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How do i go back to using a regular desktop environment? years of using various tiling window managers have fuarrrked me up, fam.


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why you have to return to use DEs?


alt tab alt d & windows key +1,2,3,.. are your friend


I'm going to be *that* guy and say--

Use Windows 7.


Just install xfce\kde and start using it. It's comfy.


set custom hotkeys for XFCE to make it mimic a TWM


Use Windows 7 only in a VM.


Try gnome 3 i guess

What's the point of doing that?


Why would you want to go back? I sure as hell wouldn't want to. The speed difference between i3wm and any other DE or just Windows is huge. i3 never slows down, it's instant. I'm sure it's the same with other lightweight WMs. I see no reason to go back unless you're forced to.


>What's the point of doing that?
You don't have to leave Linux but you can still use whatever Windows app you need. You can continue using your tiling WM, while only occasionally having to use floating windows.


Can i vidya with a vm? I have windows for videogames only


Not well; unless you're only playing old, low-resource games.

It's possible to boot Windows 7+ from an external HDD, which I what I do. That way I get to keep my Linux partition to itself.


tbh my problem is to keep rebooting the os to play something and then go back to linux for everything else. It's a chore.
I'll try with a vm anyway to see what happens.



You can if your hardware is good enough. Search "passthrough graphics card to vm".


How does the existence of Xen factor into that?
Is "hotswapping" the GPU between OSes without a reboot a thing?