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How do you guys feel about FOSH?
Are there any open hardware projects you like, support or take part in?

I've really been interested in open hardware since the last CIA leak and will like to have a secure machine but I know it won't let me do much stuff, at least it will be an excuse to tinker with a retro computer.


Like most people here, fully support FOSH.. I am excited to get my hands on a Pinebook in the next year or so, hopefully.


I'm supporting the EOMA68 project on crowdsupply and I encourage people who care about free-as-in-freedom hardware to do the same.


But isn't ARM a proprietarian architecture?


I've been thinking much the same about the project. I guess it's about a hardware-setup open standard and the current purchasable card is just a demo?


So ideally in the future they will use a different CPU?


So the fosh projects I've seen seem very elaborated and will not carry a very painful migration.
So the vision I had of using an 8bit computer will have to be moved somewhere else.

I found the mega65 but it hasn't come out yet so dunno what to think.