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Hello, Lainons. I've been trying to switch from Linux Mint to Kubuntu while creating a new /home partition. Now, my laptop just boots into GRUB and I have no clue what to do next. During the installation I created two ext4 partitions selected one partition (the larger one) as the mount point for "/home" and the smaller one as the mount point for "/" then formatted both. Now, when I turn my laptop on, it just boots into GRUB. Can anybody point me in the right direction?


So afternoon grub nothing happens? Can you show us your partition table?


Could you provide us with a paste of your /etc/fstab file? Including that as well as >>35598 would probably shortcut the process here.


Perhaps you need to boot a live dvd, chroot into the / on your hdd and then run sudo update grub.
Just a question, GRUB is definitely installed right?


the solution is in your fstab file.
this file command how and what are the purspose of all partition on your disc(s).
Read these links :
Fstab is one the important config file in the GNU+Linux set up.


Nevermind guys! I figured it out the other day thanks to freenode's ##linux channel. Now running Manjaro with a fully functional separate /home partition. Many thanks for all your efforts!