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Do any other lains suffer from RSI whether it be mild or severe?

I've been wearing this (http://multimedia.3m.com/mws/media/734399P/acetm-brand-deluxe-wrist-brace-adjustable-left-wrist.jpg) by day and this (http://multimedia.3m.com/mws/media/734418P/acetm-brand-night-wrist-sleep-support-adjustable.jpg) by night and it seems to be helping a lot, but I've heard that it isn't wise to wear a wrist brace all the time as it can actually cause the muscles to weaken and atrophy.

I tried only wearing the night brace at night or when resting, but after a few days of this I will inevitably start to get sharp pains in my right wrist again.

What is a lain to do? Sure, there are a bunch of recommendations out there, but none of it seems to be based on any empirical evidence or medical science. I wonder if anyone has had any actual success with a particular exercise or other strategy.

Don't tell me to get off the computer.



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I wear braces at night, but if i wear them all day as well it just causes more pain. I do stretches, switched to an ergonomic keyboard, and changed my keyboard short cuts to be more vim like so i stay on home row. Lastly, I came to terms with the fact that everything i love causes me pain and it will never end until I can shed this rotten meat suit and join the infinite stream of data.

The Vim keybindings seemed to help some.


Any way to stave this off? I never felt anything in my wrists but lately after typing for a long time I'll feel a twinge in my left wrist. Not being able to type terrifies me because I'm about to graduate with a CS degree and plan on programming for the rest of my life.


I use the mouse with my left hand at home, and with my right hand at work. Seems to have fixed the issues I was having with my mouse hand.


You may find this thread interesting: >>>/λ/19298


has helped me a bit. As well as a trackball mouse which I have made a ghetto little stand to angle it upward - imitating the angle of a vertical mouse, though not as extremely.

The painful pins and needles in my wrists which were a daily occurrence a couple of weeks ago have not occurred since I have gotten the Kinesis and the trackball.


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I only get RSI while touch typing for longer than 40mins and playing osu!
vim makes it easy to catch RSI because you don't actually move fingers away from keyboard for a while


Thanks. Somehow it doesn't surprise me that this is a common problem for lains.


Ascend as an AI. There will be no more pain.