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This is worthy of it's own thread IMO.

Basically a big paradigm shift a Ubuntu is happening.

I only regret that the phones are dead. Personally I blame mir for that. Had they used wayland the phones might have just barely been alive.

On the other hand I also wish they switched to KDE instead. Or i3wm :P


>Canonical finally accept defeat
Except in the meantime, GNOME has also gone to soykaf.
Nice desu ne.


Amazing. I pretty much stopped using Ubuntu when they released the first Unity version, and then the amazon bullsoykaf came out.
I liked them because they seemed different, but it started feeling like Canonical wanted to be linux's Microsoft and i hated that.

>Or i3wm :P

Back in my day (?) Ubuntu was the first distro you turned on after getting tired of Windows. I'm not sure if it's the same nowadays, but come on, i3wm is the least user friendly thing for first timers.


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Ubuntu is still the first distro that is recommended to window users. I am seeing a lot more conversions after the windows 10 forced upgrade fiasco. My sister, bought a new labtop at a brick and mortar store she got the lowend product at 500-600 and now the labtop cant even do more than one thing at a time on windows 10 since its so boated. I try to help her, but, she isn't open to my advice.


All good questions from the article.
>A little existential this one, but what is Ubuntu without the Unity desktop?
>What does it look like?
>Who is it for?
>What’s it trying to do?

>“In the community, our efforts were seen fragmentation not innovation. And industry has not rallied to the possibility, instead taking a ‘better the devil you know’ approach to those form factors, or investing in home-grown platforms. What the Unity8 team has delivered so far is beautiful, usable and solid, but I respect that markets, and community, ultimately decide which products grow and which disappear.”

That open source phone market is so hard to get into, it seems that they realized ubuntu phone wasn't going to happen and then figured might as well cut development costs for a product that only brings marginal if any gains to the desktop platform since its no longer going to be used for phones anymore.

Ubuntu seems like they should reread unix philosophy, and get back to building one product that does one job really really well, instead of trying to cross development complicated suites that are mediocre and hard to maintain and develop.

What is their core product? New converts from Windows. That is what makes Ubuntu, Ubuntu, making that transition as smooth as possible.


TBH. Gnome was the first one that became fuarrrked, and that was their reason to create unity. Because they disliked early gnome 3.
It was a joke man. KDE was serious though.


It's things like this that brings us incrementally closer to the Linux Desktop (not /s).

Great news.

Now we just need Tails, ParrotOS, Whonix and SubgraphOS to look past their egos and unite under the Debian Mempo project that seems to have fuarrrking frozen over for no good reason.


Is there a i3wm distro out there?
I'll be sticking to Debian anyways, just curious.


distro, no (afaik). but i3, and it's arguably superior fork i3gaps, work wonderfully well with an arch installation, which can be as minimal as you'd like it to be.


>This is worthy of it's own thread




After GNOME killed it's classic mode it became unusable. I really tried to use it several times, but having to install lots of extensions to customise made it totally unstable.
I think Ubuntu would be better off shipping XFCE by default. Or maybe KDE?


>which can be as minimal as you'd like it to be.
arch never tried to be minimal, it enables all features, modules, etc. by default. If anything, its a feature-full, a little boated rolling release distro. sage because off topic.


> wish they switched to KDE instead

I mean, everyone has their feelings about what desktop is the best, but the fact remains, Gnome3 still appears to be the desktop people choose more if you look at things like Debian's popcon data.

Also, it really is going to take very little modification for Ubuntu to make Gnome Shell functionally equivalent to Unity. Really, the whole Unity/Gnome fight was overblown, to my eyes they're really similar.

For most people, dash-to-dock is enough to get Gnome to be what they want. I feel like the hate is leftover from the 3.0 days. It reminds me of when KDE first jumped to 4.0, it took them forever to shake that reputation... people still talk about it like it's a real current thing. It's so weird the lasting fury that a GUI shift can cause in people.


I just don't like how gnome abuses vertical space.



In what way? Do you dislike the padding in the default theme? Or do you not like how their headerbars/csd compress vertical space?

I prefer how Gnome 3 handles vertical space compared to, say, Gnome 2. You throw in a decent them you can get really compact.


The mac like menu bar. I wish I could stick it to the sides. And the padding and the headerbars. Ofc. you can change it, but being customizable is not an excuse for soykafty defaults.

And if I customized it that heavily I might just switch to KDE, because the end result would be KDE anyways.

Now i3 also has that horizontal status bar, but it is tolerable as it's really small and doesn't offend with an abundance of padding and headerbars. Some software like gedit stil brings the headerbars but that is the app developers faults. And unlike gnome i3 only has one horizontal menu bar, whereas gnome also has that thing sitting at the bottom.


Budgie Remix is the most comfy flavor of Ubuntu imo, they should have considered making the switch to Budgie.