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From searx.me:

>The searx.me server is reaching its limits.

>Searx is no commercial enterprise, it lacks all the resources available to the services you normally visit, we don't have neither a marketing department, nor do we have datacenters, nor devops teams.

So, I thought about setting up our own (imageboard users, mainly endchan and lainchan) instance. If you guys help me find a openbsd server (VPS or dedicated) I could do it. The server would use obsd httpd(8), have no logs, have a hidden service and (maybe) a clearnet link (with TLS provided by Let's Encrypt). No javascript or cookies too, and no google crawling.
Anyone here interested? If you know any good host (outside of the US, Canada, China, Russia and UK) that has the last stable branch of openbsd running and where I can have root without limitation, at a good price (<$30) we could plan it.

ps. no, I don't want to use any other system. If you want to do it by yourself, go ahead.


You can use https://searx.laquadrature.net
It is hosted by La Quadrature du Net, and as Wikipedia points out: it "is a French advocacy group that promotes digital rights and freedoms of citizens. It advocates for French and European legislation to respect the founding principles of the Internet, most notably the free circulation of knowledge. La Quadrature du Net engages in public-policy debates concerning, for instance, freedom of speech, copyright, regulation of telecommunications and online privacy."
As far as I'm concerned I have used it for the last year over searx.me, for the reason that I personally would trust this organization over whoever hosts searx.me...


I'm all for it, but I could only provide financial assistance, as I don't know any good hosting services.