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someone wanna help me setup a site on my server so people can browse matrix rooms?

regardless, https://Matrix.org general


I think matrix will replace IRC in 20-30 years, if it manages to take off.


I'm still waiting for a proper cli client; I hate it when they go with electron.


you can use weechat as far as i know


so am I
if only I wasn't too lazy to work on mine
I'm still looking for contributions on gitla.in/neo


Can't get encryption working with weechat.
Looks cool man.
It's not really maintained anymore and doesn't have encryption.


What would this entail? Creating a HTML page with a list of matrix rooms, their topics and maybe a description? Doesn't sound bad on the frontend nor the backend, just setup a nginx instance and you should be good to go. You could even get a https cert with letsencrypt if you want.