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Computers and software in school and workplace.

So I use Linux/BSD because I like them so it will be biased.

In my University we have good hardware with windows 10 and it's so slow and unstable. Today it did updates after being turned on in the morning and it took forever, why does it take so long?
In Linux it downloads in the background and the restart ( if necessary ) is usually not much longer than usual.

Login in takes several seconds and even when the desktop is up and I try to open a web-browser it takes second for it to open. I have been running simulation software for various things and it's so prone to crashing ( actual tools for engineers ). Last week I got to talk to an engineer at work showing of what he had, and it was a thin client for a server and it was so slow.

But I also find it strange that nobody else really complains, it seems like this is all people know so they accept it. I find it staggering that tools for simulations/building/counting for professionals aren't better. I don't expect Linux on things, but I expect things to react quickly when I do something and more or less never crash.

I've even been toying with the idea of getting a job dependent on what kind of hardware/software they run ( Don't even work in IT ).

Have I just been unlucky or is this just one of those things that everybody else thinks is normal?


>Have I just been unlucky or is this just one of those things that everybody else thinks is normal?
i have to work on a win7 machine. yesterday when i left i've got some updates to install, left the firm and when i came back this morning it was still intalling (3/5). killed it off, rebooted, started to work.

i really, really hate windows.


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How isn't that ridicules?
How can this be accepted by companies trying to make money?


-they don't know any better
-its easier to manage
-vendor deals
-software compatability


IT Guy here. Small to medium businesses only know windows, and of course schools teach windows in their curriculum. Basically, windows became the defacto standard a long time ago and people just assume that Windows is the only way to go. It frustrates me to no end. I think I say three times a week that I wish the world would just switch to linux.

You're absolutely right that Windows is a steaming pile of garbage.


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I have never used a Mac, but they seem to be more popular. Might they be sort of a solution?
Letting people experience an OS that isn't just being slow and crashing?

But yeah the monopoly of Windows is pretty frightening. I don't know, I just keep thinking that High-school, University, then jobs, then that group will get their things right. Just seems to be more of them same in the end.


I mean, that's obviously just a stuck download or something, it happens. It goes away with a reboot.

I've seen way way worse soykaf on some linux package managers.


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I have seen linux being stupid at home, yes.
But have you seen worse soykaf like that at a company? Because it really is a different thing


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As a programmer I absolutely love anything UNIX related, so I'm using Gentoo as desktop and FreeBSD as storage system at home.

However, at the workplace I don't get to make that choice. I'm pretty much forced to use Windows 10 and it makes me fuarrrking furious every day. While it has always been stable and booted within a minute, it just doesn't feel like a proper operating system for software development. I feel like a child using a toy trying to accomplish my job. For example, why is it that such an important tool like SSH is not built into Windows? Nope, I had to go fetch a soykafty program (putty) that does pretty much the same as OpenSSH except for having a clunky GUI. Then there's all these Microsoft things they are so proud of that I couldn't give less of a fuarrrk about (MS Store, WUP, etc).
In school it was pretty much the same story. 95% Windows, no real teaching of UNIX principles. Result being a bunch of IT Guys who can't think outside of the box when they're presented with a challenge they haven't been taught step-by-step by clicking through dialog boxes.

I've only worked for small business so far. Hoping to get a real job soon. Really, any UNIX-like OS will do. I'd probably take OSX over Windows.
I could go on about this for hours, but what I miss the most at work is my beloved Coreutils, POSIX, a real fuarrrking package manager and FLOSS.

Anyways thanks for the thread, OP. I kinda like talking about this particular topic. Would like to hear about some more opinions on this.


I have to use Windows10 for software development too.
My solution was using a Vagrant machine with arch linux

I don't think windows will be a sustainable OS in the future.
Even they putting things like WSL and Docker support, their software is becoming more and more crap everyday. Probably Google make some real Android Desktop OS in the future that become a real competitor.
MacOS is POSIX complainant but I don't like Apple things


Unfortunately it's true. Most people are so used to windows that they think of it's problems just as something that has to be that way. Most people still don't even know what Linux is. Or that it even is a thing.


I'd say that a lot of people (maybe most of them) don't even know the OS is distinct from the computer it's running on.
They're just given something and they use it. Moreover, most people just use the web browser and nothing else.


I was required almost to switch to linux or at least apple os for my university classes. I could have stuck with windows it was just too much work setting up a terminal and using svn and other bullsoykaf on it. Also all of the lab computers run ubuntu.


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So I'm wondering why you have to use windows? Are there tools/things you need that don't work on other OS?

Is it just something forced by the company because of some software deal?
Because the IT guys are lazy and just want everything to be the same?


Usually some combination of all of the above.

Personally I have gotten sick and tired of dealing with all the incompatibility problems between Open/Libreoffice and MS Office meanwhile wine is a broken pile of soykaf because the devs simply dont care, and the only other alternative is to run windows in a vm which is not always an option with the hardware available.


I work in a small startup. Everything's Win7, but the dev and technical management people just started installing Linux on their own a few weeks ago. Nobody's giving a fuarrrk yet.


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Yes LibreOffice is just a shame at this point, it could be something so great but it just doesn't work at this point. It's really one of those things I hopes they could force some open standard.


where do you guys get these super comfy pixel gifs


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several years ago, the school system i worked with was testing putting laptops/ wifi into schools, they "introduced" the higher grades to laptops by issuing some cheapo windows xp laptops and the lower grades got apple products (they found out that kids have a way of getting to things they aren't supposed to, using VPNs and torrenting... it was a nightmare for IT, and the server could not handle the load of all the people using the network on the first day, so there were), at least they didn't get the ones with cameras, i heard some other school system did that, then remote activated cameras to see how computers were being used and saw kids fapping/ doing drugs in front of laptops (I heard parents were more upset about their kids being spied on than their kids missusing government issued laptops - yes a school is a government organization)

Im not sure if any of this is relevant to the convo though


both of those gifs are from http://1041uuu.tumblr.com