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Hi Lains
I've been using Android since it's inception more or less (my first smartphone was a HTC Magic 32a with Android 1.5) and I absolutely love it. Even when it was the less optimized worst fuarrrking piece of soykaf OS ever made.

Anyway, I bought a new phone a month ago and I decided that I'm totally fed up with Google's bullsoykaf, but I've been literally used the same Google based stuff during the last 8-9 years.

What are some good replacements apps to go full no gapps with my phone? It's rooted and I'm waiting for the weekend to flash a custom ROM but I'm really afraid of losing functionality by deciding not to flash gapps.
What I use the most is:
>maps (no idea what to replace it with)
>drive (was thinking of replacing it with Mega)
>Gmail (I need it because of my work, I guess I'll have to read the work emails from the mobile website)
Is there anything else I should consider? Is there somewhere i can read about this stuff or something?
And more importantly, are there any good replacements for maps and the localization services?

Also please acknowledge my clever animu reference


Not sure about the others but if I'm not wrong you can use gmail with a different email client. I do that myself


What client do you use, lain? Does the default email app works?


GMail has SMTP and IMAP connectivity, you can use literally any email client.


I personally use TypeApp but there are a ton of other options.


Nice, thanks guys.

As for the cloud storage and localization services, does anyone know any good alternatives?


Everything here is from F-Droid:

Maps: OsmAnd~ is a good options.

Email: I use K-9 Mail and have no complaints.

File Explorer: Amaze is really good

YouTube: NewPipe

Music: Vanilla Music / VLC

Extra: Transportr, Redmoon


That's exactly what i needed! Thanks lain, i really appreciate it.
I'll finally be able to stop using gapps. Thanks everyone!


Good luck in your journey, fellow Lainer!

If more people want to suggest FOSS android apps, that's good for everyone!


My main problem is that there is no proper encrypted messenger on F-Droid.
The closest thing is ChatSecure but I'm really unsure about the bandwidth usage of XMPP and I don't think I can motivate all of my friends to switch over to that.


how your own ftp server if you want cloud storage. as for maps you could alway down load maps and look at them


i appreciate your taste lainon


In a similar note, has anyone ever had trouble with Android butchering music tags. So when new music is found on the device by the 'Media Storage' scanner, it adds it to a database for applications to use. I know that the Opus format isn't as heavily used as MP3 or OGG, but everytime it hits my large music collection it makes some Artist tags Album Artist tags and vice versa.

As a solution, I can confirm that VLC is a good music and media player, especially because it has it's own mechanism for scanning media that functions properly.


Well there is Telegram, which is probably your best try if you want people to switch from WhatsApp


Telegram is pretty much the worst messaging app out there, though.
It's closed source, unencrypted by default, can't encrypt group chats and has hand rolled crypto.


Amaze looks incredible but always have problems with it (glitchy UI, etc) so I use Midnight Commander (from f-droid as well).


There are probably eleven, just none that is widely used.

You are talking about which specific messenger?

You can always try ApkPure for this kind of stuff.



I have almost no google blot on my phone but play store, even thats blocked 99% of the time.


Conversations for Android is great, I use it with my wife on out private server, its wonderful.


Conversations is a better XMPP client for Android, also on F-Droid. As for getting your friends to switch I think you'd have better luck with something like Wire, which isn't on F-Droid but it's open-source and you can get an apk on its site. The server is currently be open-sourced as well and they are looking into federation in the future.


Davdroid will let you sync calendars / tasks / contacts to your own or a trusted server.
Termux is a console with many useful packages (ssh, IRC , vim, mutt...)
Mupdf / libre office for document viewing
Osmand ( can use tor/ VPN ) with addresstoGPS app for maps

Only have like 50 apps on this new phone tbh.


Oh yeah, you can use ytdl and mpv with termux if you want, too. Vanilla is a great music app if you need something more suited for mobile.

Also +1 for conversations being best xmpp app.


Xabber is what I used when I still was a phone user. I don't turn my phone on very often nowadays.
OP should find a way to switch to MeeGo or something.


Alright, I already switched to a custom rom with no gapps and everything's going great so far. I'm downloading APKs from all the soykaf i usually use so no problem whatsoever.

I have a final question tho. I bought an android wear smartwatch some months ago and even if it's mostly a fit tracker, I actually use it a lot.
I know for sure that it needs google services to sync... so yeah, is there a way to use it now or will it be just a dumb watch from now on?


You should not use a PTD (Personal Tracking Device).

Anyway, if you want, install Copperhead OS and use F-droid to get FOSS apps.


>Copperhead OS
Sadly, it works only on the newest (IIRC) Google Nexus which costs way to much to be practicable.


Signal works without any google dependencies IIRC. You can get the apk from signals website.


XMPP with OMEMO is 100x better


Use OTR.