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Are smartwatches useful at all? Do these things have decent ganoo/loonix distributions? Are there any of these things with a physical keyboard instead of touchscreen bullsoykaf or a keypad? Normally I'm the kind of person who would avoid technology that is inspired by and is supplementary to autism rectangles, but I can't deny that I would really love an IRL COMP.



Only useful for getting notifications and fitness tracking IMO.


>physical keyboard
How on earth would that work? Either it'd be so large that it'd be a pain (literally) to wear, or the screen would be so small that it would be unusable. The only way I could think of getting that to work would be having the keyboard completely separate from the watch; perhaps as a pendant or as another watch on the other wrist.
Both of these ideas are stupid.


I don't see smartwatches having any significance as long as we don't get the cool holographic thing we see in sci-fi.


You can run AsteroidOS on some models.


I have one and to be honest this is pretty much the only thing they do.

If you want a real life COMP ala Shin Megami Tensei, your best bet would be to go for a micro computer + lcd screen + keyboard and some case for all that stuff. I've been planing to do something like that with my raspberry pi but I'll wait till i have some more money


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I think would be cool to talk to my wrist just like a movie secret agent. Besides that, the ability of changing watchface is a very good feature in comparison to regular watches. But I think it is still not worth it.

Well, for that you could just buy a smartband. It's a lot cheaper and has a much better battery life.