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Today there is so much retro nostalgia going on, and since us 90's kids are now grown up, 90's stuff is now considered retro. However, for whatever reason there is not much retro Linux nostalgia going on.
This is all that I have found:

So pull out your 0.99x kernels and show me some retro Linux!


Cannot say I have much to share, but I do occasionally fire up an old dynebolic livecd to relive my early days of experimenting with linux. I still have my old Mandrake cd (my first installed distro) somewhere, but I am not sure where it is and unfortunately I do not have hardware to put it on anyway.


You can put it on a VM.


>mfw i will never experience the moment again when i killed off winme in favour of red hat 9 and i was rewarded with a great computer instead of a broken piece of operating system
>mfw i have no face