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Android is now the world's most popular OS.
>Figures concerning desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile usage combined show that Android is now powering no less than 37.93 percent of the devices connected to the Internet, while Windows fell to the second place with 37.91 percent.

When will this fuarrrking nightmare end? I used to have hope for the future of computers and the internet, but now it's all turning to locked down, stripped down, dumbed down, mobile soykaf. I can't even do online banking on my computer anymore without getting a soykafty mobile styled website that pointlessly moved options that used to be on the same screen into various submenus and doesn't even allow me to correct the amount of money I want to transfer without deleting the whole field and reentering it. It feels like we're entering a bizarre inverted version of what it was like trying to use a mobile device on the web in the mid 2000s.


Seriously, you don't have any real complains besides you personally not liking it and not getting used to it as an effect of that. You're entitled to your opinion, obviously, but man, things have been this way for a while, and we can't change current trends. Being stuck in the past isn't a good thing either. I'd recommend you to find a middle spot between what you want and what you have, or you'll probably be a bitter old man for the rest of your life.

Also, pretty good for Android btw, being an open source OS and stuff. It has grown a lot.


Yeah, even if tech does move on and get simplified that could be for the betterment of certain areas in tech. It can lead to many more people making advancements for specific things (what those may be I have no idea, but who knows). I also agree that many websites, apps and such are pretty soykaf.

Just try to bring it back in some way. Like make a social media that is set up like websites from the 90s. Just be sure to make it interesting and unique, like not making it easily copy-able without it being obvious.


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User interfaces man, its about making everything as easy and natural as possible.
I bet the endgame is human-machine interfaces controlled by the mind only, that would really rocket us into the next stage of the information age.
Even Elon Musk is putting money in transhumanism.

cyberpunk as fuarrrk


>you don't have any real complains
Other than being stuck with interfaces that are objectively less convenient than the ones they replaced. My account settings should not be divided between several different menus when they used to all be accessible on one screen. I shouldn't have to deal with the font on web pages scaling to sizes comparable to those used in Dr. Seuss books on my monitor due to the high resolution screens used in mobile devices that the webdevs want the page to be viewable on.

>being an open source OS

Open source honestly means jack soykaf when the majority of devices that run Android are so locked down that you can't even change the OS that they run to a different version than what it came with.

>Like make a social media that is set up like websites from the 90s.
That's not funny.


>Like make a social media that is set up like websites from the 90s.
>That's not funny.

It wasn't meant to be funny. It was a suggestion because >>36151 wanted things to be like the old days.


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>Open source honestly means jack soykaf when the majority of devices that run Android are so locked down that you can't even change the OS that they run to a different version than what it came with.
See pic related.
I have yet to find a phone that is locked down and you can't change the OS. Everything's flasheable, and some companies even give you the intructions to unlock bootloaders so you can install a different OS.

>Other than being stuck with interfaces that are objectively less convenient than the ones they replaced
There's no objective way of measuring design. Stop being so hyperbole.


Not > 36157
The bootloader may be unlockable but we're left with a lot of firmware blobs on most such devices.


chicken changes if I leave it on the counter for a week.
OP is right and all of you are massive glitterboiz.


Why not support projects that run free software like Replicant and Neo900? It's certainly better than buying Android models that handcuff you.


Just means it's time to adapt or use something better for you. Besides, was it any surprise that Android phones are so popular when they can be had for so cheap?


The only smartphone I owned received no community support and on reading about it I would have needed to backport security updates with modifications myself if I wanted them because the manufacturer wouldn't release the needed source code to use a newer version of Android, so that wasn't going to happen. I also know multiple people who looked into using custom ROMs but their phones had the bootloaders locked by their carrier (Verizon) and there wasn't a known way to unlock them. While I could have bought a new smartphone with running custom ROMs in mind and was originally planning on doing so, I honestly found the available software to be such a displeasure to use (due to it laking features that I had come to expect from software over the past decade such as basic JS controls for browsers, along with major software boat issues despite the lack of features) that it wasn't worth my money.

>There's no objective way of measuring design

Yeah, designing UIs around the limitations of mobile devices totally doesn't make those UIs less convenient for desktop/laptop users when compared to interfaces that were designed with desktops/laptops in mind. I think you'd agree that the same would be true if you tried use a curses based UI on a phone instead of a UI designed for use with a touch screen. A UI designed with one type of device in mind isn't necessarily convenient when used on a different class of device, and that I even have to say this on this site amazes me.

Still has the same lack of software functionality as any other version of Android, combined with only having dated hardware available when most software available for Android is soykafty and boated. Has anyone even made an extension for JS controls for the mobile version of Firefox yet?


Why pay ~$1300 for a phone with just a 1 GHz single core ARM Cortex A8 and 1 GB of RAM that's based on refurbished parts other than the motherboard?


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I can't comprehend how in the world you can be so indifferent about it and accuse OP of, citing, "not having any real complaints"

What's a real complaint for you then? OP has a good point in what he wrote. I'm 90s kid myself and while i'm ok with mobile devices, interfaces and such coexisting peacefully with desktop computers, i can't stand forcefully mixing those two completely different approaches to computing and UX in a way OP described, when there's no real justification behind it. Just try to think about it for a minute and comprehend it (Although i don't recall seeing any site that had ever thrown a mobile UI at my face while browsing from a browser which identified itself as desktop one, but that might just be cause i don't use the same sites as OP)


OP's point is, among others, that finding alternatives will keep getting harder and harder, if the trend isn't going to change.

As for the whole report OP linked, those concerns about decline in desktop computing in favor to android are still a bit exaggerated - Windows alone doesn't cover the whole desktop computers share, Linux and MacOS must be counted to (and maybe the tiny share of other niche hobbyist OSes, but that's just being pendantic, not to say autistic). Plus, people tend to have more than one mobile phone, or at least one for each housemate, which isn't typically the case with full-sized computers, even notebooks.

Pic related to my emotions while seeing this thread


Sorry, i was writing this in such a haste


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Well OP, it sounds like you just need a new desktop designed specifically for this purpose.


cell phones are all so fuarrrking locked down! i hate it too! i just want something i can listen to music on, check my email, write notes, and set alarms on. and text and call. that's it. i think it'd be cool as fuarrrk to have a totally open phone that you can run a terminal on without being treated like a second class citizen for cracking it
the end-game interface will be that there isn't an interface because computers are all integrated into every day objects with minimal functionality. computers will exist for common-folk only as part of their taxi, or part of their home system, or their cell phone. they won't actually be able to write a computer program on a pc b/c personal computing will have died. it'll be illegal since everyone who writes computer programs uses them to make botnets from all the embedded systems


I completely agree with the OP, the mobile interface is so much worse than a large monitor, mouse and keyboard, it's very worrying to see more and more sites cater only to the lowest common denominator when what was in place beforehand was perfectly good.

Just incredible, having multiple programmes open at the same time and resizing windows are actually considered features.

Just how far have we fallen?


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This might sound really fatalistic, but most of the alternatives are dead, useless for certain niches, or "too hard" for the general public. The average person is going to see this and just deal with the trend. Besides, I don't see too many websites that default to mobile versions or just use a mobile UI. I have to wonder what bank does OP use because I bank at three different banks/credit unions and I don't have that issue.

And as much as I hate to say it, with Windows having the majority of consumer desktops and laptops online and Android handsets being cheaper than iPhones, anything that isn't Windows or Android might as well be considered a meme. Everyday people laugh at Apple fanatics who camp out for the new iPhone and most people will disregard Linux or MacOS if it lacks the software they need.

>getting emotional over people not caring about computer UI



Blackberry priv is unrootable for instance


>I can't even do online banking on my computer anymore without getting a soykafty mobile styled website that pointlessly moved options that used to be on the same screen into various submenu
It used to be so that the mobile variants of such sites were javascript'less and very minimal and thus were easily used by simple browsers. It seems that these mobile web 'devs' are now confident that all mobile devices are fast enough to process full 'web 2.0', which are very heavy in javasript, but competely neutered like you wrote.

Oh yeah, any 'modernization', even if it's 100% negative, is good.
I'll wait with horror the day when sysops have same tech 'knowledge' than your typical computer & internet user today, because that day will come.



There are dozens of objective ways to measure design. And people that actually sudied IT design and/or Human computer interaction, instead of just fiddled with photoshop know them.

Here is my favourite: https://www.cs.umd.edu/class/fall2002/cmsc838s/tichi/printer/goms.html