and basic. This isn't the era where chans without backlinks where common place anymore. So I'm good with what's here.


I'm working on a thread TTS auto reader plugin atm. It'll show the image and read the posts automatically, good for second monitors.


Random name generator and your post lol.


I was working on a chrome extension for lainchan. I posted on the Homepage's thread (deleted). I don't know if I will continue with that project because I'm really byssy with university and I'm learning Qt at the moment. I can share the code if anyone is interested.


I do not understand. Browsing lainchan is simple and easy, you just have to scroll, select a board (or check mega if you just want the newest), and Ctrl + Click reply to open a thread.
I think trying to make that easier is boat-behavior.



What's the extension do?


When you pass the pointer on a image it loads the original image in the center of the screen, it has a button to load all the original images in the thread and few CSS tweaks.


Let us know how it goes Lainon. I'd be interested to see it when it's done.


I will upload the code to github and post the url here.


Is there a plugin that notifies you when you get a reply to a post? Sort of like a notification so that I don't need to check on a thread every couple of hours.

If not, I feel like that could be a fun project


this seems interested, please share.

I'd definitely love it it also did this >>35253


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How did you achieve that post reply menu sliding in from the side? That looks really cool.


Here is the Github repo https://github.com/4k1k0/lainpp

I changed the CSS for both, the new position and the transition effect. Is in the repo if you want to read the code.



I like it! It needs more work, but for a first release, it's pretty good. One suggestion I would make is to have an option to not have all the comments be the same length no matter what.