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Do any of your anons have any experience installing a distro like arch while being only able to use uni wifi? I live in a dorm on campus right now Andy only have access to their eduroam wifi, and a single Ethernet cable that requires me to register my Mac address before I can use it. I was told to tether my phone to the computer through usb, but that didn't work out. Got any Ideas or advice?


I'm in the exact same situation but I want to install Void. I guess I'll go to a library or something and get it done.


Why don't you register your MAC address?


But my library uses the same campus wifi.
How can I grab my mac address from inside of the live-cd arch installation thing?


ifconfig -a
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Write a longer post.


I think i'ts ip link show eth0 (replace eth0 with your device name ofc)


Your university probably has a web interface to registering a mac address. You can use a public terminal to do this. You can also use a public terminal to download GNU macchanger and give your current machine the same mac address.

If you don't already have the software, like wpa_supplicant, to access the eduroam, you'll need to use the ethernet, generally.

Once you have ethernet access, download what you need to continue. This is what I would do, anyway.


So wait, does this mean someone can enter your University network by doing simple MAC spoofing?
My university uses 802.x authentication with inner authentication, of course you have to login with your student ID as your user account. That is if you are connecting via ethernet cable. If you are using wifi then standard eduroam applies, WPA2 with inner authentication.


>So wait, does this mean someone can enter your University network by doing simple MAC spoofing?
In some cases, yes.
It's generally easy to use the same ethernet connection as a public terminal without needing authentication, depending on the university.

Many places assume validity if an ethernet connection is obtained.


Gentoo user here, in my opinion minimal install disks are an unneeded hassle, just burn a fully featured distro to a DVD or make a bootable USB and have all the things you need to do the install. The distros do not need to match, I used an Ubuntu live DVD to install Gentoo. I was able to use the GUI with networkmanager to connect, download the tarball with Firefox then extract it to the disk and chroot into it and do the install like that, easy.


What's the security setup like in your Uni? As in, compare the setup and structure between the ethernet and wifi systems, if you have ethernet available in my dorm. My uni has a separate setup for linux based systems, which requires a few certificate setups that they provide on the internal wifi page. If that is the case, you should be able to configure those certs on the LiveCD. If ethernet is available, you will likely only need the MAC of your machine, which most commonly can be inputted into a setup page you can navigate to on your Uni's site.